SEO: Beyond the Typical Niche Marketing

SEO: Beyond the Typical Niche Marketing

It goes without saying that SEO is a gigantic and critical industry. Thousands of skilled people across the globe focus their niche marketing efforts on the main contenders for search engine optimization such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

But what about the niches?

SEO goes far beyond just those few search engines.

In this article, we’ll be going over some interesting examples of different SEO techniques for specific services and platforms.

You might be surprised!


It’s the biggest social media platform for professionals and businesses. Just about anyone employed in a full-time office position has a LinkedIn profile and they often make up a significant part of a person’s networking or job-seeking efforts.

There are some interesting ways to maximize your LinkedIn success. With so many people networking on this platform you’d be surprised what this can do for you.

Custom URL is one. You can give yourself a particularly memorable URL or put your full name in the URL itself.

You can even go as far as using a specific keyword in the URL.

Keywords are also important for job titles. Combining common industry phrases is a great way to elevate your profile. This is very useful for being picked up by professionals such as recruiters.


Amazon is just as much a search engine as Google at the end of the day! You’d be amazed at how relevant SEO techniques are for this massive site.

A9 is the name of Amazon’s own algorithm and it has its own quirks that can be played on to increase success.

The layout of the product page can play a particular part in the ranking of your item.

Including details such as page title, product picture, author or editor name and product description – among others – can ensure the item achieves a respectable position among other search results.

The product click-through rate will also help boost its ranking on A9, although Amazon goes one step further and combines elements of the product click to sales to fully determine the ranking of the item.

As such a reasonable part of the ranking of Amazon, products are tough to the game – it’s down in part to how actual customers have received their items and rated them afterward.

Dating profiles

Oh, l’amour!

Who would have thought it?

You can absolutely get the best bang for your buck out of dating sites by working your profile to be searchable to the extreme.

You can use your SEO savvy to perform research on trending keywords. A lot of websites such as OkCupid actually have blog posts where that provide details on trends and specific terms and how demographics are viewed.

It’s a bit geeky by far but if you’re serious about finding that special person you can make use of these by making sure your profile is loaded up with the right keywords and formatting to be picked up by those lonely hearts looking for love!

You could even go so far as working automated replies and emails into your game, but at that point, you might be best off trying to chat up Siri or Cortana (don’t worry, we won’t judge you).



SEO principles work great even for this quirky but widespread crafts-selling website. Etsy is a platform used by an enormous variety of sellers with a particular focus on enabling single people and small businesses to sell items and establish their brands.

The product title is king for ensuring a high ranking on Etsy. Make sure you have a specific but easily searched-for tag to describe your item.

The title alone also automatically determines two more fields used by Etsy – the ALT tag and the H1 tag. These are both fed directly from your selected title and can have a huge impact on the product’s SEO rating. The image ALT tag is specifically fed through search engines to determine the context of the images on your page.

All this has a tremendous impact on the rating of your product and how likely it is to be picked up and eventually purchased.

Keywords can be tricky for Etsy as the products are often very specific in nature. It’s worth thinking about how broad you can make your title while still hitting the key points that are going to bring in those niche searches.


Hardly surprising that this monster site can be gamed for the best results!

There are a few brief but powerful tips to mention for getting the most out of your listings and stores.

You’ll want to make sure you have keywords included in your store names to help these get ranked up when searched for.

Full and concise descriptions of your stores that reference the above keywords will also help you out.

You can go one step further with this and then add some keywords and a full description to the personal profile “about me” section.

Keywords can also be fed into your product descriptions to come full circle and make sure your search terms are rising up steadily.

On a different note, you can also look at other avenues such as writing your own guides on subjects that are relevant to the products you’re selling. Again, this is a great chance for some of those keywords you’ve already got in place to sneak in!

In Conclusion

It’s always refreshing to take a look at SEO from different angles.

We’ve skimmed a few of the ways different sites can work with SEO today, or how SEO principles can be applied in interesting ways to the novel, unsuspecting platforms or not-so-typical niche marketing efforts.

Taking a look at different websites or areas of the web and thinking about how you can work SEO into them is a great way to gain some perspective and see just how pervasive the core principles of page ranking and details such as keywords truly are.