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Tiktok is basically a social media platform that allows its users to create, share and discover short videos by swiping each time. The app is mainly popular among the young generation as an outlet to express through comedy, singing, dancing, and lip-synching which allows users to make videos and distribute them around a community. 


This is mainly considered a fun app that enables teens to make and share videos with their friends. Lip-syncing videos have proven to be a popular form of user-generated content among teens since the early days of social media (especially on YouTube). The popularity of TV shows like Lip Sync Battle has also aided to increase interest in these types of platforms. Teenagers also enjoy contesting various challenges that can be documented through trending hashtags on the application. The app has a very dedicated, young community of users. For many of these users, displaying likes, followers and their videos on the app are important priorities.


Creating and sharing your own content is now a huge part of how teens spend their time online. Teenagers are moving from being online audiences to becoming content creators. This app can be a very creative, fun way for teens to express themselves and create their own social content. 


Like any other app and social network, users can get the accessibility to follow their favourite users, and like and comment on their videos. Also, Teens can deliver emojis to their respective singers on Tik Tok. Users can first select the song they want to use in their video, then record themselves mimicking the music. Alternatively, users can record their own video first and then select a song, and/or add a voiceover. The app has tons of ways to add more fun to a user’s video, for example, options to shoot in slo-mo, time-lapse, fast forward, filters, effects, or even shoot songs backward, etc.


Once users are happy with their video, they can post it to their followers and share it on other social networks, for example; Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. There are also a couple of features that allow you to connect with another user.


The Money calculator of TikTok enables you to evaluate your estimated outcomes from your TikTok account. In case you think you are an influencer based on your interaction and number of followers.

TikTok Money Calculator
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TikTok Influencer Engagement & Earnings Calculator

The tools mentioned below aren’t official TikTok tools and are also not in any way linked or endorsed through TikTok. We created this tool to offer earning ideal guidelines to influencers. Eventually, both the influencer and brand negotiate what they recommend to be fair value for supporting the product or services.  This is just an assumption that might differ greatly through niche, nation, customer location, and ultimately customer brand affinity.

Upgrading your TikTok Account

We can say that TikTok is comparatively new even when you enable its older life as So, people are yet to find the best ways to succeed on this platform. One of the most thriving ways is to work on other networks alongside TikTok. There are some of the top TikTok influencers who are also doing extremely well on YouTube with “Best of TikTok ” type collections- and they tend to take advantage of YouTube’s based advertising system.

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TikTok Money Calculator
Know Your Audience

You are required to start by asking people what is the reason behind following you. What are you offering that thousands of other accounts aren’t? Is it that entertaining? Do you have that much talent for singing, dancing, or stand-up comedy? Are you even that bad that you can make funny videos? Do you make entertaining prank videos? Do you make people motivated with helpful hints to upgrade their lives? or else you are among other lip-synched who do not include any value to your video clips? 


Also, this assists you in understanding your audience in a better way. You’re not making videos for yourself. Or else, you are not making a wide range of videos for making everyone happy. Basically, successful Tiktokers make videos by knowing that their audience will engage. It is just simpler to keep your attention on a certain group of people, despite making just random content.

Perfect Your Profile

This is known as the most crucial section that is your profile in TikTok. In the section of your ‘Page’, you can form your identity. You wish to make your profile engaging to your desired customers. 


You are required to make your profile highlighted so that your identity resembles a creator.  It is important to showcase to your target audience why they would subscribe to your page. 


Your profile will be where you leave your first impression on many people, so you want it to stand out from the crowd. If you are starting from the beginning, you have a chance to create the perfect username. You want it to be easy for people to say and spell, and preferably relevant to you and your niche. Ideally, your username should be the same across all your social profiles, so that your TikTok fans will know when they have found your YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram channels. The type of videos you want to share should be clear to anyone viewing your profile.


However, be careful, especially if you are a typical young TikToker. Some crooks misuse Tiktok. Don’t put too much personal information on your profile, or upload pictures/videos that people can misuse. For this reason, you should make sure that nothing in the background of your images/videos gives too much information about where you live.

TikTok Money Calculator
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Follow the Basic Rules and Conventions When Uploading Videos

There are specific anticipations from Tiktokers when they upload videos. For starters, you ought to make sure that you don’t violate TikTok’s content policies. There should be nothing inappropriate in your video; no hate speech, racism, etc.


Remember that some adults abuse TikTok, so be careful when you upload videos of yourself doing completely normal everyday activities that could lead to creepy abuse (for example, is it really A good idea to upload videos of you and your friends at a slumber party at night?) Keep in mind that TikTok is a public social network. Anyone can watch your videos.


Like Snapchat and IGTV, TikTok also has a tradition of uploading vertical videos. The ideal aspect ratio is 1080×1920. Write an appropriate description of each video and involve suitable hashtags. Choose an exciting thumbnail image for each video. Make sure you choose the most appropriate types for your videos.

Produce Frequent Content

You will also wish to establish a constant pattern therefore, your audience knows what to anticipate. There’s no point in being a “one-hit wonder”. If people know to expect a specific type of video from you every Tuesday and Friday, they will start expecting it and return to TikTok on those days to see your latest video. They are more likely to tell their friends about you, which further expands your audience.


You might believe in adding short “slice of life”-type videos in between your main videos. This aids your audience to know and understand you better. Alternatively, you can create vlogs with your more niche-centred people.


Ideally, you want all of your niche-themed videos to have a similar look and feel to them – you want to create your own style. This is true even if you’re only making lip-sync videos. Some of the top TikTokers started making lip-sync videos, however, the kind of songs they opt for and the way they made the videos, made them stand out.


If you’re uploading non-music videos, you want them to tell the story in your voice and style. You can have identical sections in each of your videos or shoot each video similarly.

TikTok Money Calculator
TikTok Money Calculator
Interact With Your Target Audience

Don’t forget to involve your audience. Make sure you answer the comments people leave on your videos. This may sound like hard work to you, however, it gives your followers confidence that you care and care about them. 


Consider going live from time to time, interacting with your fans while you stream. Share the parts of your life that you are happy to share. The more they believe they know you, the better they’ll feel about you and your videos.


Performing live music can be challenging, but your fans will love it if you feel comfortable doing it. Else, use your live sessions to discuss topics of interest to your fans, run Q&A sessions, and possibly guest on your videos.

Promote Your TikTok Videos on Your Other Social Channels

Promote your video on your other social channels and your blog, if you have one. The more people who know about your content, the more people will see and like it. The more you promote your content, the more followers you are likely to gain, and the closer you will be to being considered an influencer.

TikTok Money Calculator
TikTok Money Calculator
Improve Your Production Values Over Time

Most people start out on TikTok with limited budgets, equipment, and skills. By passing time, you should be able to develop your skills, and hopefully, once you can make money, you can improve your budget and equipment. The key to success on TikTok is to make high-quality videos. You should spend time learning the skills of successful filmmaking. Try to make each video better than the previous one.

Earning Money on TikTok

For a long time, TikTok’s ad network has grown further. The simplest way for TikTok influencers to make money is through direct arrangements with brands. As people become better known on the platform, they will start to approach the brand with business propositions.


Once you count your followers in thousands, you can start earning from TikTok. Companies have been known to pay $200 to $20,000 per branded video promoted by influencers, depending on the individual’s level of influence.


Here the various ways in which influencers can make money on TikTok are as follows – 


  • Cross-promoting your promotions on your other platforms, for example, if you make a good income
  • Creating live videos and getting suggestions from your audience (formerly called, but now called Go Live).
  • Promote the brand in your videos (like any other form of influencer marketing), either directly or indirectly (such as in unboxing videos or simply by wearing a fashion label’s clothing in your video)
  • Using your TikTok videos to promote the items you are selling
TikTok Money Calculator
TikTok Money Calculator
What is the Amount You Can Earn on TikTok ?

Tiktok is very different from YouTube because here users weren’t able to share the advertising revenue on the platform. Therefore, you have to search the various ways to make money on this Tik Tok platform. This causes more variables on Tiktok. So, if you are making a name for yourself, then earning money on TikTok can be very lucrative.