What is the Single Best Piece of SEO Advice?

What is the Single Best Piece of SEO Advice?


Less scrupulous companies have made a lot of money by giving customers the impression that SEO is highly technical and incredibly difficult, after all, the more complicated a service is perceived the more you’re able to charge for it.

This is one reason we’re regularly asked to give our opinion on the one single best piece of SEO advice.

Clearly there are technical SEO improvements and adjustments which require in-depth understanding and knowledge, and are certainly worth the investment. But the best SEO advice I can offer is actually not the most technically challenging. By consistently providing excellent, high quality content to your audience, you will improve the user experience, increase engagement, promote linking and sharing while increasing your target keyword SERP ranking.

Business is built on trust and reputation, a key point regardless to whether your online or offline. Google (and other search engines) stakes its reputation on providing users with the most relevant content, and that only works by creating a site that users and websites trust and believe has a strong reputation. The better your site content, the more valuable your site is to Google and the end user. The higher quality content your provide, the higher Google will rank you.

Frequency of Posting Content

While there is still discussion regarding how often you should be adding new content to your site, it is imperative that you do indeed continue to add it. Whether you’re creating evergreen content, new articles or blog posts, you need to post regularly.

Quality of Content

Think carefully about what you’re writing, how it connects with your audience, whether or not it’s engaging, and would others link to your piece? Posting for the sake of posting is doing no one any favors. Post because it’s important.

Content Engagement

Create engaging content, material that users will want to share and that websites will want to link to. Well how do you do that? Create quality content within your business niche around trending and relevant topics that are important to your base. Include images, videos, pull quotes and social buttons.

Covering Topics of Interest to Your Audience

Remember that the purpose of the content you’re creating ultimately answers a need. Your users have questions and your website needs to have those answers. It’s that simple. Figure out exactly what your base is looking for and create content around those concepts.

The framework of your entire site should be built on the idea of providing high quality content. As your content is noticed, shared and linked to, trust and reputation will continue to grow, further improving your SERP and potentially your bottom line.

In summary –

  • A website with bad content and bad SEO will fail.
  • A website with outstanding SEO but poor content will struggle.
  • A website with good content but poor SEO can still be successful.
  • A website with good content and good SEO can become a stunning success.

Providing great content is without doubt the single best piece of SEO advice I can offer.