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ICO Advertising Guide 2022 [Best Strategies & Examples]

ICO Marketing
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ICO Marketing Guide

An ICO or initial token offering is a token sale organised with the goal to raise funds for a particular project by launching and selling a crypto token. ICO marketing is how a new ICO reaches its target audience/investors in order to be able to raise the required funds. Like anything else, it would be difficult or nearly impossible to conduct a successful ICO without marketing. Why? Because the competition in the ICO space is getting fiercer each passing day. Now, you must have many questions about ICO marketing, such as why you need it, how to do it, can you do it or will need a professional ICO agency, and so on. Well, in this article, we will try to answer all your questions about ICO marketing and development as well as tell you about some of our secret strategies & techniques to promote an ICO, which might also work in your favour. However, if you are new to the crypto space or have no experience marketing a project before, we strongly recommend hiring a professional agency to save your time and money. Initial coin offering (ICO) continues to remain one of the top methods of fundraising for businesses in the crypto space. Why? Because ICOs are easy to execute and can give your token and project a lot of exposure very quickly, given that you do it the right way. But, it’s easier said than done, especially if you have no previous experience in ICO marketing. If so, don’t think twice before seeking help from a reputable ICO marketing company. Whether you are looking to do it yourself or just want to know more about how to market an ICO for information purposes, this article is the best guide for you to get started. In fact, you might find everything you are looking for, and some more, by the time you finish reading the page. So, without further ado, let’s start talking about ICO marketing, starting with the most important questions as to why you need ICO marketing services.
ICO Marketing
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ICO Marketing
What are

ICO marketing services and why do you need them?

ICO marketing services refer to services provided by a professional digital marketing agency. These companies have good experience and knowledge of ICO marketing and can plan and execute the perfect strategy to market your project and token to achieve the desired results.

When looking to promote your ICO, you have two options: do it yourself or hire a professional agency. With the first option, the probability of getting the desired results will purely depend on your ICO marketing skills, knowledge and experience. If you do not have these three things or the time to build, implement and track a marketing campaign, do not even think about doing it yourself, as you will most probably end up losing a lot of time and money for nothing good. This is why ICO marketing companies exist. They can help you with everything from building the perfect marketing strategy to executing it and tracking the performance to practically guarantee results. They have resources as well as the team to do a better job and possibly market your project in places where you could never imagine reaching.

But, of course, the success of your ICO marketing campaign will greatly depend on the agency you choose.

The idea is to find an ICO marketing company that has good experience in the industry and has preferably worked on projects similar to yours. Secondly, they must be reliable and should have a good reputation in the market. Also, they must fit in your budget, as you do not want to overspend on marketing.

On that note, make sure to always have a marketing budget when building an ICO project. As we have already discussed the importance of ICO marketing, you would not want to miss the benefits. Make sure that you set aside a reasonable amount for the purpose of marketing your project.

ICO Development – How to create an ICO

The first step in marketing is the product. For ICO marketing, you’ll need an ICO.

An ICO is an initial coin offering and the token is the primary product. In an ICO, you sell your company’s token in exchange for funding from investors. So, the first step in an ICO marketing campaign is to create an ICO of the product, i.e. token or coin.

Once you have the token, you can start working on building the ICO, which refers to the process of preparing for the token sale and will involve steps like creating the ICO website, writing the ICO whitepaper, and registering a company (if not already registered), and ICO launch.

Creating an ICO is the easier part because it’s a one-time job and you can probably do it yourself if you have the basic knowledge of website development. But, of course, it is recommended to hire a professional ICO developer for other crucial steps, including token development and ICO whitepaper. The whitepaper is a crucial document and must be written professionally by an expert writer who also is familiar with respective laws and can format a crisp paper for the intended audience.

Once your token, ICO website and whitepaper are ready, you can proceed with the marketing.

ICO Marketing
ICO Marketing
ICO Marketing & Public Relations

Public Relations or PR is the most crucial first stage of ICO marketing. Before you are set to launch your product in the market, it will be a good idea to partner with a good PR agency that can help your project get the much-needed initial exposure.

Public Relations will involve reaching and communicating with your target audience to raise awareness of your upcoming project and token, build your marketing reputation and form meaningful relationships with potential customers. Public Relations are different from marketing as it mainly focuses on creating awareness around the project and preparing people for it. Sounds overwhelming? Don’t worry. This is what professional PR agencies are there for. If you do not have time or resources or skills to PR your project, simply hire a credible agency for the job. It’s easier that way.

When building your PR strategy or hiring a Public Relations company, make sure to do some research in your market as well as provide the correct data to the company. Your website, social channels and support system should be up and working by the time you start working on Public Relations.

Some Other Proven

ICO Marketing Strategies

If you are in search of some of the best and proven ICO marketing techniques, you are at the right place. ICO marketing isn’t easy, especially with so much competition out there. But, with the help of these outstanding marketing methods, you can put your project ahead of others and get enough outreach and popularity to make your ICO a huge success. Here are some ICO marketing strategies that top companies use:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves the use of specific methods to increase the organic search engine ranking and exposure of a target website or project. In simple terms, SEO can help your ICO website appear more frequently in the search engine (Google) results for your targeted terms by increasing its ranks.

For example, when someone searches for the ‘best ICO in the market’, your new ICO website will probably not appear in the first few pages. This is because your project is new and not very popular and there are better competitors in the market. But, through quality and consistent SEO, your website can start to rank higher and will eventually appear on the first page of Google, which means more clicks on your website and more traffic to your ICO, which is the ultimate aim of online marketing.

Most people think SEO is the same as online marketing, but it’s not true. SEO is just one part of online marketing, also called digital marketing, which is a very vast field and involves many marketing techniques and strategies, including SEO, social media marketing, paid marketing, email marketing, content marketing, video promotion, and more.

The best way to promote an ICO is to implement the following proven digital marketing techniques in the right way, which can give you the results you are looking for.

2. Selecting The Famous ICO Marketplaces

When you are ready to promote your ICO in the market, the best way is to follow a strategy. Our strategy says that you should start with selecting the top ICO marketplaces for your project.

An ICO marketplace is a platform, where ICOs are listed so that investors and other interested people can know about the latest ICOs in the market along with other details, including the token price, ICO schedule, rating, popularity, and other things. You should get your ICO listed on as many top listing sites as possible to give it a lot of exposure. This is one of the best ways to quickly reach your target audiences.
3. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is one of the methods of content marketing and involves publishing unique, high-quality articles on relevant websites in your niche, which helps promote your own project either through link building or indirect promotion (traffic, exposure, etc.).

An ICO marketing agency will use professional writers to prepare unique articles around your project targeting audiences in your niche. They will then research and find relevant websites that accept guest articles and have a good user base, preferably with a high number of users who might want to invest in your ICO. The company will approach the website owner to get your article published on their platform.

The key to success in guest posting is to find a high-quality website with a good userbase and outreach that can help give your project wider exposure and get you both direct traffic and increased market reach.
4. Blogging

Blogging is another type of content marketing that can help give your project more exposure through the use of high-quality, curated content and articles that are written by professional writers and published on both in-house and offsite platforms, such as medium.com, Hubpages, Steemit, and others.

In addition, it is recommended to create a business blog on your official website, where you can publish the latest news, guides and articles for your intended audience, helping them with things like buying your token, participating in the ICO, and more.
5. Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion or marketing refers to the use of social media for marketing a project. As you may very well know, social networking sites are one of the best places to find millions of people who would be interested in your project in any industry. This is why social media marketing is so popular these days.

You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Pinterest and other social media platforms to extensively market your ICO project and token as well as build a community.
6. Discussions On ICO And Blockchain Technology

Another great way to market your ICO and let more people know about it is through online forums. In the blockchain space particularly, there are hundreds of forums and platforms, where crypto investors, users, developers and fans come together to discuss ideas and find solutions to their problems and queries. These forums are a great place to market your ICO to potential investors and users by participating in discussions related to your industry and telling people exactly how your project can help solve their problems.

Some of the top blockchain forums you can join today include Bitcointalk.org, CryptoInTalk, AltcoinTalk, Crypto Investor Pro, etc.
7. Search For The Best Marketplaces To Sell Your ICOs

Launching an ICO is one thing, but you may not be able to raise the funds you are looking for without the help of the right ICO marketplace.

An ICO marketplace is a website where you can find investors who would want to buy your token and support your project. There are many websites that offer ICO services, but you need to find one or more that fit your particular needs and are the best according to your specific goals.

An ICO marketplace will allow you to list your token there and sell it to the platform users. They might charge a commission for every transaction or have a fixed fee. In some cases, opting for an ICO marketplace can be really beneficial, but not so much in other cases. This is why most ICO projects conduct their sales on their own websites to save the platform cost. However, it may be difficult to bring users to buy your token when no one knows you. A popular ICO marketplace can help give exposure to your project and increase your token sales.
8. Optimizing the ICO Website

Building an ICO website is not enough. You need to make sure that your website is good enough to attract and retain users and encourages them to buy tokens. How to do that? By optimizing your ICO website.

Website optimization essentially means improving your website in every aspect to make it better in terms of both quality and appeal. The first step is to add a simple, relevant and appealing web design that is inspired by your project. The web design should be minimal and should make it easy for users to browse through content and find the various options. The second part is to add valuable content. You want to add as many details as possible while keeping things simple and not too overloaded. The website must load fast and should be easy to use. The content should be of high quality, relevant and informative.

From the SEO point of view, try and include some relevant keywords in the content of all pages across your site. This will help Google understand the purpose of your website and rank it accordingly in its search results, which might help you get more relevant traffic from search engines.

If you are wondering what to include in an ICO website, here are a few things you can consider:

• A great design
• Simple layout
• Mobile-friendly
• Fresh, quality content
• Whitepaper download/view link
• Token information
• Company blog
• Contact information & location
• Team details
• Calls to action
• ICO link
• Search engine optimization
9. ICO Airdrops

Airdrops are another proven way to get more exposure and audience for your ICO token. Here’s how it works.

During an airdrop, you give away free tokens to anyone who will help promote your project on social media. For a successful airdrop execution, you must prepare a strategy and track it. The tasks may include asking participants to follow your official channel on social media, like and retweet/share posts and/or write content about the project on Medium and other platforms. Make sure to lay down the campaign terms clearly and be generous in rewards to encourage more people to participate.
10. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves seeking help from influencers and experts in a particular industry to promote your ICO project. For instance, when you are looking to promote on social media, it might help if you have access to some influencer accounts or verified accounts as they can give your content more exposure and reach.

The process involves finding influencers who have knowledge and experience in your industry and asking them to publish content on your behalf, promoting your project and token. This is a paid service and you will have to pay the person on the basis of their knowledge and the size of their community. Influencer marketing can be used for social media, video promotion, email marketing, and others.
11. ICO Whitepaper Creation & Optimization

The whitepaper is one of the most crucial parts of an ICO. This is the document that tells potential investors and token buyers everything they need to know about the project and the ICO. It also explains the different ways an investor can benefit from the project or utilise the token.

Creating an ICO whitepaper is not enough, but you must also make sure that the whitepaper is fully optimized with super-quality content, an attractive but simple design, and all-inclusive details. Also, the whitepaper should have been reviewed by a professional lawyer from a legal point of view to avoid any mistakes or credibilities.

It is also a common practice for ICO developers to create and launch a lite paper, which is a lighter version of the original project whitepaper and gives a quick overview of the project and ICO in 4-5 pages.
12. Web And Mobile Push Notification

You may already be familiar with push notifications. This is a new growing trend in the digital marketing space and can be used across a number of platforms from mobile apps to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Push notifications allow you to send your followers, subscribers & users alert notifications even when they are not using the app. For instance, if you want to notify your users about the start of your ICO or airdrop campaign, you can send a push notification on their phone or social feed to alert about the same.

For ICO marketing projects, push notifications can be a huge help as they will allow ICO owners to send instant notifications to their users for prompt action.
13. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a tried-and-tested method of online marketing that involves sending direct and promotional emails to both potential and existing users of a company in order to convert them to sales or make them take a particular action. A marketing email can be considered similar to a copy or call-for-action, which is intended to convert into a particular action.

For ICO marketing, you can send emails to a curated list of potential investors and industry leaders who might be interested in joining your project or investing in it. The marketing emails can be sent at different stages of an ICO, such as website launch, token launch, ICO launch, milestone completion, offer emails, exclusive offers for top investors, and others. The key to success in email marketing is to keep your emails brief and focused on the topic with words that encourage the reader to take an action.
14. Feedback & Reviews

Customer feedback is a very crucial part of your ICO marketing campaign. It tells you how well your product is doing in the market and what you can do to improve the user experience. So, when creating your website and product, make sure to have ample space for feedback, i.e. allow your users to share reviews through social media, on the website, email, etc. At the same time, it is also important to take prompt and necessary action on the customer feedback.
15. Engaging With Relevant Businesses

Another great way to promote your ICO and increase its exposure is to partner with relevant businesses in your industry. The idea is to find and engage with businesses that are not your direct competitors and can help you grow through their respective networks. One benefit is that you will get access to their existing networks and can promote your ICO to them.
16. Giveaway Campaigns

Other than airdrops, there are a variety of other giveaway campaigns you can organize to promote your ICO and encourage more people to try out your tokens. Some examples include bounty campaigns, social media giveaways, competitions, lucky draws, and bonuses on token purchases.

Who doesn’t want free tokens, right? So, that’s your clue to set aside a number of tokens for giveaways when determining your token distribution strategy. By giving away these tokens for free you might in return get a huge audience and interest for your project and more investors for your ICO.
17. Offline Marketing

When online marketing your ICO, do not miss the opportunity to promote your token and ICO offline, i.e. through blockchain and crypto events happening in and around your place. This is a great way to meet and get familiar with the crypto community and introduce your project to people who might actually be interested in it. Offline crypto events are also a wonderful way to introduce your project and ICO to the crypto community and see their initial response, based on which you can work on making your project better for launch.
18. AMA Sessions on Social Media

AMA or ‘Ask Me Anything’ is a social event where you allow your followers/subscribers on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to ask their questions to get them answered by the owner or a senior person in the company. This is a great way to build trust in your upcoming ICO by allowing people to talk directly with the team and get the best answers to their questions about the ICO, the project and/or the token. AMA sessions should be organized through the official channels of the company or founder.
19. ICO Marketing Banners

Banners are as good a marketing tool in the online space as they are in the offline space. Banners are nothing but informative images about your ICO, token, offers, sale, and more that intend to catch the attention of users and ultimately encourage them to take an action. Banners can be placed anywhere, on your own website, social channels, other relevant platforms, and in your advertising campaigns.
20. Press Releases

Press Releases are news articles released by a company regarding important announcements such as the launch of a new product or anything else that they want to communicate with their partners, investors, shareholders and users through popular news channels. In the ICO space, you can use Press Releases to send out announcements about your project and updates regarding the ICO launch, pre-sale, airdrop, bounty campaign, and more. Make sure to get a press release written by a professional and then publish it on popular news sites for maximum exposure.
21. Create Informative Videos

Video marketing is an increasingly popular way to market new projects in the crypto/ICO space. Videos are an extremely wonderful type of content because they can be used to easily and extensively communicate information with a target audience. People love watching videos, and those in the ICO industry use videos to learn about news projects, launched, free tokens, giveaways, offers, and more. You can use videos for everything, from introducing your token to sharing the step-by-step process of participating in the ICO, and more.
22. Application Of CRO Strategies

CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization and refers to the process of increasing the conversion rate on a website. In simple terms, you can use CRO to convert more of your website visitors into token buyers. Wondering how to do that?

Think about what could make your site visitors buy your tokens. It can be an exclusive offer, a discount, a special deal, or simply an attractive web design. Work on your website to improve your design and content to make it user-friendly and informative and something that inspires readers to buy your tokens.
23. Bring Utility To Your ICO Token
A token without utility is a token with no real use. And a token with no real use will eventually become useless for its holders. And the value of the token will depreciate with time if it has no utility. And because cryptocurrencies are not regulated by any federal government, they must have a utility in order to keep their values stable and growing. To sum up, create your token such that it has utility. It can be anything, such as use for shopping & payments, in-app payments, access to the company products/services, traceability for other tokens, and more.
24. List Your Upcoming Project on CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is the #1 platform for cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Getting your token listed on this website means extensive exposure to millions of potential investors and users. Though the listing process of CoinMarketCap is not easy, a professional ICO marketing agency can help you get there.
25. Apply Cross-Marketing Strategies

Cross-marketing refers to the process of partnering with other websites, platforms and professionals for mutual benefits. In simple terms, you help each other by promoting each other’s products. The key is to find the right company or partner who has some experience in your industry and good exposure to the market and preferably an existing community of crypto investors. Then, you can use each other’s resources to increase traffic and sales for all parties involved.
26. Create Hype Around Your ICO Project

Another thing you can do to further promote your ICO and get more buyers for your token is to create hype online in the crypto community. It’s rather easy. All you have to do is go to social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram and Facebook, find relevant crypto groups and communities, and share information about your project. Create at most one or two posts a week, which should be enough to create some hype.
27. Community Building

Your community will be your best friend when you launch the ICO because these are the people who will actually buy your tokens. But, who are these people and how do you find them?

Well, building a community for your ICO is rather easy. You can join existing groups on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms as well as create your own groups. Then, you can start building communities by regularly sharing helpful content, answering users’ questions, inviting people to join your groups, offering freebies, and encouraging everyone to try your token (for free).
28. Appreciate Your Biggest Supporters

Try and give extra attention to your biggest supporters, i.e. people who are investing the most in your project. These can be your biggest investors and/or your team members spending hours building the ICO. Keep encouraging them.
29. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves seeking help from external parties or people to generate traffic for your ICO website and bring sales. For every sale generated by an affiliate, you’ll have to pay a commission, which can be cash or cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, it can be a good way to generate quick and valuable traffic for your project.
30. Get Featured In A Newsletter

Talking about paid methods to promote your ICO, featured newsletters is another option you can consider. This involves paying popular news sites in your niche to write/publish articles about your ICO or mention your product/ICO in an existing article. This can help give your ICO more exposure across established blockchain communities.
31. Display Advertising

Display advertising is an online/offline advertising method that involves the use of images and other graphical content to promote a product/service. You can use both free and paid display advertising for the marketing of your ICO campaign. It’s simple. Just create some beautiful graphics, images and videos about your ICO and publish them on social media and other platforms or use them for display ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Google and other channels that are relevant to your project.
32. Develop An Attention-Catching Teaser For Your ICO Project

Before starting your ICO marketing campaign, make sure to have a catchy teaser for your ICO, preferably in a short video that you can show to potential investors. Put the video on your ICO website as well as on your official YouTube and other social channels. This will be the best thing to give your audience a brief idea about the project and why or how it can benefit them.
33. Offer Educational Content

The crypto space is still new and people are not very aware of things like the benefits of investing in crypto, how to buy tokens in an ICO, what is blockchain, and more. So, you can educate your audience about blockchain, crypto and other basic things through your office blog or social channels in order to build a trusted community.
34. Target Blockchain Advertising Networks

Blockchain/crypto ad networks are dedicated advertising platforms that operate exclusively with crypto projects. You can use these ad networks to promote your ICO to established crypto communities and get quick, direct traffic for your ICO platform. Since this is a paid advertising method, the cost of advertising will depend on the particular network. Wondering how this works?

You can approach a crypto ad network with your ICO project. They will analyze your ICO and build a campaign accordingly to meet your goals, which include generating more traffic and leads for your ICO website. These platforms usually have a network of websites where they will promote your ICO through strategic ads.

Some of the top crypto ad networks you can consider are Bitmedia.io, Push.House, Ad Dragon, CoinZilla, Ad Ex Network, Coinverti, Cointraffic, CoinAd and Adshares.
35. Promote Your ICOs Via Online Forums

Online forums are platforms where you can find and access existing communities of crypto investors, founders, leaders and enthusiasts who talk about everything related to cryptocurrencies, ICOs and blockchain technology. Here, you can promote your ICO through relevant threads or by creating new posts. However, avoid spamming or over-sharing links, otherwise, you might be banned from using these platforms. Start slow, build trust by sharing useful content, answer questions of other users and eventually tell them about your ICO.

You can also start with an introduction thread about your project. For instance, the Bitcointalk.org forum is a nice place to introduce your ICO, with details of the project, the token, ICO schedule and more. There are many other blockchain forums where you can participate and promote your ICO.

36. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click is an online advertising mechanism that involves paying an advertising company for promoting your ICO project on the internet. Google pay-per-click services, for example, will charge you on a per-click basis, i.e. you’ll have to pay for every click on your Google ads campaign. Here’s how it works.

You can sign up for Google ads and create your ad campaign, select your budget and other criteria. Once the campaign goes live, your ad will be displayed in particular places, search results, websites, etc. and you’ll be charged for every click on your ad. This is one of the best ways to get direct traffic to your ICO website.
37. Develop An ICO Roadmap

Lastly, build an ICO roadmap before making your ICO live. The roadmap will contain detailed steps of how your project will proceed before and after the ICO. Give some time to create a strategic roadmap with realistic goals and steps. Also, include the details of how you plan to utilise the funds raised from the ICO.

ICO Marketing
How To Create An ICO that Excites the Audience

With so many ICOs out there and new ones coming every day, how do you make your ICO stand out? The key is to build such a strong and credible project that people are excited to be a part of it. No matter how good your ICO and project are, people wouldn’t know about it without proper marketing, which is why ICO marketing is crucial for the success of your ICO project. Get in touch with an ICO marketing company to know more.

ICO Marketing
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ICO Marketing
Use An ICO Marketing Strategy For Prompt Results

Wondering how to use an ICO strategy to meet your goals and raise the funds your project needs? Building an ICO strategy is one thing, executing it successfully is a different thing altogether. You might need the help of a professional ICO agency to successfully launch your ICO campaign and strata marketing to achieve the desired results. Alternatively, you can simply follow the various ICO marketing methods & strategies we have discussed above.

Key Attributes Of ICO Launchpads

ICO Launchpad is a platform that allows users to launch their ICOs easily & quickly without a lot of hard work. These platforms offer many ready-to-use solutions and services for ICO developers. Here are a few things one needs to look for when selecting an ICO launchpad:

  • • Support for blockchain technologies & types
  • • Payment options
  • • Ease of use
  • • Fees & charges
  • • User-friendliness
  • • Mobile-friendliness
  • • Market reputation of the business
  • • Built-in wallets
  • • KYC & AML requirements
  • • Security and support
ICO Marketing
ICO Marketing
Why ICO Launchpads Comparison Is Important

If you are considering to launch your ICO via a launchpad, make sure to explore all your options and compare different ICO launchpads to find the perfect platform for your particular needs and goals.

Because of the high popularity of ICOs, the number of ICO launchpads is increasing every day. First of all, you need to filter low-quality platforms from genuine and authentic ones. Then, you can start comparing these launchpads based on their features and services, such as security, fees & charges, ease of use, payment support, customer service, and more.

Best Techniques For Marketing An ICO Project

We have already discussed some of the best ICO marketing techniques above. Marketing an ICO and getting the desired results is not easy and will take time, which is why we strongly recommend you start as early as possible. Marketing of an ICO should start from the very initial stage, preferably from the time you launch your ICO website. Here’s a quick overview of the best techniques for marketing an ICO project:

  1. Optimize the website
  2. Create & launch an ICO whitepaper
  3. Start an ICO blog
  4. Share ideas and articles on Medium & other sites
  5. Send cold emails to potential buyers
  6. Create ICO profiles/channels on social media
  7. Promote your ICO on social media
  8. Build communities and help people by answering their questions
  9. Join crypto forums to expand your community
  10. Get your ICO features on top news platforms
  11. Write and publish press releases
  12. Keep your users updated on the blog and social media
  13. Create and publish videos – introduction to your ICO, how to buy, etc.
  14. Paid advertising – Google ads & more
ICO Marketing
ICO Marketing
Key Steps For Buying The Best ICO Tokens

With so many ICOs in the market, it can be difficult for an investor to choose the best ICO token. You as an ICO owner need to make it easy for investors to identify your ICO as a genuine and credible token where they can invest for good profits. You need to make your ICO stand out with the following qualities:

  • • A great team – An experienced investor will always want to know more about your team, whether it has recognised faces and is supported by industry leaders.
  • • Strong community – No one wants to invest in an ICO that is not backed by a lot of people or doesn’t already have an established community.
  • • Bitcointalk ANN thread is the starting point for many ICO investors. Make a great thread explaining your ICO and how the token is beneficial for users.
  • • Get institutional investors or some credible names to back your ICO, as this will make it easy for other retail investors to trust your token.
  • • Almost always an investor will reach your whitepaper and website before investing in your token, so make sure that your whitepaper is attractive, informative and to the point and talks about everything related to the project, the token, ICO sales, and more.
How To Build Your ICO Discord Community

Discord is one of the most popular social media channels these days for ICO promotion and community building. You can use the platform to build and promote your own ICO group as well as to participate in existing ICO discussions. Either way, you get access to thousands or millions of potential investors who might invest in your ICO and people who’d like to buy and use your token. To know how to build and grow a Discord community, contact an ICO marketing company.

ICO Marketing
ICO Marketing
What Are The Best ICO Advertising Techniques?

Your ICO advertising strategy should be a combination of both free and paid online/offline advertising methods for the best results. There are a number of platforms where you can advertise your ICO for free. These include social media networks, forums, blogs and others. You can also partner with relevant websites in your niche for cross-marketing, where you advertise each other’s products. As for paid advertising options, these are great for quick and easy results. Some of the top paid ICO advertising methods include Google Ads, social media advertising, and website ads. Some of these options operate on a pay-per-click basis and others will charge you based on the number of leads or sales.

Besides online advertising, you can also consider offline advertising for your ICO and token, which includes attending physical events and seminars for blockchain. If you get a chance, do promote your ICO at the event, which also gives you an opportunity to build and grow your community.

How To Sell ICO Token?

The token is a cryptocurrency that you create to raise funds through an ICO. The goal is to sell the token in exchange for funds from investors to build your crypto project. ICO is how you can sell the token. ICO refers to a token sale that is conducted to allow investors and common people to buy your tokens before the token is launched in the market or listed on an exchange. This is similar to IPO, where the company launches its shares to raise funds. However, in ICO, the company doesn’t usually give shares to investors.

You can conduct an ICO sale on your own website or on any of the ICO launchpad platforms. Marketing your ICO is very crucial in order to build communities and generate awareness about your token in the ICO space. We have already discussed the best ways to ICO marketing above. So, just follow them to reach your target audience and conduct a successful ICO to raise funds for your project.

ICO Marketing
ICO Marketing
Key Takeaways on ICO Marketing

Marketing is the most important part of any product launch. When you are building a blockchain product, you need funds, and for that, you conduct an ICO. Then, you do ICO marketing to promote your token and get a lot of investors to buy it. Promoting an ICO is crucial for the success of the project, as it may not be possible to raise funds without it.

ICO marketing involves various techniques and methods to promote an ICO campaign, such as website optimization, content marketing, video promotion, email marketing, social media promotion, paid advertising, community building, press releases, blog writing, whitepaper writing, and public relations, and more. A successful ICO strategy is a combination of all or some of these methods. An ICO marketing company is a professional firm that offers ICO promotion and development services and can help fulfil your ICO goals, get traffic and leads to your ICO website, convert them into sales and make sure that you raise sufficient funds for your ICO project.

Importance of Choosing An Experienced ICO Marketing Agency
A reliable ICO marketing agency can promote your ICO project on your behalf and help you achieve your goals. Here are some other benefits of a professional agency:
  • • Expertise: They are unbeatable in the marketing space and have better skills and experience to help your ICO succeed.
  • • Niche Specialization: They might be a specialist in ICO marketing, which gives them an edge over the competition and the best choice for you.
  • • Less Risk: When working with an expert, the chances of success are much higher than when you do it alone.
  • • Cost-effective & efficient: In the long term, marketing is always more efficient and might help you save on cost and time.
  • • Scalability: A marketing agency will have the potential to change its offerings based on your particular needs and the size or type of your project.
  • • They can offer a fresh perspective to your ICO campaign and use their expertise to upgrade your campaign to meet the goals.
  • • Even if you already have an in-house marketing team, it could benefit you to outsource an expert marketing agency to both reduce the burden on your in-house team and give them extra help.
  • • An agency will be quite familiar and up to date with the latest technology & trends in the marketing space, which can be really beneficial for your ICO project.
ICO Marketing

Do you want your ICO project to be sprayed with Success?

See If Your Business Qualifies To Work With OTT.

See If Your Business Qualifies
What Will It Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities Are You Missing?

Do you want your ICO project to be sprayed with Success?

See If Your Business Qualifies To Work With OTT.

ICO Marketing
Final Thoughts

An ICO or Initial Coin Offering is one of the best and easiest ways to raise funds for a blockchain project. But, without proper planning and the right marketing, an ICO might turn out to be a failure. If you want your ICO to be successful and want to raise funds for your project, do not ignore the importance of ICO marketing.

At the same time, marketing done without a proper plan or in the wrong way can do more harm than good, which is why your ICO marketing campaign should be backed by a strong strategy, including the various marketing techniques you are going to use and the way you’ll track results. If you lack skills or time or need professional help, you can easily find a credible ICO marketing company out there. Before hiring a marketing company, do your research and compare your options to find the best ICO agency in your budget.

In this article, we have talked about only some of the top ICO marketing techniques that can give a boost to your ICO campaign and help you achieve your goals faster. There are many other online marketing methods that a professional agency can help you with.

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ICO Marketing

The Ultimate ICO Marketing Guide & Checklist – 2022/2023 – OTT

  • How to market an ICO?
  • What is ICO marketing?
  • What is the importance of ICO marketing services?
  • What is the ICO market?
  • How to do ICO marketing?
  • How to market your ICO?
  • What is an ICO market?
  • How are ICOs marketed?
  • How did Bancor get ICO with no marketing?
  • How did Civic get ICO with no marketing?
  • How much to market an ICO?
  • How much to pay for marketing an ICO?
  • How to best market an ICO?
  • How to calculate an ICO market cap?
  • How to do marketing for ICO?
  • How to find out when an ICO hit the market?
  • How to market a successful ICO?
  • How to market an ICO on Telegram?
  • How to market ICOs?
  • How to market my ICO?
  • How to market to ICO investors?
  • How to successfully market an ICO?
  • What is a marketing email in ICO?
  • What is direct marketing in ICO?
  • What is an ICO?
  • What is ICO bounty marketing?
  • What is an ICO that can get in to the market?
  • What is a market making ICO?
  • What market to buy ICO Petro?
  • What market trades San ICO?
  • What should your ICO marketing plan look like in 2022?
  • When will ICO Nex be on the market to buy?
  • Which ICOs survived the bear market?
  • Will the ICO market collapse?

How to market an ICO?

If you’re marketing an ICO, hiring an exemplary service will make it easier. You’ll want to have an SEO-optimized website that represents the ICO project. You’ll also have to market your ICO through traditional digital marketing means. To begin with, newsletter emails, a strong social media presence, and a solid ICO are all things that can be used to market your project. People won’t be willing to support any ICOs that don’t seem to be taking themselves seriously, so you can’t cut any corners regarding marketing. Planning your press release schedule is essential if you want to connect with top-tier pages. You can also have professional press releases written and posted on popular websites. If you have experience with marketing outside of the ICO realm, you should know what’s expected.

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What is ICO marketing?

ICO marketing is the process of building a buzz around your Initial Coin Offering. Cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular topics these days, and even though we’re in a bear market, there are plenty of crypto fanatics out there. If you’re still holding onto your crypto, good for you – that’s the kind of willpower you’ll need when it comes to ICO marketing. Standing out from the rest of the ICO projects on the web at the moment can be challenging. You’ve got to let people know what makes you different, and why your project is going to be a success. Sometimes you can have a lackluster project and simply get away with being incredibly popular, although it isn’t ideal to hope for that. More “traditional” when compared to the usual financial marketing process, ICO marketing calls for a specific set of skills. The SEC even claims that ICO marketers are “gatekeepers.” It’s true, as they are always trying to protect the interests of investors before anything else.

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What is the importance of ICO marketing services?

Whenever crypto is in a bear market, and people are scared, it’s time to purchase assets and pursue projects. If you see all the money floating around in the crypto space and are interested in starting an ICO, now is the perfect time to do so. There will be less competition, and if you get rooted in the crypto community well enough, you’ll reap the profits on the next bull run. Not only that, but you just have to get your project out there to have any chance at success. If you don’t properly market your ICO, people won’t know about it. That means you’ll have trouble finding investors. It’s somewhat like selling a retail product, except you’ve got to do a lot more research. ICOs can be a great way to churn a profit as both a project founder and investor, but only if the marketing is on point. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ICO projects released annually. Very few of them reach the point of actually…

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What is the ICO market?

Joining the ICO market is creating the equivalent of an IPO for stocks. ICOs are used strictly for brand-new cryptocurrency projects. They act as a way to build investor interest. Almost every cryptocurrency project you know nowadays has gone through the ICO phase. If you’re looking to create a brand new coin, app, or crypto-related service, you can use an ICO to allocate funds. Think of it as a way to generate money that can be used to further your projects, regardless of what they are. Without an ICO, most projects will dwindle away and fall into obscurity. You’ll have to give investors something in return, though, which often comes in the form of cheap tokens. Ethereum even had an ICO in 2014 to raise money, generating over $18M as a result.

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How to do ICO marketing?

If you’ve never been through the process of marketing an ICO before, one thing you’ll want to focus on is your social media presence. The uprise of NFTs during 2022 showed everyone how important a stellar social campaign can be. Some of these NFT projects would come out of nowhere and end up being worth millions of dollars; the perfect example would be Bored Ape Yacht Club. Hype is incredibly meaningful when you’re putting together an ICO. If you have any celebrity/powerful friends that you can work into the mix, even better! The best thing to do would be to hire a professional service to handle the marketing for you, but it’s always a good idea to learn the ropes yourself too. ICO marketing isn’t easy by any means, and often only the most experienced marketers find success.

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How to market your ICO?

Not the best with social media? No need to worry, as there are plenty of secondary services out there that will help you out with your marketing efforts. Without the right team, you can’t promote your ICO properly on social media. Hiring a team of experts that have successfully put together social media campaigns in the past is a must. Whether you know somebody in the family who is excellent with Instagram or you interview dozens of people, the head of marketing needs to understand social networking. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are your bread and butter while generating a buzz for new projects. People are always on Twitter looking for new cryptocurrencies to invest in, so why not go directly to the source? There are several ways to market an ICO, but social media is the most efficient.

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What is an ICO market?

If you’ve ever purchased stocks in the past, you already know what an IPO is. IPOs are used whenever a company is about to publicly launch its stock, giving investors a chance to purchase it at what they think is the lowest price possible. If any popular companies are growing at an exponential rate, and they happen to have an IPO, it will be in the news. ICOs are different in the sense that almost anyone in the world can make one if they wanted to. The main difference is that publicly traded companies are well-known, and nobody knows about your brand new ICO idea. While publicly traded companies take years to develop, you can start an ICO in a matter of weeks. The ICO market is a tough one to crack in to. The profit margins are massive if you manage to do so through plenty of marketing and due diligence.

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How are ICOs marketed?

ICOs are marketed like almost any other cryptocurrency project. You may see influencers or celebrities posting about them on social media or even hear about them in the news! It’s a popularity contest in most people’s eyes, and it’s hard to argue that. ICOs of “useful” projects are going to be popular because of their utility, while others like the BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) are more reserved memberships. If you think that you have a project which people couldn’t deny utility-wise, you should focus on that when it comes to marketing. You don’t need a professional basketball player to post about your ICO if it’s a strong project with a thorough and innovative timeline. Money talks as well, so make sure you’re ready to spend a bit of cash when it comes to marketing your ICO endeavors.

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How did Bancor get ICO with no marketing?

Nobody is 100% sure how Bancor managed to reach $153 million of Ethereum in just under 3 hours on June 12th, 2017. They only had their digital tokens up for sale for a total of three hours, and the fact that they raised over a hundred million dollars is a testament to the crypto community. When people hear about something through word of mouth, they take it to heart. That’s why so many Discord groups are sharing tips, trading secrets, and comparing which projects to keep an eye out for. Bancor likely had a few massive whales waiting for the ICO to begin – either that or they just happened to release their tokens at the perfect time. ICOs that are released at the beginning of a bull run are not only primed for success, but it’s nearly impossible to lose money as one of the first investors at that point.

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How did Civic get ICO with no marketing?

Civic sold out of tokens before the ICO officially went live, which is kind of strange when you think about it. That’s the sort of thing that happens when hedge funds get wind of a massive project and take it all for themselves! Luckily, people were given a second chance to purchase Civic tokens, even after $33M in Civic tokens (CVC) were sold 8-days before the official ICO. The company founder immediately said that each pre-sale investor would contribute “one-third of what they purchased” to a pool for others to buy. It was one of the largest and most successful ICOs that we’ve ever seen, and they did it all with essentially no marketing. Once again, the power of the crypto community is unmatched. People will share projects with their friends and try to make them some money – until the idea grows into a $33M fund for Civic

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How much to market an ICO?

Marketing an ICO will not be cheap, and that’s something you can count on. If you’re serious about your ICO efforts, you’ll need a team of trained professionals to help market the project. If you cut corners when it comes to that, you can kiss any chance of success goodbye. If you don’t have a reliable team of marketers that will work together seamlessly, it’ll be tough to stick out from the crowd. Plenty of projects are popping up daily, with most of them offering some sort of utility for their tokens. If you’re just planning on building a buzz and selling non-utility-based currencies, you’ll have to spend even more money. Does that mean you shouldn’t attempt an ICO? Not at all – just keep in mind that you’ll likely be paying thousands of dollars in marketing. No need to worry though, if done right, that money will come back soon several times over.

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How much to pay for marketing an ICO?

The budget is variable, meaning that it’s not set in stone for any project. This can usually be determined by looking at the scope and reach of your ICO. What are your plans for it in the future? If you don’t plan on taking a serious approach with the ICO and are merely trying to make some money, odds are you won’t be willing to invest yourself. If you aren’t able to invest in your ICO marketing, you will never be able to compete with the “big boys”. Some ICOs are known for putting hundreds of thousands of dollars into their marketing efforts. Of course, those are the ones that often end up making the most money as well! If you have big dreams and want to shoot for the stars, just know that you’ll likely end up paying quite a bit in the process.

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How to best market an ICO?

Think about what you’re trying to achieve with your ICO, and then come up with your marketing plan afterward. Figure out which demographic you’re going to target, and try to focus on one social media platform as your “main source” of traffic. If you don’t know where you’re trying to take things, you can’t effectively market the project. For example, Twitter is arguably the best platform for marketing ICOs. Cryptocurrency fanatics are all over Twitter and willingly interact with projects they’re interested in. Not only that, but you can also use Twitter for giving away spots on the ICO whitelist. Tell people they can share, follow, and reply to your accounts’ tweets for a chance to land a spot on the whitelist. It’s a common tactic that crypto accounts on Twitter use to market projects and gain a following.

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How to calculate an ICO market cap?

ICOs are almost like a different form of crowdfunding for the crypto community. As such, there isn’t a traditional market cap associated with most ICOs. Once the initial release of tokens has finished, the project will be given a legitimate market cap that follows all of the numbers from the first sale. You can also take a look at the price of each token available and multiply that by how many are being released if you’d like. For example, let’s say you have an ICO that is offering tokens at $1 each with 10 million available – the market cap for the ICO could be considered $10,000,000 at that point.

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How to do marketing for ICO?

Social media is crucial, but you can’t forget about the Discord community as well. Discord is an app that you can download on almost any device, and allows you to join specific servers. These servers include like-minded individuals for the most part, so it’s a great way to market your ICO. Discord is also another platform where people who love crypto join together, as it’s somewhat anonymous. Not only is it an amazing application, but it also offers privacy. Nevertheless, marketing an ICO can be as simple as starting a Discord server and inviting members. A large Discord server will always translate into a more successful ICO, especially if the channel members are active. Building a cult of sorts is the perfect way to market your ICO, so make sure you’ve got Discord on a to-do list somewhere.

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How to find out when an ICO hit the market?

Finding ICOs that are about to hit the market can be tricky, but it can also be incredibly profitable if done right. The internet is your best friend for this very reason. Whenever you get wind of a project from a friend, it’s almost like winning the lottery. Finding successful projects on your own is much more difficult, but not impossible! There are a few websites that can help you figure out when ICOs are being released. The best one would probably have to be CoinMarketCap, as they’ve got a genuine ICO Calendar that includes all of the most popular projects. It lists all of the most recent releases and upcoming projects, which is perfect if you’re researching to find a new ICO. They even include monetary goals as well, so you can see if there’s even a shot at the ICO being completely bought out. It’s a neat tool on a reliable website, so use it!

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How to market a successful ICO?

One could argue that it all starts with the ICO itself. If nobody has a use for your token, what’s the point in even trying? The best thing to do is introduce a utility to your tokens early on, and try to give an exclusive appeal to the entire thing. If it’s hard to get your hands on the tokens, people are going to be interested. It’s a lot like sneakers in that sense – the rarer they are, the more money they’re worth. If you have an ICO that offers a limited number of tokens but has an abundance of popularity, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank alongside your fellow investors. ICOs can generate popularity online with ease, but once they’ve reached the general public, there’s no way to stop the momentum! Think bigger and try to appeal to as many demographics as possible.

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How to market an ICO on Telegram?

Telegram is a lot like Discord and can be used as a way to build your army of sorts. Whenever you can bring together a community of investors that are willing to put their all into a project, you’re bound to find success. Multi-million dollar projects are built on Discord annually, and it’s quite strange to consider that. This chat application lets you communicate with like-minded individuals, much like Discord. You can join a server that includes only ICO investors and talk amongst yourselves, brewing the hype for ICO releases even further. You’d be surprised as to how many millionaires are on Telegram and looking for their next investment opportunity. Some of the whales on crypto Twitter have their profile pictures set to obscure NFTs, and yet they are worth millions of dollars; it’s truly amazing. Don’t count out Telegram users when it comes to marketing your ICO, especially if you want it to be a successful release.

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How to market ICOs?

You’re only as strong as your weakest link when it comes to marketing an ICO. Take a look at your copy and see if there is anything you can improve, as that’s the first thing most potential investors will read. If you have a poorly optimized website that reads terribly, you aren’t going to convince people to give up their hard-earned cash. Even if you’ve made a project that you genuinely believe is worth investing in, you’ve still got to spice things up. This is why most ICOs will put together a professionally designed website that covers their goals and what the project plans to achieve. If people don’t understand what they’re buying into, why would they consider giving you any money? Make it obvious what you’re trying to accomplish with the ICO. Whether it’s a brand new play and earn game or an NFT project, people want to know what’s going on behind the scenes.

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How to market my ICO?

Don’t put out a list of team members that includes their Discord server names or just a blank photo. People want to see real faces and know that there is genuine work going into the project. Whenever you have a list of wolf-based characters running an ICO, investors tend to bow their heads and ignore it. Market your ICO as if you were marketing a brand. Promote professionally and never squabble with people who spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) online. As long as you hold your head high and show transparency with your ICO project, odds are the investors will flock in by the dozen. You can also attempt to market your ICO by word-of-mouth if you’d like. Let your friends know about it and you can even introduce family members to the idea. If you think that your ICO is the next best thing, feel free to share your thoughts with the entire world!

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How to market to ICO investors?

ICO investors want one of two things: to make more money or to make a difference in the world. If you have an idea that will change how people approach anything (whether it’s work, leisure time, or anything in between), ICO investors will take notice. Whether it’s the big fish or small fry, plenty of money is being poured into ICOs annually. If you want a chunk of that change, you’ll have to effectively market your ICO to everyone. You want investors that are committed to the project and will stick around through thick and thin. Don’t just focus on the major players who have likely invested in several projects already. Instead, focus on those who are looking for something new. You can find them on social media platforms for the most part, but they’re all over the place. Investors are always going to take a shot if there are potential profits involved, so try to find the perfect entry price for your tokens as well.

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How to successfully market an ICO?

Successfully marketing an ICO requires patience and experience, as well as an abundance of money. If you have millions of dollars and can afford anything marketing-wise, you’re ahead of the competition already. Whenever you can just outpace competitors by buying more adverts, you’re probably going to win. Social media is the go-to for most marketing needs, but it’s particularly useful for ICOs. Influencers like Logan and Jake Paul have been dipping their toes into the crypto scene for a few years now. With the massive NFT run of 2022 in our rearview mirror, it could be time for these influencers to instead focus on the likes of ICOs. Can you imagine how many investors would be waiting in line to purchase your tokens if a celebrity-endorsed the project? After all, it’s how Crypto.com got so many people to invest in their CRO token.

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What is a marketing email in ICO?

Marketing emails are used as a way to generate leads and keep in touch with current ones for your ICO. Keeping a list of potential investors is not only smart but ideal for when it comes time to send your marketing emails. You can send them in the form of a newsletter that updates subscribers weekly. You can also add a personal touch and speak with investors one-on-one. This is where most companies or projects hire a professional writer to create the content for them, as it could be the difference between finding a new investor and losing one forever. If there are any new releases or announcements associated with your ICO, you can send out a marketing email and let investors know. Not only that, but you can use it as a way to alert people of when the ICO is live as well.

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What is direct marketing in ICO?

Direct marketing is the art of interacting directly with your potential investors. This is a great way to grow the ICO and publicize the project. That said, you’ve got to be very careful when applying direct marketing. Emails, online adverts, promo letters, text messages, and interaction with individuals on social media are some of the most common forms of direct marketing. The crypto community holds transparency and privacy above everything else. When you have to deal with an ICO project that is seemingly intrusive, odds are you won’t be investing any time soon. Be consistent, but never overbearing; if the person is interested in investing in your project, they’ll do it at some point. Your job is to use direct marketing as a way to remind them of your ICO and alert them of any improvements that have been developed within the project. It’s a fine line to walk, but direct marketing without leaving a negative impact on people can be done.

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What is an ICO?

An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is used as a way to release the first set of tokens for a cryptocurrency project. It’s when you’re able to secure a set number of tokens at the lowest price point possible (or at least, the lowest known price point). Many individuals sniff out ICOs monthly and try to use them as a way to generate profits. All of the most popular projects you know and love today have likely gone through an ICO at some point. While the industry itself has been given a bad rep over the years, there are numerous successful ICOs that serve as proof that it’s possible to excel without bending the rules.

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What is ICO bounty marketing?

Incentivizing your marketing efforts is a smart thing to do, which is why ICO bounty hunting has become so popular. Bounty programs are stellar, and rewards/incentives are offered to users for completing specific activities. Whether it’s sharing one of your Facebook posts or just following your ICO account on Twitter, you’ll have to reward users with something. Whitelist spots are often used as a prize in bounty marketing, but you can also choose to giveaway tokens if you’d like. Whitelist spots are used to reserve space for certain people when the ICO is launched, ensuring that they don’t miss out on a chance to purchase tokens.

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What is an ICO that can get in to the market?

Investors need to take your ICO seriously before you can think about sending it to the market. It isn’t rocket science. People are trading in cash for a percentage of your project’s tokens, so you’ve got to make the trade seem worthwhile. Building a brand or utility is one thing, but you also have to maintain the roadmap you have in place. If you’ve been telling people that your ICO is going to change the way people purchase products with cryptocurrency, but have no actual tool to offer, investors will be wary. Not only that, but you likely won’t meet your monetary goals. As such, you won’t get that final push into the cryptocurrency market and will have done all that work for nothing.

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What is a market making ICO?

Market making is the process of providing liquidity for a project. In this case, market making for an ICO would be meeting the monetary goals that were set in place. For example, let’s say you have an ICO with a target of $150,000 to make the market. If you receive well over $200,000 of investors’ money during the ICO period, you’ll have official liquidity for your project. This is all you need to not only be considered a legitimate project but also be included alongside all of the other popular crypto assets. Exchanges will begin to list your token and allow trades, furthering the potential for your project and opening new doors for the future.

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What market to buy ICO Petro?

Petro is a cryptocurrency that was created by the government of Venezuela and issued in 2018. It’s supposedly backed by the country’s reserves of oil and minerals and is acting as a way to supplement the plummeting value of the Bolivar (the currency of Venezuela). The Sovereign Bolivar was created in the Summer of 2018 and is said to be linked directly to the value of a Petro coin. As of 2022, paying for government document services or airplane fuel (a fee included with international flights from Venezuela) with Petro is mandatory. You can only purchase Petro on the official website or from verified Venezuelan crypto exchanges.

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What market trades San ICO?

SAN (Santiment Network Token) is an Ethereum-based project. It’s used to access cryptocurrency data, share insights, and learn about how the crypto markets, in general, work. The ICO ended in 2018 and the token is still around, as you can still purchase it on the available markets from Bitfinex, Uniswap (V2), and the Bancor Network.

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What should your ICO marketing plan look like in 2022?

It should include an abundance of social media adverts, Discord/Telegram servers, and a hefty marketing budget. If you want to get serious with your ICO efforts in 2022, you’ll have to consider everything that goes into the project. Hire a team of competent developers and moderators to handle the token utility and server management. You need to be willing to invest as much money as your potential investors will! Although, if your idea is bright enough, people will be more than willing to invest their money. SEO-optimized web pages and content Build a reliable community of dedicated investors Spread the word in any way possible!

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When will ICO Nex be on the market to buy?

NEX (Nash Exchange) completed its ICO on the 14th of September, 2018. They are a decentralized exchange that performs “cryptographic trade and payment service creation.” NEX can still be traded on the available markets from Uniswap (V3/Polygon), QuickSwap, Demex, and TOKOK

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Which ICOs survived the bear market?

The bear market is often where ICOs vanish into thin air, but some of them are so strong that even the bear market couldn’t take them down. With another bear market set in stone, it’s only a matter of time before we figure out if these projects can stand up to the challenge again. Cardano (ICO ended on December 31st, 2016) is still ranked #8 overall on the cryptocurrency market. It stood firm and still supports a market cap of over $16B! Ethereum is arguably the most popular ICO to ever survive a bear market. It’s sitting at #2 overall on the cryptocurrency market despite having an ICO in 2014 – Ethereum currently has a market cap of over $175B.

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Will the ICO market collapse?

There’s no telling what will happen with the ICO market, but it hasn’t completely collapsed before. There will always be new and aspiring projects to consider investing in, but that will all be pointless if crypto continues to trend downward. Then again, the best time to invest is when prices are low; that’s the whole point of an ICO. The years 2014 to 2018 were massive for ICOs, but now it seems as if the market is going to face a few challenges. As regulations tighten up and projects become more innovative, there may come a point where blockchain technology simply isn’t enough to support some of them anymore.

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