Despite the fact that average subscriber or follower counts vary depending on the social network, there are still approximations of milestone numbers that signify a certain level of achievement. We do, however, emphasize how crucial it is to only have real followers/subscribers.


Increasing your following or subscriber count is a genuine accomplishment. It is evident that you possess the talent, notoriety, and capacity to attract readers who are interested in, find value in, or find entertainment in your writing. Additionally, it’s a sign that you’re on the right track and should keep creating material the way you are. If you have trouble gaining followers, you might want to reevaluate your social media strategy, read additional articles on this site, and adjust your material and its marketing as necessary.

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The Badge Generator For Our Social Media Followers

Do you believe your TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube performances are successful? Today, you can use a tool to create a social media achievement badge to show your friends, followers, subscribers, or anybody else you want your success to be known that you are serious about it.


Although these figures are occasionally referred to as vanity stats, why worry? Where credit is due, give it. Additionally, on several social networks, large follower/subscriber counts unlock specific milestones, so it makes sense to highlight your achievement when you achieve it.

Social Media Followers Badge
Social Media Followers Badge
Why Does Success in Social Media Matter?

Whether you are managing a personal or company account will determine the response. Businesses use social media for entirely different purposes than regular people.


Social media provides a chance to build a presence and network with people worldwide. It has also given you the chance to reconnect with people, such as old-school pals, with whom you may have previously lost touch. It’s crucial to keep in mind the complete name: “social media network.” Even though you may be hundreds or even millions of miles away from these folks, all of these help you connect with them in some manner.


Each social network has established a differentiator from its rivals. All three of the three that our tool covers are visually appealing. YouTube and Instagram both focus on longer videos, whereas TikTok is known for its shorter videos. While there is some overlap, each has focused much of its development funds on enhancing its primary competencies. Other social media platforms have their own specialties, such as Facebook’s emphasis on combining text and photos, Twitter’s focus on succinct, snappy remarks, and LinkedIn’s strong business orientation. You can join discussions or groups on themes that interest you in many of these networks and participate as you see fit.


But Business success on social media is different. Nowadays, many businesses are aware of how much time their prospective clients spend on social media. And it makes sense for them to invest their marketing resources in areas where their target audience is present.


Even if you are unable to sell your goods directly through social media, you still have a fantastic opportunity to raise brand awareness and perhaps even encourage visitors to return to your website.


Success Indicators on TikTok

It’s important to keep in mind that the quantity of your followers is not the only factor in determining your success and exposure on the site. Later has examined the TikTok algorithm in detail. You should aim for as many people For You pages to feature your films on as possible.


According to TikTok, the following criteria are taken into consideration while selecting videos for “For You” pages:


1. User interactions, such as liked and shared videos, accounts followed, content posted, and comments made by users

2. Information about videos, such as descriptions, soundtracks, and hashtags

3. Settings for devices and accounts, such as language preferences, nations, and device kinds


This implies that each user’s “For You” feed will contain a unique selection of videos.


TikTok does not use follower counts as one of its criteria when selecting “For You” videos. They actually make an effort to select videos for each user.

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Signs of Success on Instagram

Like with all of these networks, Instagram’s success requires active followers. Fake followers are completely useless to you. Instagram’s algorithm is just as adept at identifying and eliminating bogus accounts and bots as Tik Tok is. You must therefore put effort into interacting with the followers you do have. This will probably result in you acquiring more followers as a result. Additionally, the more followers you have, the more chances you have to interact with them.


One of those networks that profit from specialization is Instagram. Choose a specialization and limit your image sharing to that area. React to other accounts on the same subject. As a generalist on Instagram, you will never experience success and amass a sizable number of real followers. Create the stuff your fans want to see and share it or pay influencers to do it for you.


You must convert your personal account to a business or creator account as a necessary step if you want to flourish on Instagram. You must first do this in order to gain access to Instagram Insights, which are performance analytics for your Instagram account.

Signs of Success on YouTube

Unlike the majority of other social networks, YouTube has a unique operating system. Like an on-demand television channel, you can establish your own channels. People who particularly enjoy a YouTube channel subscribe to it and wish to see more videos uploaded on it in the future.


Presently, YouTube doesn’t openly share precise subscriber counts. For channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers, for instance, you must add ten additional subscribers before it displays. The same is true for channels with 1,000 to 9,999 subscribers. This pattern continues as your channels expand, with accounts with 100,000,000 or more subscribers seeing a maximum of 1,000,000 increases.


Similar to Instagram and TikTok, YouTube also deletes closed or spam accounts from its statistics, as well as accounts that have been banned for violating the platform’s policies.

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How Do You Become an Influencer?

What Is an Influencer? is one of our early pieces, which we still update frequently. Even though this is general and not specific to any one social network, it provides a useful overview of the various influencer types you can expect to encounter.


The number of followers is one way to gauge influence. Sadly, there are no official guidelines for follower counts, thus you might encounter various definitions elsewhere. Although we refer to users as “followers” in this context, other sites, including YouTube, refer to users as “subscribers.”

The prominent types of influencers involving largest to smallest : 

  • Mega-Influencers

People who have a large following on social media, frequently more than 1 million followers across at least one platform.

  • Macro-Influencers

People who have a large following on social media, frequently more than 1 million followers across at least one platform.

  • Micro-Influencers

Typical individuals who have gained notoriety for their expertise in a certain specialized niche. Micro-influencers often have between 1,000 and 40,000 followers on a single social media, though opinions vary.

  • Nano-Influencers

These individuals are typically authorities in a niche or extremely specialized field while having a limited number of followers. They have less than 1,000 devoted, interested followers on a specialized subject.