12 Actionable Tips to Make TikTok Trending Videos

12 Actionable Tips to Make TikTok Trending Videos

With TikTok currently the social media platform with the most significant growth, there may be fierce competition for your videos. This means that if you want to produce TikTok trending videos, you will need to put in a lot of effort and think strategically.

TikTok was the second-most downloaded free app in 2019 and the fourth-most free iPhone app, as we previously reported in 50 TikTok Stats That Will Blow Your Mind. In a study by the OTT that sampled 100,000 user profiles online, it had the highest follower engagement rates. Incredibly, there are currently 800 million active users globally. Additionally, some of its most well-known profiles have upwards of 40 million followers, including American singer and socialite Loren Gray. 

Don’t undervalue TikTok’s significance. Although the majority of its audience may be youthful, a sizable portion of them is getting older alongside the platform. You can consider it a major success if you can produce TikTok trending videos.

What can you do, then, to increase the likelihood that your films will be included in the list of TikTok Trending Videos for your nation? We have identified 12 suggestions that will raise your chances of success.

Here is the list below –

1. Finalize Upon Niche For Your Videos

This first piece of advice is relevant to any social network where you want other users to view you as successful. You cannot simply create videos at random and post them in the hopes that viewers will find them entertaining. You must decide what your goal is for using social networks. What motivates your TikTok video uploads? What do you hope to accomplish? Who specifically are the ideal viewers you want to see your videos?

2. Try To Post Once Every Day 

TikTok anticipates frequent posting from its successful creators. You must create enough content for people to take notice of you if you want to go viral. Your videos are unlikely to frequently appear in people’s For You feeds if you have a low profile.

The top TikTok accounts post videos frequently throughout the day. Okay, so a single person might find it challenging to produce at that level without sacrificing quantity. However, if you’re a brand, you should release a new video every day of the week.

3. Make Sure About The Clarity of The Videos

We must stress this again and again. You must make sure that the TikTok Videos you share are of high quality if you want them to go viral. Even while you must frequently upload videos, you shouldn’t compromise on quality for quantity. This doesn’t imply that you have to hire a pro camera operator or use expensive equipment to create your videos; you can still create viral videos with your smartphone. 

4. Do Not Avoid Your Sounds 

The majority of the major music labels have entered into legal agreements with TikTok to allow the use of copyrighted music extracts, which makes it relatively simple to add music to 15-second video snippets. During the filming process or later, when editing your video, you may effortlessly add well-known music tracks from within the program.

5. Indulge With Other TikTok Users 

Always keep in mind that TikTok is a social media network, and an important part because of the word social. And here you aren’t on a television network and your viewers are merely content consumers. 

You must watch “like,” and “comment” on other people’s videos. The TikTok algorithm rewards engagement, so the more you engage with users, the more frequently your movies will appear on their For You pages. 

6. Go With The Trending Hashtags and Update With The TikTok Trends 

Viral TikTok Hashtags

You can see your trending hashtags on TikTok by opening the app and selecting the Discover icon at the bottom. If you want your videos to trend as well, it makes sense for you to copy some of the postings you see on your Discover page.

These popular hashtags are region-specific and frequently fluctuate, At the time of writing, #BearWeek and #Phrog were the Trending Hashtags at the top of my feed (and yes, the videos all feature frogs).

7. Create Videos Showing Your Skills.

It may be worthwhile to question yourself about what skills you have if you’re seeking content ideas for your films. Many TikTok creators post videos of themselves excelling in various activities. It might be skateboarding, playing an instrument, playing a sport, or even something less typical like juggling or fire eating. 

8. Make a ‘How to Video’

Even though TikTok videos only last 15 to 60 seconds, you can still make “How To” videos. Obviously, you should concentrate on demonstrating a single activity.

TikTok tutorials are common, especially in the cooking and beauty categories. The best TikTok video tutorials are those that can be broken down into steps that take no more than 60 seconds.

Try to make your “How To” video as enjoyable and un-educational-looking as you can. You must still be explicit in your tutorial, though.

You might use your TikTok videos more as a preview for your YouTube channel in certain categories. For instance, it might be challenging to fit the entirety of a recipe into a TikTok video; but, you might provide a shortened version and then link to a lengthier video on your YouTube channel.

9. Cover a Recent Event 

Even the most passionate TikTok user is aware that there is more to the world than TikTok. Many users of TikTok are very interested in what is happening in the world. They enjoy being updated on current affairs. Many videos depicting both current events and significant moments in pop culture may be found online.

For a TikTok video, you only have between 15 and 60 seconds. As a result, it provides a fantastic opportunity for people to capture some features or perspectives of an event in a film that can be viewed by everyone. 

10. Try to Include Children and Pets in Your Videos 

Because the normal TikTok audience is so young, children may not be the most popular theme for your films, but pets are almost always a hit. You can be guaranteed to win if you have adorable cats, dogs, or even more unusual domestic animals acting funny. Of course, your videos might already be popular if you have access to bears or frogs.

11. Make a Lip -Sync Videos 

Initially, a lip-synch video could appear uninteresting. You’re singing in unison with another person’s song. The core of TikTok, though, is variations on the lip-synch video. In fact, lip-sync films predominated in the early TikTok videos (and Musical.ly videos before that).

12. Make Your Version of A Famous Video 

Making your own version of an already-popular video could result in a similar level of popularity. Of course, you don’t want a perfect replica. To set it from the countless other variants, you must add something unique to it.

On TikTok, you can occasionally see lip-sync videos where users have tried to recreate the original music videos. They occasionally even attempt frame-for-frame remakes, obviously on a budget comparable to that of an ordinary TikTok user. These low-budget “remakes” have the potential to be really enjoyable.