Social Media Automation Tools To Boost Engagement in 2023

Social Media Automation Tools To Boost Engagement in 2023

Just posting is insufficient today. According to social media statistics, the vast majority of businesses market through social media platforms.

Also, you must continually be active on all the platforms where your audience is present if you want to leave an impression on them. Nonetheless, managing all the facets of social media is a massive undertaking.

But why stress when you have so many tools at your disposal to help you out on the social media front?

These social media automation tools provide a tonne of features that will help you protect your online presence and monitor its effectiveness.

Hence, you can concentrate on what matters the most—your business—instead of worrying about what to post and when. Choose the appropriate social media tools to streamline your marketing efforts.

In this piece, we’ll walk you through some of these social media automation tools so you can improve your marketing and elevate your branding.

13 Best Social Media Automation Tools

1. SocialPilot

SocialPilot - Social Media Automation Tools

A social media automation solution for small to enterprise-sized enterprises is called SocialPilot. Expect to take advantage of a tonne of features with this adaptable platform, including social media scheduling, calendar management, content curation, powerful analytics, client administration, and more.

Furthermore, SocialPilot can meet your needs regardless of the social media platform you are utilizing. Having said that, the application allows you to simultaneously merge accounts from LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram (Direct Publishing), and TikTok.

SocialPilot facilitates collaboration when it comes to managing social media as a team. You don’t have to transfer to another app to connect with other colleagues because the approval and feedback workflow is seamless.

You can keep track of your social media initiatives using SocialPilot’s useful social media calendar function. Your calendars can include filters, and groups and accounts can be used to track the success of your social media initiatives.

Finally, SocialPilot users can assess their social media post-performance based on the level of engagement of their competitors, influencers, and demographics.

2. ContentStudio


A well-known all-in-one social media management application called ContentStudio provides analytics, a social inbox, content planning, social media scheduling, content automation, and content discovery.

Additionally, you may use the Content Planner feature of ContentStudio to schedule, organize, and control where and when information is shared or published.

A social media content calendar is offered by ContentStudio, which makes it simple to examine, accept, reject, and amend posts. This lessens the possibility of sending out content that is inaccurate or contains errors. Also, team members can simply work together. For instance, your social media manager, designer, and copywriter can all offer ideas, add images, and immediately produce captions.

You can also think of your material as a part of a well-organized list to lessen clutter. You can organize postings in the content calendar by type, status, member, and even labels for convenience.

3. Hootsuite

Social Media Automation Tools To Boost Engagement in 2023

A well-liked social media automation tool for marketers is Hootsuite. It is compatible with a wide range of social media sites because of its powerful features. Due to the complicated features and wide price range, it mostly targets large businesses and large-sized agencies.

Moreover, Hootsuite’s social media streams let you keep an eye on several social media sites at once. And sure, with its real-time updates, you can use it to keep a watch on all of your businesses.

4. Buzzsumo


If you want to better understand your content marketing methods, BuzzSumo is a vital social media search tool. Use BuzzSumo to find some of the trending keywords in your market instead of wasting time speculating on the content themes.

Due to its capacity to offer comprehensive insights into what your competitors are doing, BuzzSumo has become one of the most well-liked social media marketing tools over time.

By typing a keyword or domain name into the search bar, BuzzSumo can assist you in finding the most popular content, which will help you become a clever content marketer and keep one step ahead of your rivals.

Depending on your preferences, you can restrict your results by everything from location to duration. In addition, BuzzSumo can gather data from well-known social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Another social media engagement tool you may utilize to master social media marketing is Sprout Social. Users of Sprout Social can plan tasks and assign them to group members. Also, using this technology makes it easier to run advertisements on specific social media networks.

You may schedule your posts or campaigns using this application, which also offers statistics and social listening capabilities. What else? Small and large businesses of all sizes are served by Sprout Social.

6. Buffer

Social Media Automation Tools To Boost Engagement in 2023

One of the well-known social media marketing automation platforms with scheduling capabilities is Buffer. Users of LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will find this tool useful. The Pinterest feature is available to customers that have the pro plan as well. Those with lower packages, however, will only be able to join a small number of social network accounts.

As a new user, you may decide whether to use Buffer’s preset scheduling options or modify your automation to suit your requirements. Users of this social media automation service are automatically given four slots every day. Depending on how many campaigns you need to post each day, you can choose to either eliminate or add spaces.

There is a Buffer browser plugin for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. By selecting the Buffer symbol to add the post to your queue, you can schedule posts using these extensions. There are also mobile applications available for iOS and Android.

7. CoSchedule


CoSchedule’s main objective is to increase efficiency for both solopreneurs and marketing businesses. As you click “publish” for each article, this social media automation tool that is integrated with WordPress helps push material to your chosen social media account.

The best feature of all is that CoSchedule provides customers with a “Top Content Report,” which provides users with information about the social engagement of the social media campaigns you send out. For content marketers that are interested in how their marketing initiatives are performing and want to make adjustments as needed, this function is helpful.

CoSchedule concentrates on content and social performance, in contrast to other social media solutions. It has functions like “ReQueue,” which enables users to rearrange the timetable of their best material. This will make it such that your audience’s feeds contain more recent content.


For content marketers, is a social network and content curation tool. With a free plan available to customers, it is also among the top free social media automation tools. You can develop specialized themes with, express your thoughts and get in touch with people who share your interests.

Users can curate material from any other source using the is a content director. With just a click of a button, you can also share your ideas on all of your favorite social networking channels.

Users of this social media automation application can also use keywords to come up with ideas. As a result, will assist content marketers to keep current and constantly be aware of what to share with their audiences.

9. Sendible


Sendible is yet another excellent solution for managing and automating social media networks. Sendible not only enables one-by-one campaign scheduling across various social media accounts but also helps you control the distribution of your campaigns directly from your dashboard.

The ability to produce material and schedule it for a week, a month, or however long you need is its strongest feature. Furthermore, you may use tools like emoticons, attachments, and more to adapt your material to other social media networks.

10. Meetedgar


Meetedgar is distinct from other market-available social media automation solutions. With its publishing capability, it provides better service and aids in specifically arranging content.

When you schedule a post in Meetedgar, you have the option to save it in the library for later use. On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, this tool supports and helps you.

11. Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Zoho Social was created to effectively meet the needs of organizations that are expanding at an exponential rate. You may collaborate with your team and keep an eye on social conversations and brand mentions using our social media automation tool.

It generates a personalized report to examine your social media and provides an infinite social media scheduling capability. You can manage social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google My Business with the help of Zoho Social.

12. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is a comprehensive social media automation program that promotes team collaboration. They have a tonne of choices to fill your content calendar, whether you’re wanting to bulk upload, queue, or schedule your posts.

It also offers customers one-click reports and a social mailbox to catch every discussion. Platforms for social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Instagram are supported by Agorapulse.

13. Napoleon Cat

Napoleon Cat

In addition to content scheduling, NapoleonCat also provides content moderation for social media. On Facebook and Instagram direct messaging and comment threads, you can program prepared responses to frequently asked queries.

For comments on Facebook and Instagram advertising, the automation rules also apply. To make your remarks appear genuine and not robotic, you can create up to 20 alternative responses to the same trigger.

Also, you won’t need to repeat the process manually every week or month if you spend hours battling the Excel sheet to display your data. NapoleonCat allows you to automate and schedule expert social media reports that are delivered right to the inboxes of you or other stakeholders.

Wrapping up!

With time, social media marketing has changed. You must maintain a steady commitment if you want to stay relevant to your audience. You need the greatest social media automation tools to leave a lasting impression if you want to make this happen.

All the above tools are good for automating most social media activities. But, you still need some essential tools to calculate marketing budget, earnings, scope, and marketing expert to achieve your goals. That’s where OTT SEO comes to your rescue with a range of social media tools and marketing services. So, if you need help in social media marketing visit the official website for tools and contact us directly for services.