Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes With The Israeli Hammer. (OTT)

Social Media Marketing in 3 Minutes With The Israeli Hammer. (OTT)

Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes:

Hello there! Guy Sheetrit once again.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the latest rave Tik Tok have become a part of daily life for billions of humans. The global use of Facebook extends to more than a quarter of the earth’s population, translating to a mind-boggling 2 billion active users and over 1 billion monthly active users on TikTok.

With such reach, it’s no wonder that these platforms have become a valuable tool for businesses. If you’re not posting on Facebook, trend hopping on TikTok, and weaving threads on Twitter, you’re missing out on vital visibility for your business.

We developed a whole new team in OTT called OTT Viral. This team is dedicated to safety first, then growth, then virality. Always in that order.

At OTT Viral, social media is indispensable in your digital marketing strategy, giving you unfettered access to an untapped audience of billions of users daily.

Every platform has its own rules, so using a one size fits all approach to social media marketing won’t grow your business in the way you envision.

Avoid shiny new growth opportunities such as bots, automation, or AI that promises instant growth. Social media marketing today requires a smart human connection with the audience, and that’s what OTT Viral offers.

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