SEO Automation: Automatically Take Your SEO to the Next Level

SEO Automation: Automatically Take Your SEO to the Next Level

Gone are the days when all your tasks had to be done manually. Evergreen content, blogs, images, video, and other site info continue to need maintenance and updating but if you’re smart, you can dramatically cut down on your workload by automating most of your tasks.

I’ll skip introducing IFTTT and Zapier for now, maybe we’ll revisit those services in another post (by now you should be somewhat familiar with how they work anyway). If you’re clever, you can leverage these tools to benefit your SEO work. You can significantly cut down on wasted hours by automating repetitive actions.

What Can I Do with SEO Automation?

Starting with IFTTT, there are a number of tasks you can begin with. For instance –

Are you starting to get the picture? If you already understand the concept of IFTTT, you’ll begin to see all the opportunities for saving time. So what about Zapier? How does this service affect SEO automation? At this point, IFTTT only allows for two-step interactions while Zapier allows more than that.


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But How Does This Improve SEO?

Using these processes to automate various activities will free up your time and condense your to-do list down to the most critical tasks, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture. Also, you can hone your response time and enjoy a greater feeling of control over your content and user interactions.

Both IFTTT and Zapier are ideal for sharing content, monitoring your brand, keeping an eye on the competition, idea curation, lead generation, and so on. These tools open up the possibility to be very creative and clever with automation.

To Conclude

A successful business is about more than being busy. In an age of multi-channel working and ever-changing scenery, you need to be proactive in developing efficient ways of working. While task automation might feel foreign at first, it’s worth experimenting with. As you become accustomed to setting up and using recipes on both IFTTT and Zapier, you’ll naturally start to see new possibilities open up before you.

A cautionary note to end this article – be diligent in maintaining your recipes. Often channels go offline, new channels open up and better ways to automate a task are introduced. Get it right and you’ll be amazed at just how much these programs can change how your work.