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Digital marketing – and by extension, SEO – resides on a junction of many complicated fields of study.


You got your obvious one in tech – Computers, communication systems, databases, programming, analytics. Then you have marketing & advertisement, and the slew of specialties that two entail. And you also have your entrepreneurial and economic fields, ROI, threat & opportunity assessments, asset allocation… the list goes on. 


All of them vital in some way; all of them present in everything an SEO company does – Which is why it isn’t surprising that most people don’t understand most of what we do.


Accomplished SEOs have to be fluent in all those specialties to carry out strategies that benefit their clients successfully.


Once in a while, you might come across a tech-savvy business owner, or get in business with an investment firm, and information is more easily conveyed. But even then, those clients only really see a piece of the whole — a fraction of everything that a firm like OTT handles regularly.


And while all of that does come with the territory, it also presents some of the more interesting challenges an SEO company deals with regularly: Keeping clients in the loop without it getting in the way of operations.


Which is why we go the extra mile make as much information about our services available to our clients and potential partners.


Here, you’ll find a rundown of several questions and explanations of some usual services SEO professionals take care of. From the basic of organic SEO to more advanced topics like Local SEO, and everything in between.

What does an SEO Company do?

Most people wonder “What does an SEO company do?” Or “Do I need SEO services for my business?”


Our answer is always: YES, you definitely need SEO services, because an SEO company specializes in driving traffic right where you want it. Those who don’t give their pages any SEO love will always find themselves at the bottom of the food chain.


This is very straightforward, and that’s how a conversation about SEO should end.


But this time we want to give you the chance to take a closer look to what SEO really means and how companies benefit from hiring expert SEO services.


One of the reasons we, as a company, closed our doors and only accept certain kind of partners, was that many think of SEO as a kind of magic formula to miraculously be on top of Google searches in a couple of weeks and make millions overnight. Unrealistic expectations lead clients to demand unrealistic milestones and results. We decided that we can only work with people who listen and understand what the SEO process entails.


By now, everyone knows what SEO (search engine optimization) is. The whole principle is not hard to grasp. It means increasing the visibility for a website or business in search engines.


What many seem to overlook is how many factors influence visibility, and how much work it takes to create an SEO-compliant website.


For starters, there are more than 200 factors that influence a website’s ranking on search engine results. Here is a small list of the most important:

  • Secure communication protocols (SSL or TLS)
  • Responsiveness
  • Page Load Speed
  • Schema Markups
  • Content Relevancy
  • Content Length
  • Backlinks
  • Image optimization
  • Data consistency (relevant for Local SEO and Google Maps optimization)
  • The list goes on…


Each one of these factors require a very specific strategy and specialized SEO experts if you want to modify them in any significant way. SEO agencies build task forces that work on these elements in a cost effective and permanent way and provide continuous advice for their clients and partners.


Most agencies focus only on optimizing websites for major search engines. For them, it makes sense as ranking for Google is usually all their clients care about. But this just shows they are narrow minded when it comes to marketing.


This first thing an SEO company must do is to understand what conversion means to the client. Some partners just want to increase their sales on eBay or Amazon. Others want their restaurant to be among the top picks when people perform a local search on Google. At times, they just want to outperform Wikipedia in searches related to certain topics for academic or promotional purposes.


Still, even when the client knows what their organization should be pursuing, it is common to see them overextending their reach and trying to employ every marketing channel they know of and then some. This often causes an uncontrollable bleeding of resources, and many don’t even know where their money is going until it is too late. They don’t even know what they invest in most of the time when it comes to their digital marketing and SEO efforts. It’s all a big blur of nothingness, and yet they keep on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars every month and are STILL trailing, lagging, limping WAY behind their competitors. This is inexcusable.


First, a true SEO company will always make sure it understands the client’s goals. They will gather information about them, their audience and the promotion channels they are using. The next step is to identify the most efficient channels based on the kind of interaction they want their visitors to have with their product.


Once the right channels have been identified, your SEO company will set your campaign goals.


It is important that companies know their business inside out, and know what they are doing from a financial standpoint before executing an SEO campaign.


A responsible SEO company should work with companies who don’t know how to deal with the constant changes in their own industry. As soon as they start struggling with finances, the first thing they do is interfere or outright cut out all marketing efforts.


For instance, we have been approached by clients with huge budgets, but we have had to say no to them because of their weak revenue cycle process management, and their unrealistic approach to digital marketing. Most of them are long gone now, eaten by smarter competitors like us.


We take care of all the marketing needs by running a smooth, clean and WORKING SEO campaigns that speaks in revenue more than just words. But we need our partners to understand that, for this to happen they must let us, the SEO professionals with a really huge track record in the industry, get on the driver’s seat. In return, we let you, the business owner, take an in-depth once-in-a-life-time look at how we do things and our own bottom line. 


We ́re not wasting time with people who will have financial problems down the road. We can provide answers and solutions and help our partners navigate the industry and the market. In other words: We WANT them to make money.

What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

See If Your Business
Qualifies To Work With OTT.

We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve designed apps that both boost brand awareness and drives productivity off the charts. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Everything Is Not About Us

From what you’ve read so far, you have the impression that we are a group of narcissist people, but that is not right. 


As we already mentioned, we value our partnerships over everything. Partnerships are not formed without the contribution of both parties.


We are leaders in what we do. 


You found us while looking for best digital marketing. Similarly, you want your customers to find your business instantly.


To achieve that goal, you need to focus on building a sustainable relationship with your customers rather than trying to sell your products or services all the time.


The benefit of that is your customers won’t see you as some salesman who only cares about sales figures.  You need to make a move to make them believe that you care for them.


Digital marketing is by far the most effective and efficient way of doing that.


There are so many important things in life other than money.


You might have started with the goal of making enough money to fulfill your and your family member’s wishes, but there comes a time when you realize you may not attend to all of those wishes.


At Over The Top SEO, we have taken an oath to know your business by heart.


As we take the challenge to bring success through partnership, we like to think your business is part of our business as well. We want to find out your business strategies, goals and everything there is to know so we can create our own digital marketing strategy for you to reign in your market.


The reason you are looking for a digital marketing expert is that you cannot cut it yourself. We get it.Our first task will be to revamp your digital presence entirely as your digital marketing partner. We will reshape and rebrand your websites, social media pages and everything there is related to digital marketing.


You cannot expect to boost your sales overnight with the help of digital marketing services.You need to be patient and let us work.


When we say we are your light in the dark that will help you find new possibilities of business you never thought existed, we MEAN IT 100%.IF we take you on, success will come. It will take time, hardship and endless hours of constant dedication.


But in the end, we will succeed because you TRUSTED us over your DOUBTS.


If you are still in DOUBT, we’re NOT fit for your business.

Get Ahead of Competition

If you think digital marketing is easier than conventional marketing, you are in for a great surprise. Only the experts know how much work goes in to squeeze the most out of digital marketing. Truth be told, you need to stay miles ahead of your competition if you want to survive in the game. 


We know the GAME.


We know HOW TO WIN it for you.


We have done it for SCORES of other CLIENTS.


We are PROUD of our achievements.


We cannot possibly know anything about your business. But we know that you are reading this because you think you might need help to target your audience better and help them get the service they need.


We are proud to acknowledge the fact that we can help you create the impact you wanted since the day you started your business.


Let’s come to the point.Digital marketing services are one of the most searched terms on the internet.


That means there are other businesses like you who are desperate to shine in this competitive world of modern business. WE can help you CRUSH the competition and become the best at what you do.


BUT for that to happen, you must be ELIGIBLE. We don’t form partnerships with anyone requiring our services. We need to know you have FULL FAITH on us.  So, how do we do that? It’s simple. We evaluate your business and we take necessary actions. When it comes to digital marketing, there are more than a few things we need to take care of, together.

Digital Marketing Agency
The First Step- Defining the Audience

We can speak on behalf of the experts from digital marketing companies.Any reputed digital marketing expert will define and outline your potential customers or target audience before coming up with a strategy.


The importance of finding the right audience in digital marketing is beyond question.You can spend as much money as you want but in the end, everything will go in vain if you cannot find and target the right audience.


The process of defining the right audience involves a few key questions that you need to find the answer to. In this case, we will find the answers for you.What is your target market looking for? What are their preferences? What do they fear while considering your services? What are their goals? What are their browsing habits? What is their thought process while looking for a solution to their problems?


As soon as we get the answer to these questions, we will start creating the strategy and the guidelines.  

The Plan

It’s time to craft a custom digital marketing plan that aligns with your business effortlessly. In this process, we will consider every possibility of how to increase the visibility of your business.


Here is a brief rundown of the key points we consider with majority of our digital marketing campaigns.


The Website: Your business website is usually the first point of contact between you and your customers. Having appropriate content on your website will give you a 434% boost on your search results.


Social Media Marketing: Social media is the largest platform where you can find al-most all of your audience, at the same place! Social media is very prominent in digital marketing and we will utilize it to the full extent possible.


Search Engine Optimization: Proper search engine optimization or better known as SEO is your best bet in creating relevant content for your audience, whether it is a niche or a wide range. 72% of business owners will agree that relevancy is the biggest factor in targeting the audience.


PPC Campaigns: PPC refers to Pay-Per-Click. It’s a unique form of advertising that al-lows you to target your exact audience according to consumer behavior.


Integrated marketing: Integration is an ideal way of getting the most from your marketing budget. Yes, a vast majority of people are online, but what about them who still prefer offline media like TV, radio, and newspapers?


Now that you have a rough idea about how we approach digital marketing, let us walk you through on how each module works. 


Some of Our Clients

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Start by Making Your Website Awesome!

In digital marketing, the most common mistake is to focus on social media and other marketing campaigns while neglecting the website. Remember, the website is the primary source of content and services for any business.


So, if we have the opportunity to work together in digital marketing, our priority will be to revamp your website.


Websites are no longer part of the business that you make and let it rest in peace. You should constantly update the features and change key metrics to keep ranking on the search engines.


Trends change faster than a hotdog turns cold nowadays.To understand the necessity of change and upgrade is crucial to stay ahead of the game. A lucrative website landing page is a good place to start.Showcasing your strong points on the website is very important to create an awesome first impression.


Conventional digital marketing services will provide you with attractive offers on digital marketing in a very juicy price, but chances are they have left website renovation out of their strategy.


That’s not how we do it.


We do justice to whatever project we take on.


We’d like to highlight the key features your website should have so you have a better understanding of how to get people hooked. Loading time, responsiveness, accessibility, design, and SEO matters the most in terms of pulling traffic to a website.


A website has to load fast in order to retain the interest of the user.


Statistics show that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, the visitor will close the tab. Google rankings are also affected directly by the site load speed.


The website has to be responsive under heavy usage. Otherwise, the browsing experience will be harmed and your business will come across as unprofessional.


If statistics is to be believed, a 1-second delay will result in a 7% drop in conversion rate.


Sign of a good website is compatibility across all devices. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and people spends more time on their smartphones rather than conventional computers. So, having a website that has state-of-the-art mobile support is always a plus.


OTT, as one of the renowned digital marketing companies, assures you that you’ll have a website that will wow people.


We do it the WAY IT WORKS.


Or we don’t do it AT ALL.


With that said, we have arrived at our most important point about a website, SEO.

Digital Marketing Agency
The Obvious Secret to Success: SEO

For some reason, a lot of digital marketing companies skip the SEO part of the business. Whether it is social media promotion or website traffic, SEO holds the key. SEO is also known as search engine optimization. It utilizes the necessary keywords and phrases to help websites rank better on search engines.


When we think of search engines, the first name that comes to our minds is Google. The reason is obvious. Google has made a place in our life where we look up on Google for every single problem in our lives.


If anything matters for a business website, it would be Google search rankings.


As Google holds 90.1% shares of total search engine industry, it is important for your business to rank well on Google.


Most of the times, the top searches are paid promotions that you cannot beat organically, but there are some organic listing at the middle of the first page that secured its place using smart SEO tactics.


Proper SEO will result in better exposure for the website hence better prospect for your business.


And the fact that the whole process is natural, it garners trust from the visitors. As 81% of people conduct some amount of research on Google before making a purchase decision, you can boost your business by using the power of white hat SEO.


If you plan to stay in the game, SEO is a must.


Here at Over The Top SEO, we target to rank on the first page of Google search. Because, although 64% of website traffic is redirected from search engines, 71% of them are coming from Google’s first page alone!

Be Social on Social Media

Let’s start with the importance of social media using some good old statistics. As of now, almost half of the global population uses social media of some sort.

64% of online shoppers state that they were convinced and redirected to the business website from a social media page.


There might be a misconception with certain marketers that social media has lost its edge but that is not true at all. If anything, social media is the biggest platform where you can engage with your potential customer with minimal effort.


Social media is unbeatable in terms of content marketing and content promotion.


You can drive unlimited traffic towards your business website from the social media page. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram also allows you to target the audience cross-referenced to their geographical location! Isn’t that amazing?


Blog content is the sweet spot to utilize the full potential of social media. Blog content is usually swarming with SEO-friendly keywords that will rank good on Google searches. Your audience can click a link on the social media page and be redirected to the website landing page.

Use the Most of PPC Campaigns

We highly recommend you to run PPC campaigns for your business. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a great way to use your hard-earned money on something useful. PPC offers a huge range and reach of the audience.


While SEO and content marketing are generally free, they are not guaranteed mediums of exposure. On the other hand, PPC campaigns are a surefire method to reach your desired audience by letting them know what you are willing to do as a business.

Marketing Integration

This is one of those optional marketing approaches we recommend, but whether to implement it or not is completely your decision. Integration in digital marketing means using the best of both worlds.


And here we are referring to both digital and analog media.


The statistics we’ve presented indicates that a vast majority of people tend to be found online, but integration is meant for those who are still not. Analog media represents the likes of TV, radio and print media i.e. newspapers.


Don’t get us wrong, we are telling you to spend a fortune on TV adverts and press releases.


We are simply suggesting minimal exposure to direct the offline audience online. For example, having a small print on a popular newspaper with the necessary information will bring in a SIGNIFICANT amount of traffic to the website.

The Legacy of OTT

Over The Top SEO has served thousands of clients. Digital marketing is our domain.


We’re the best in what we do.


We’ve seen the best of scenarios and the worst of scenarios over the years of our operation.


You might have had bad experiences with a few digital marketing companies before but don’t COMPARE us with those.


We DON’T partner with everyone looking for our services.


We will only WORK with you if we FIND you fit for it.


This is one of the reasons we highly believe in partnerships rather than contracts. Your business means something for us. Our time is valuable to us and so is yours.


We’re PUTTING OUR track record on test by committing ourselves to your project.


It’s a WAR out there. We will FIGHT it and WIN it for you in any way we deem fit.  You can speak with one of our experts at 800-800-8000 to find out if your business is ELIGIBLE to work with us.  Let’s work at making your business great again!


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Who knows? OTT might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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