Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Online Marketing Needs

Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Online Marketing Needs

In the last few years, social media has evolved from pages to interact with our friends and family to one of the most important parts of our lives. They are no longer restricted to personal content sharing; with a constantly expanding community, you can reach millions of users at once. Business marketing has been hugely influenced by this growth: 61% of young consumers check their social media to decide where they are going out. And they are most likely to leave positive reviews for your business if they can reach you from their smartphones.

That´s why it is very important to follow certain social media marketing tips. What’s there to lose when 2.08 billion users spend an average of 2 hours and 25 minutes per day on social media? It has definitively turned into an invaluable tool for business, with a direct impact on sales when incorporated into your marketing campaign.

Any business can easily use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to turbocharge the visibility and popularity of their brand and products. You can easily engage and interact with your customers in a way that traditional marketing wasn’t capable of, greatly benefitting your company by maintaining an active social presence. It might sound like a lot of work but here are some social media marketing tips.

It’s Free!

This is helpful for companies that have trouble advertising because of their small budget. Managing a business account only requires a few hours a day, so it isn’t much of a resource sacrifice for a company. People are always looking for new places to buy online, and by having an account on any platform you´ll be making sure your business will be found.

Many platforms now introduce paid advertising alternatives, and they are a good option to increase your media presence. Facebook has its ads; YouTube introduced video ads and even Instagram recently joined the bandwagon by introducing paid ads in their app. They can significantly benefit your sales when used correctly.

Reaching and engaging Customers

Here is where marketing reaches a whole new level. With traditional advertising, you were not able to interact and engage your customers the same way you do on social platforms nowadays. After all, in Tv ads, you couldn’t establish a conversation with your clients and address all their doubts and concerns.

However, this also comes with new responsibilities. When you reach your customers there are some social media marketing tips you might want to keep in mind:

– Answer quickly, it will show that your company is dedicated to its clients.

– Write your posts with the word “engagement” in mind; try to encourage conversations and responses from your customers.

– Don’t forget this is not a traditional advertising channel, it’s meant to be social.

– Address all comments and reviews from your customers, positive or negative. It will make them feel appreciated; after all, positive reviews from customers means free advertising for your page.

With attractive and regular posts, your audience might start sharing your content with their friends, thus expanding your business name. For example, imagine you own a restaurant and you upload photos of the items on your menu. Some potential customers will surely feel attracted to it and might feel like visiting your place or will even tag some friends in your post.

Instant Insight

With social media marketing, you can instantly receive input from your customers in comments or reviews. The information can quickly help you address minor issues or complaints your customers may have. This can help your business by supplying new ideas since there is always someone who will see how things can be improved. In other traditional marketing channels you had to wait quite a long time to receive any input from customers or even employees, so don’t shy away from your customer’s feedback, this is always an excellent way to provide great client service.

Business Personality

When you are promoting your brand, you want customers to identify your company as being unique and not just a copy of another one. Sometimes you don’t need to polish every post, showing something more personal can receive more positive feedback. Clients will feel more attached to the personnel and brand. Sharing funny posts or something unusual can also catch the eye of potential customers.

Builds a Following

With 29% of the world population using the internet and 71% of adults using social platforms, creating a following shouldn’t be much of a problem. With regular posts and engaging content, more people will start sharing your content.  Social platforms let you build relationships with your clients even when during downtime. That’s why you should always keep your account active, even by just thanking customers for their positive reviews you can create great relationships with your followers and all completely free of charge.

Higher Website Traffic

Using a smart marketing strategy and well-placed URLs you can increase the visits to your website. You could even implement SEO techniques on your posts. With eye-catching content and vivid images, you can drive people to your site. You could use blog posts with attention-grabbing titles on your posts, so people are driven toward your web page. Visitors that click on your website from social media are known for converting sales and exploring your site. Never be afraid to get social media marketing tips from the pros whenever you want to build solid website traffic.

Targeted Audience

Most Social platforms offer tools that help your company have a say on who watches your advertising. Facebook analyzes the user’s profile; LinkedIn only shows brands and products to users that could be interested in them based on their preferences and profile information. YouTube incorporates advertising videos based on geographical location, age, and related visits. That makes social platform advertising an efficient tool to get your brand known and increase your sales while eliminating the costs of targeting people that aren’t interested in your product. Some platforms even show your target audience population, and what time of the day they are most active.


With the recent expansion of social platforms, many industries have learned how to effectively use them as advertising channels. They can significantly increase company revenues when used the right way, but some companies still seem to overlook social media advertising as a serious marketing tool. Only an astounding 26% of companies integrate it completely into their plans. They are missing all of the benefits social platforms could bring them. Only when companies learn how to connect social platforms with their data sources, can they exponentially increase their revenues.

Were you surprised by all of the benefits? Has social presence helped your company? Let us know with your comments!