What Do You Mean by SEO Checker?

The OTT SEO checker is a program that checks any website for technical flaws and SEO problems that could hurt its position in search results. Use it to acquire a detailed list of all the mistakes that were discovered on your website and learn where you still need to make improvements.

SEO Checker Tool
How Does An SEO Analyzer Operate?

Similar to how search engines operate, the OTT SEO checker crawls the URL that you enter. The page is then evaluated using more than 200 relevant SEO factors, including page quality, meta information, site architecture, and others. An individual SEO score is determined and displayed together with a comprehensive list of all problems discovered on your website based on how well your website performs in relation to these criteria.

SEO Checker Tool
SEO Checker Tool
What Exactly Does An SEO Checker Examine?

The OTT SEO checker examines whether your website satisfies the standards used by search engines to rank websites. More than 200 parameters in the categories of meta-information, page quality, page structure, link structure, server configuration, and external factors are examined in order to achieve this, and the results are taken into account when calculating the SEO score.

What SEO Score Defines?

Your website’s unique SEO score reveals how well the page conforms with search engines’ quality standards. A score of 80% indicates that the web page is already well-optimized, while a score below 80% indicates that there is still room for development. If your website’s score is below 30%, you should take immediate action to address serious flaws and SEO problems.

SEO Checker Tool
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Is it Possible to Download a PDF With The Results?

Yes, by selecting the “PDF Export” button located directly at the top of the results page, you can obtain a PDF file containing your SEO check results. To create a customized report, you can select between a short and a long version of the document and even upload your corporate logo. Please note that you can download it on the OTT premium plan.

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How Will The SEO Score Be Improved?

By addressing the problems and faults that the OTT SEO checker discovered on your website, you can raise your SEO ranking. The list of SEO improvement tasks will help you identify the most crucial problems, as fixing them will significantly improve your SEO performance. When commencing the optimization of your website, those are the tasks you ought to focus on first.

What is The Method to Check SEO Ranking?

You can verify your rankings using a number of online resources, such as the OTT Ranking Checker. Simply type in your domain name and the search term you want to verify. The top 100 URLs for this term as well as your domain’s ranking will be shown right away by the program.

SEO Checker Tool
SEO Checker
How to Read SEO Reports?

You can access your report when our SEO checker tool has evaluated your website, which takes no more than 60 seconds. A copy of your SEO report will also be sent to your email address so you can access it and share it later.


Two tabs are present in your SEO report:

    • On-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO

Despite the fact that your report separates your technical SEO into on-page and off-page SEO, our website SEO tester still examines these two areas. We’ve conveniently incorporated the technical SEO findings into the on-page SEO section for your convenience.

How Many Pages Can Be Checked At Once?

You may test one page at a time with our SEO tester. We advise making an Excel or Google Sheet if you’re reading several pages. Here, you can make a plan for changing your SEO strategy by taking note of the suggested adjustments.

SEO Audit Report


Your SEO score gives you quick knowledge of how well-optimized your website is. The scale is 0-100: An excellent score is 100 or higher, a good score is 69 to 41, and a poor score is 0 to 40.



For a website to rank on the top page, it must be quick. Does your website qualify? Get the solution and suggestions on how to speed up your website with a free SEO study.



Your website’s URL affects how users and search engines perceive it. For you, our SEO checker evaluates the structure, length, and optimization of your URL.



The performance of a page can be made or broken by your meta tags. With the help of our SEO audit tool, discover whether a page’s meta tags are hitting the mark or missing it altogether.



User- and search-engine-friendly content is essential in SEO since the content is king. Utilize your SEO score to gain useful information about the length, structure, and optimization of your content.



Images that aren’t optimized give rivals a chance to surpass them. See if your images require alt tags, SEO-friendly filenames, compression, and other things by using our free SEO audit tool.



Your website’s back end is just as important as its front end. Is your SEO optimized? Learn more with our free SEO assessment, which examines the platforms behind your website.



Internal linking facilitates site exploration for both crawlers and people. With the help of the in-page link assessment included with your free SEO analysis, you can find out how well your website links internally (and externally).



To rank better in search results and generate more leads and sales online, your site must be safe and secure. Our SEO analyzer, therefore, examines the safety of your website.



Mobile devices account for more than 50% of all Internet traffic worldwide. Is your website up to par? Learn more as our SEO site checkup tool evaluates and analyses your responsiveness to mobile devices.



Your website must be crawled and indexed by search engines in order to be found in search results. Our Google SEO checker examines your robots.txt file, XML sitemap, and other factors as part of its SEO study.