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If you are a restaurant looking for increased search rankings, more organic traffic, a higher number of phone calls, and increased business sales and profit, call us right away for the best quality restaurant SEO services.


Do you own a restaurant and need more customers? In terms of improving client ranks, we are experts. With the help of our services, customers can quickly locate your website when looking for the goods and services you provide.


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SEO For Restaurants
Restaurant SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The art of search engine optimization (SEO) comprises following Google’s and other search engines’ best practices in order to direct relevant website traffic to a target audience.


Utilizing keyword analysis, Over The Top SEO’s local restaurant SEO services align the page’s content with your website’s visitors and prospective consumers. By concentrating on these SEO pillars, we improve the signals coming from your website.

Restaurant SEO
Local Restaurant SEO
Local Restaurant SEO

More people are using desktop and mobile devices to do local company and service provider searches. Local SEO tactics make it easier for your company to stand out in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You can climb to the top of organic results and even be featured in the carousel by making small and significant changes to local ranking factors like name, address, phone number (NAP) and customer reviews.


Why Do You Need Local SEO For Your Restaurant?

For restaurants, local SEO is essential because:


96% of PC owners use Google to look for nearby companies.

Google searches for local businesses account for 46% of all searches.

Search engines and online directories are used as the major means of locating local businesses by 64% of local customers.

Mobile searches for company details like an address or contact information account for 50% of all searches.


We always go back to return on investment when assessing the benefits of local restaurant SEO services (ROI). At Over The Top SEO, we regularly deliver reports that, among other insightful information, give clients the chance to assess the success of our efforts at bringing in relevant visitors from search engines and other online resources and websites. Targeted traffic is traffic that helps the website achieve its objectives.

SEO For Restaurants
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Technical SEO Services for Restaurants

For our customers in the restaurant industry, we offer the technical Search Engine Optimization services listed below:


SEO-friendly Restaurant Web Design

Our websites combine a visually appealing design that is geared for mobile use with a responsive design that works across all devices. At Over The Top SEO, we want to make sure that your website is a resource that can benefit your business and that each time a customer visits, they have a satisfying experience.


Website Structure Optimization

We make sure that the subpages and navigation menus on your website flow naturally. This offers the best user experience and helps Google comprehend the content of your website while determining whether to include it in its enormous index.


Broken Links & Not Found Errors

Our restaurant SEO team at Over The Top SEO use cutting-edge tools to detect 404 issues and broken links, making sure they are handled correctly to preserve your users’ experience and keep them coming back.


Site Speed Optimization

We employ cutting-edge solutions to guarantee that the fundamentals are covered, including image optimization, the deployment of a Content Delivery Network (CDN), the activation of caching, and the provision of sufficient hosting for your site.


Schema Markup

We will employ schema markup, a type of code (semantic vocabulary), to make search engine results more detailed for users. You will fully comprehend what schema markup can do for your website if you have ever used rich snippets.


Site Security Optimization

In order to protect your visitors from risk and provide you with an SEO advantage over your rivals who don’t take similar steps, we will install a security certificate on your website. We strongly advise getting in touch with our Restaurant SEO team if you have any questions about using an SSL certificate on your website.



The themes that we use for website development are responsive to mobile devices. At the same time, our designers are trained to test and analyse your site on all sorts of devices to guarantee a positive user experience.


Sitemap Enhancement

The Over The Top SEO team is skilled in reviewing your sitemap to make sure it is properly crawled and indexed by search engine robots in the best way possible.

On-Page SEO Services for Restaurants

High-level Audit of Your Website The initial step entails reporting on the most important changes, examining the gaps, and determining the best ways to close them. Finally, we optimise using this information and repeat this procedure from the beginning to evaluate its efficacy.


Keyword Research

Our team of SEO specialists for restaurants uses a variety of tools to assess the keyword difficulty (how challenging it is to rank for particular keywords), the keyword volume (how frequently a given keyword is searched on Google in a month), and the relevance of a given keyword based on the content of your website.


Competitor Analysis

As a digital marketing company for restaurants with a focus on SEO, it is our job to do the legwork in determining the tactics your rivals use to do well online and to come up with ideas for how our clients may exceed them.


Content Marketing Strategy

The pattern for deciding what kind of content will be developed for a specific keyword is called keyword mapping. We know how many words, videos, images, and other elements are necessary to rank based on the detailed analysis of your business and competition, and we develop a strategy that ensures success.


Optimizing Google My Business Listing

At Over The Top SEO, we prioritise both developing your Google My Business listing and optimising it for the major search engine ranking factors.


Onsite Optimization

On-site optimization entails improving a number of important elements on each page of your website, such as the URL structure, headings, title tags, and meta descriptions, as well as the placement and density of keywords, the image names and alt attributes, and your internal and external links.

SEO For Restaurants
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Off-Page SEO Services For Restaurants

Link Building

By producing interesting material that addresses queries on popular subjects, which people will inevitably want to link to, we gain backlinks. Reaching out via email to website owners who might benefit from connecting to our client’s blog as a helpful resource for their visitors and posting as a guest on websites that are related to our client.


Social Signals

Our social media marketing for restaurant services will help increase the social signals that are sent to your website. We regularly publish content to your social accounts that earn likes and engagement as part of our ongoing SEO retainers.


Content Marketing

Our restaurant SEO experts have built excellent contacts in the industry to boost word-of-mouth advertising through high-quality that swiftly builds brand awareness.