If you are running a Tiktok business account, you should bring out frequent audits to ensure that you are running effectively. The role of TikTok audit is to aid you in examining whether you are meeting your goals in the business or not. It offers you evidence so that you can tweak your Tiktok account and its usage. There is a risk that if you simply run your account without reviewing your results, you will spend time and other resources on a worthless endeavor that isn’t advancing your objectives.


Examining the caliber of your followers to ascertain whether they are valuable to you is one of the key steps in your TikTok audit.


The procedures to follow each time you conduct a TikTok audit are listed below. You ought to conduct comparable assessments of your other social media profiles. To examine your account for false followers, we provide an intuitive TikTok Audit Tool.

TikTok Audit Tool
Tiktok Account Quality Chceker

You can utilise a tool provided by OTT to assess the reach of any TikTok account’s followers. There is no connection between this tool and TikTok. You can use this information to assess whether your TikTok account has quality followers who will support your aims or whether it has an excessive number of fraudulent followers.


As an alternative, if you run a company wishing to collaborate with TikTok influencers, you might run any candidates through this technique to determine how sincere their following is. Paying someone well for their influence over a sizable number of fictitious followers makes little sense.

TikTok Audit Tool

What is The Method To Run A TikTok Audit?

Through numerous ways, your TikTok audit will be similar to the one you would forward on Instagram or any other social platform. In your audit, you should be searching for three key things: 


  1. That you have properly configured your account.
  2. Ensure you constantly engage with your target audience and continually publish information that will interest them.
  3. That your following is genuine and largely reflects the people that are your target market.


TikTok audit tool also can assist you in the third part of this procedure. 


1. Mark your Goals and Target Audience 

If you’re using your TikTok account as a business, you need to set goals, just like you would with almost any form of marketing. Your time might be better spent doing something more constructive if you don’t have a reason for using TikTok.


Most likely, you’ve already established some broad marketing objectives in addition to your business goals. You’ll want your TikTok account to contribute to achieving these overarching commercial and marketing objectives.


Prior to moving forward, you should set goals if you haven’t already done so. In every situation, you want your TikTok activities to coincide with both your marketing objectives and your overarching company objectives.


You must emphasise this to any junior employees to whom you may have delegated management of your company’s TikTok account. The account cannot simply be used by the user as a personal account. The company’s objectives must be kept in mind.


2. Ensure your Bio Meets your requirements 

The sparse bio that TikTok offers is one drawback from a marketing perspective. Compared to many other social media apps, this drastically restricts your capacity to modify it. It is still valuable social real estate, though, so you must make each word count.


Try to use the same words throughout the rest of your social media sites as you use them in your bio. Even though the words are different, the spirit must be the same. In just a few words, it must convey everything significant about your brand. Briefly describe what you do.


You can upload your photo to be used as your profile image if you are a lone proprietor or a company with a distinct face representing it. However, in the majority of other scenarios, a premium logo will be more appropriate for a company TikTok account.


3. Check the whole look of your TikTok Account 

You want the overall TikTok account to present your fans with a certain impression. This appearance will be consistent with how you want people to perceive your company. Maybe you want them to think you’re young and eccentric, or maybe you want to come across as being focused and competent.


Examine every aspect of your TikTok account, including your profile, preferred colour scheme, language, shared video genres, captions, hashtags, and follower interactions. You’ll want everything to reflect your brand and speak in the tone you want.


Your TikTok account should look and feel the same as the other social media platforms used by your business. The general appearance and feel should be comparable, even though the content will differ from what you share on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media. If your company has a branding manual, make sure your TikTok account adheres to it as closely as feasible. Upload the precise hues of any company colours as well as the accurate version of your logo. Frequently use this colour scheme in your videos.


4. Verify the Videos You Post Are in Line with Your Objectives

It is imperative that each video you create and upload on TikTok is consistently in line with the objectives you establish if you plan to use it for any kind of marketing activity. Remembering once more that this isn’t your personal account means that the films you produce and share should reflect your business objectives rather than just be about things you find interesting.


Your company culture must be reflected in your videos and comments. Make sure not to share any videos that go against your desire to project an image of professionalism and morality. On the other hand, if you’re going for a younger, more risqué audience, you may be more creative with the topics and tone of your films. However, you don’t want to come across as stuffy or dull.


From watching any video, your audience should be able to comprehend what you have to offer. Examine your most recent videos carefully. Do they have a coherent story to tell? Do they adhere to your logo and aesthetics?


5. Ensure to use relevant hashtags 

TikTok relies heavily on hashtags. Frequently, people use hashtags in their searches to find subjects on their favourite themes.


Additionally, several businesses produce unique hashtags that they utilise in their TikTok posts. Grouping all of the postings pertaining to your campaigns together is much simpler.


Additionally, hashtags are used in hashtag challenges, one of the more well-liked forms of TikTok promotion. You can set a challenge to a sizable, appropriate audience organically or for money using hashtags. Hashtag competitions are one of TikTok’s official forms of advertising. Be careful that paid hashtag challenges are expensive; six days of participation can set you back $150,000, plus $100,000 to $200,000 for promotion. If you haven’t previously developed a sizable following, an organic hashtag challenge may be challenging. Working with influencers can occasionally make it less expensive to set up a successful hashtag challenge than it would be to buy advertising.


6. Examine your Levels of Engagement 

You must interact with other users on TikTok if you want to succeed there. You can’t live on an island and just transmit videos that you think people would find interesting. The quickest path to TikTok oblivion is that.


Make use of your TikTok Analytics to your advantage. To gain access to your account’s analytics dashboard, you must upgrade to a TikTok Pro account if you haven’t already.


Examine the information on your most recent videos. Verify if you have been engaging in sincere conversations with your followers and reacting to comments in a suitable manner. Do you favouritism and spread their videos?


Verify that you have responded to each of your direct messages so that no one feels ignored.


7. Evaluate the Quality of your Followers 

The value of having loyal TikTok users has already been mentioned. This does not necessarily imply that you verify that each of your followers is a member of your intended market and unfollow any “wrong” accounts.


However, it does imply that you should verify a sample of your followers at random to be sure they are genuine (or indeed, that they are real, but that they have a very high percentage of fake followers on their account). These accounts don’t enhance your credibility in any way. 


To assist you with this procedure, make use of our free TikTok audit tool.


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