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I’m delighted to say I’m finally back home from my long-ish trip to Space City (Which some people insist on calling Houston, Tx. For some reason) where we were meeting some of our newest Houston SEO clients. And even though it feels delightful to rub your feet in a familiar rug, I can honestly say I left a piece of my heart in that city.

I got smitten as soon as I got out of the plane!

Things to do downtown Houston

The sheer size of its buildings, the variety of things to do, places to visit, and most important of all, the warmth and fondness of its people all caught me by surprise. Anyhow, since all I’ve been doing over the past week has been talking and musing over the things I did and loved about the city, I thought I should make something productive out of it.

Which is how the idea of doing a spotlight on things to do downtown Houston came to be.

Don’t get me wrong; I get the feeling that being that vast sprawl of a city, not everybody’s trip to Houston might be as enjoyable as mine. I got lucky that my friend Marissa (a Houstonian by birth) had all the time and patience in the world to take me out almost every night, and spotlight for me the best places to be in.

So, in an effort to spread the love, I’m putting together this handful of post that combined should make a pretty awesome (or at least interesting?) suggestions guide of things to do downtown Houston, and there’s only really one place we could possibly start: Food.

Yes, I am a writer by trade, but I’m really a foodie by passion.

And I got the opportunity to visit and eat a bunch of delicious and different kinds of food in a variety of places which I instantly knew I had to pass on to you guys. So, without further ado, here are my top recommendations for places to eat the next time you are over there.

The Pho Spot

O M G you guys! (*breathes deeply*) …Ok, now that that’s out of my system… I loved this place.

A tiny restaurant at 1010 Prairie St. as part of the conservatory, that opens until 3 a.m. on the weekends. Marissa and I visited it several times while I was there (Usually after a party went over the dull side) and still, I’d have liked to go a few more times.

It is a Vietnamese noodle soup place, but since it’s inside the conservatory, I usually dropped by the bar and paired my plate with a glass of wine.

It has a buffet style setup so can mix and match the toppings you want, which is a great way to experiment with flavors. And hey, you do you, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend the flank steak with onions and jalapeños.

Great… now I’m hungry.

Hearsay Gastro Lounge

When I think about this place, the genre magical realism is the first thing that comes to mind.

The moment I stepped inside I felt I’d been transported. Like crossing the threshold of one of those harry potter’s type doors. This restaurant has its own aura and vibration. Something I can only describe as a fantasy rendition of a gangsters’ era, chic hideout. … (sigh) I know.

The food selection is excellent (Deviled Eggs are a standout, followed closely by the crab cakes) and the cocktails were just delicious.

Next time you are looking for things to do downtown Houston, treat yourself and visit Hearsay.

The Moonshiners Southern Table + Bar

Last, but definitively not least, you need to try and stop by Moonshiners before you leave Texas.

If you are a brunch lover (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) this place is a must for you. I would warn you though, that the place can get really crowded and this might lessen your experience. But for me, the delicious food and drinks are worth the wait.

Pro tip: try the porch sipper. Thank me later.

Things to do downtown Houston

Well, I hope I’ve piqued your interest, there a whole bunch of great things to do downtown Houston, so make sure to visit them the next time you are in the city. You can explore just as I did or you can also take advantage of several great tours that can give you the rundown of the whole thing. Be sure to check out what I wrote about the downtown Houston tunnels, Houston’s theater district and the downtown Houston nightlife!