Top 5 Places to Look for SEO Online Jobs

Top 5 Places to Look for SEO Online Jobs

Looking for SEO Online jobs can be a surprising hurdle for some. You might think that a company successful in SEO would have leads falling out of their pockets to the extent that they have more work than can be reasonably done.

Although some companies are undoubtedly skilled at self-promotion and generating new business, it’s a sad truth that many skilled SEO professionals and companies lack an understanding of how to build new businesses.

A large part of this is due to the technical, specific nature of SEO. A lot of companies don’t know what it is! It’s often the case that companies exist using dated channels of marketing they’ve relied on for years, never knowing the benefits and value proposition of SEO.

So let’s go over where you can find new SEO Online Jobs.

1. The Footprint Method

We’ve all come across websites that are undoubtedly dated and in dire need of refurbishing. WordPress abounds!

Many businesses have fantastic offerings and quality products that sadly fall short of the limelight for the sole reason that their website looks like a child made it as a school project.

We all know that first impressions count for everything in the marketing world. Websites such as these are a golden opportunity to truly provide a valuable service and mutual business benefit.

A great way to tap into this potential client base is to take a look at the bottom of their pages where site builders will often leave their mark. Footer links and more info areas are the best bet.

You can then see if a company specifically has made these and look for them on Google.

Suddenly you have a list of potential clients that you can hit with a proposition – go over the cost efficiency of SEO and the amount of traffic it can drive compared to techniques like PPC and watch their mouths water!

2. Go Old School

Similar to the above we all know businesses that make use of old-school marketing channels.

These are the classics like the Yellow Pages or general newspapers.

While these dwindling methods of promotion do reach people, there are certain limitations as they can rarely target their audience well and have a questionable readership.

This one is simple. You go through such listings and identify potential clients that suit your capability and free workload.

You can go to these people directly and, similarly to point one, hit them with a reasonable proposition for how SEO can help.

In these cases you’ll often find that the value SEO can provide is so genuine and significant that the response will be positive even on a cold approach.

3. Commissions

So you’ve covered outdated companies. What about hitting the up-to-date organizations and individuals that actually have their finger on the pulse?

A great way is through contacting these companies and offering a commission to them each time a client is referred.

This is a great way to build leads and establish a long-term business relationship. Explaining the value of your best SEO services and proving your credentials through an up-to-date portfolio is critical when making the approach – nobody will trust you or want to speak to you about commissions and leads if you can’t demonstrate your capability.

If you get it right and can show a list of page rankings and leads you’ll be providing a value proposition that will be hard to turn down. You can then take it a step further and work out a pricing scheme where they can promote and sell your own services in exchange for a markup in cost.

These techniques will put the power in their hands and allow you to still build a business. Approaching a company this way and successfully engaging in an agreement with them sets a great premise for a long-term relationship that can see your own business prosper.

4. Target PPC-heavy Companies

We have a fantastic array of analytics available when it comes to Google. Use them!

It’s a commonly known fact among those in the business that SEO is a cheaper alternative to other forms of marketing and advertising. PPC is a great comparison to this.

The real equation is that PPC is immediate but costly while SEO develops over time but with less financial investment. Pitch the benefits of SEO when it comes to cost to companies and you’ll often get a good result – money and budget trumps all!

The way this one works is that you search for certain keywords that are at a high cost-per-click. These vary and it can be a little work to find the right niches but it’s worth the effort.

Once you identify certain industries or specific popular keywords that are very dear to PPC, you can approach these companies with your proposal. Take the time to look for PPC ads where the companies don’t naturally show on the first page or two of Google for an even better chance.

You’ll need to have a more generic proposal drafted to approach these companies as you are only working with a keyword.

Get it right and you have a strong argument out of the gate for them to change their budget over from Google’s PPC to your SEO!

5. Build Them Up and Rent Them Out

This is a very entrepreneurial technique that provides a tremendously strong proposition.

The above approaches will work to get SEO online job. They do however work along the principle of cheaper marketing which will develop over time.

This one’s different.

What you do is identify certain industries and areas with high traffic and a large amount of competition. You want to make sure the PPC cost is also high. Create a dummy website with content and copy what is appropriate to the targeted industry, and get it ranked in the top five on your SERPs.

Then it’s a simple matter of approaching businesses in that section. You contact them and you offer to promote their services and products through your already-ranked website.

It’s a fantastic way to use SEO to provide a cheaper alternative to their PPC marketing that isn’t just pie in the sky. They can get involved and use the site and if it loses rank it’s a simple assurance that they can pull out and cease payment should that happen.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t just rely on listings or boards as the sole places to get SEO online jobs. Proactive marketers can use these methods to skyrocket into success with a sound understanding of SEO behind them.

The benefit of this method is that you are in a position to build reputation and business relationships that will see you through the toughest times and move you further and further down the path of high-paying, qualitative work.