SEO in 5 Minutes – What is SEO? Breaking Myths

SEO in 5 Minutes – What is SEO? Breaking Myths

Most of you are still “new” to the term SEO. However, SEO has existed since the dawn of the Internet. Some still think that when someone refers to doing SEO for their business, they only mean Google, but that is just not true.

SEO has been misunderstood at its core, and therefore we can start this video by allowing you to understand how SEO is basically another word for:
Organic Traffic, Organic Growth, Organic Engagement, Organic Exposure, Organic Rankings

So anything that is ORGANIC and came naturally to your business, your brand, your profile, or your store without “force” or being paid for, well… that’s SEO.

And yes, SEO works on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and obviously on Google, which is the leading source of Organic traffic for ALL the social search engines in the world.

Now that we have established What SEO IS, we can talk about some of the so-called Myths that somewhat occupy some of you.


SEO is NOT for everyone, WRONG! SEO is for EVERYONE, and it’s done via EACH search engine separately, we strongly recommend ANY type of business to try SEO with the right company! One with credentials that can’t be discarded.

Content is ENOUGH to Rank. WRONG! Content is the lowest ranking barrier when it comes to Google’s algorithm, the goal behind CONTENT is to simply explain who you are in words that are easily understandable by all humans and engines.

Content is subjective to its QUALITY, Consistency, and REACH.

More Backlinks = Faster Rankings – WRONG – Backlinks are critical for ranking competitive keywords, quality backlinks can’t be bought, only earned, so how does one EARN such links? Let me help you if you EVER see an ad offering you the following:

Dofollow links, Backlinks sale, EDU links, Gov Links, Wiki Links, Instant Ranking


I could go over forever, and we’ll have more chapters covering the disasters in doing the wrong SEO or hiring the WRONG SEO Company to rack your business.

I would highly recommend you do the following before hiring a digital firm with such huge responsibilities built in:

Look for the company in Google, and Check if they Rank for their main competitive terms.

This will instantly eliminate all the trash and keep your focus on drilling down the list of leaders so you can feel a bit safer knowing they CAN at least RANK themselves, possibilities are that they can do the same for me.

Look for Credentials online about the company, Awards, and Big publications involving the firm in Teaching rather than selling.

Look for case studies and check their authenticity, everyone can SAY “Hey, we did SEO & Marketing for companies like Skyscanner, WhiteSands, TedX” but how many of them will SHOW you the case study about them and let you speak to their HAPPY client to soothe your emotions and worries?

To summarize:

SEO is EVERYTHING, and you should pay attention to this list of suggestions in our video to avoid such catastrophic dangers for your business.

This is it, for now, if you still need help, drop us a line :).

Thanks for watching, & have a great day

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