Why Social Media Audit is Important For Businesses

Why Social Media Audit is Important For Businesses

Suppose your business is typical of most others. In that case, your marketing strategy involves establishing a presence on as many social media sites as your team is capable of managing and posting often.

Casting a wide net across internet territories, from Facebook to TikTok, may increase your chances of connecting with as many users as you can, but it works best when you have a social media strategy in place.

We are introducing the social media audit.

In order to get quantifiable, crucial bits of information about your marketing performance—where you are excelling and where you could tighten the bolts—social media audits examine the messaging of your company. The idea behind these audits, which can be incredibly intricate, is straightforward: if you know what is connecting with your target audience, your creative team can repeat it.

Now let’s explore what a social media audit involves.

What is a Social Media Audit? 

The success of your social media strategy across accounts and networks can be evaluated via a social media audit. Your strengths, weaknesses, and the subsequent steps required to develop are all revealed through an audit.

What Are The Outcomes of Social Media Audits?

Whether you’re popping champagne because your last video went viral or wondering why your artfully crafted posts aren’t garnering likes, every company has something to gain from tactfully conducted social media auditing.

The list of data points social media audits can index is long and nuanced. However, some of the most telling information includes:

  • Which age groups are responding to your content?
  • User interaction with your content
  • The reach of your post
  • What stops users?
  • What draws people to scroll?
  • The rate of expansion of your fan base
  • Where your profile visitors are coming from

Why Perform A Social Media Audit?

No matter how much authority a social media marketing strategy has, maintenance and analysis are essential to its success. Running a social media audit can help your brand in a number of ways given the intricacy and variables that come with the social channel:

  • It bolsters content quality –

Many businesses ponder whether they should maintain a sparse social media presence or avoid participating at all. 2 While your brand identity will determine how you present yourself online, a well-executed social media audit should produce results that eliminate the need for you to make a decision.

  • It improves your company culture –

Social media auditing is not only for strengthening your connection to the general public. They can also strengthen the bonds between your stakeholders, especially those on your creative team when carried out with care and perseverance. If you want to operate more efficiently and improve your production, you must have a social media marketing strategy that is supported by statistics. As a consequence, you’ll get the most out of both your company’s creative engine and marketing budget.

  • It’s a money-saver –

If the predictions pan out, US spending on digital marketing will surpass $200 billion in the next three years. 1 No matter how much money you’ve set aside for marketing, social media audits can show you which strategies are effective and why allowing you to achieve the most return on investment from social media.

  • It’s a relationship-builder –

Consider social media audits as a two-way mirror that can reveal important details about your target audience and what appeals to them in addition to reflecting information about your creative output. Keep in mind that marketing is a two-way process. Building lasting relationships with your customers will be simpler the better you know them.

Analyzing the numbers behind your social media content can help almost every aspect of your company and provide you with considerable long-term profits.

How To Conduct A Results-Driven Social Media Audit, Step By Step

Talented marketing firms with the technology and artistic means to generate, then articulate, data frequently create thorough social media audits. However, there are some best practices when creating an audit internally if you’re not quite ready to locate a partner.

Social media audits frequently begin from the very beginning. It follows a bottom-up strategy.

Prior to starting, you should be aware of:

  • What you’re testing (e.g. Instagram posts, TikTok videos, or TikTok videos reposted to Instagram)
  • What do you hope to learn from conducting our audit (e.g. What copy makes YouTube viewers more inclined to subscribe?)
  • Why you’re testing it (e.g. Why did this image rake in 4k likes, while another only inspired a few hundred?)

Every brand is unique, and every marketing firm has a certain process for its creative testing.

The underlying logic, though, is constant—each effective piece of social media content generates conversions for a clear motive.

Social media audits help you identify the key factors that contributed to these achievements.

Step 1: Choose a Content-Type

Every piece of content, from blog posts to podcasts, can be broken down into a number of constituent parts, and each social media platform may provide insightful data on which “element” is successful and which fails.

Step 2: Maintain Data Organization

Find an organizational tool that can assist you to categorize and qualifying your findings if you’re performing your company’s social media audit on your own.

Step 3: Learn About Your Competition

Although there can be competition in the social media environment, you can learn just as much from your peers as you can from your social media audit. While you won’t be able to sneak a glance at your competitor’s data, social media activity can help you determine how they are doing.

Make the Most Of Your Social Audit with OTT

Social media audits are the map, compass, and guide for your brand; they show you where you are, where you’re going, and what kind of road you may take to hasten your path to success.

The digital marketing team at OTT has the tools to optimize every aspect of your online presence, from analyzing content composition to assisting with the creation of a compelling rebranding project.

Select social media management that can transform findings into innovative solutions for a social media audit that goes beyond data collection and brand research. Contact us right away to begin the comprehensive social media assessment of your brand.