8 Top Chrome Extensions For Content Marketers

8 Top Chrome Extensions For Content Marketers

Content marketers don’t have it easy; they start their day with a 20-item to-do list, do it all, and end with another similar list.

Then, there are many campaigns running in parallel, people to coordinate with and manage, and upcoming strategies to leverage.

An 80-hour workweek might not have been the reason you decided to make content marketing your full-time job!

Thankfully, the Google Chrome browser makes things easier with some pretty useful Chrome extensions for content marketers. Let’s tell you more about them.

1- Save to Pocket

Save to pocket

Research is the sweetest ingredient of the pie called great content. To organize your research, there’s nothing better than Save to Pocket, a light extension that lets you save web pages, videos, and other web resources to be viewed later. Just click on the Pockets icon, specify a tag, and you’re done.

The saved content can be accessed on other devices, even without Internet connectivity. What’s more, you can even save irresistible articles and videos to watch later, when they could potentially disrupt your concentration.

2- Grammarly

Grammarly chrome extension

I hope you’re using it already. It does what it sounds like – indicates grammar errors and provides the simplest and quickest way to set them right – just click on the alternatives. Though Grammarly does not work when you’re working with Google docs, it does work with WordPress, apart from several other online platforms where you do most of your typing. Plus, Grammarly sends you a weekly report of the progress you’re making, helping you truly grow your writing skills with time.

3- MozBar

MozBar Chrome Extension

Content marketers always need to stay on top of critical SEO parameters of the web pages they create. Plus, they also need to know how web pages they link out to fare in terms of SEO. MozBar makes this due diligence and researches easy to do. It quickly showcases the most important SEO stats for any web page. With MozBar, you can preview schema markup, check on-page elements, and conduct keyword analysis, right from a single extension. This extension helps content marketers manage the SEO aspects of their work easily.

4- Buffer


Social media marketing is a critical component of any wholesome content marketing and SEO strategy. Content marketers can end up saving a lot of time because of the Buffer extension. It helps content marketers easily queue up posts for social media, platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others. Apart from helping you post and promote content for your social media profiles from a single browser-embedded bar, Buffer extension also delivers vital info on social media metrics such as the number of likes, shares, re-tweets, and mentions.

5- Trello


Though not limited to use by content marketers, Trello can prove to be terrific for content marketers with extended teams. The Chrome extension of this superb project management tool helps you quickly create cards corresponding to tasks, and add them to ‘lists’ and ‘boards’, which helps you collaborate with your teammates on shared work. The extension lets you do most of the tasks related to creating and updating shared work items so that you don’t have to go to the dedicated Trello app for the same, thus saving you time.

6- Check My Links

Authoritative content is one that is created after a lot of research and with ample attribution, citations, and references to the stellar sources of content you referred to. However, if any of those links go dead, Google as well as your webpage visitors will be less than pleased. To fare better, use this terrific Chrome extension that scans web pages for dead links in a jiffy. Check My Links is quick, intuitive, and effective – a must-have.

7- Nimbus

Visuals add a lot of aplomb to your content, and Nimbus adds a lot of aplomb to the way you add visuals to your content. Capturing illustrations, screenshots, web images, etc becomes easy with this nifty add-on for Chrome. You can easily capture the visible part of a webpage, select a custom area, take a screenshot of the entire page, record a video, or even select and scroll using this extension. This is much better, easier, and quicker than taking a screen print and pasting it into an image editor for editing.

8- MailTrack for Gmail

MailTrack for Gmail

For any content marketer invested heavily in email marketing for content promotions, it’s important to know how many users actually opened and replied to your emails. MailTrack lets you do s, easily. With MailTrack activated, you will see the following screen on creating a new mail message.

Just mark the cross, and the promotional text will disappear. You can visit mailtrack.io to get more input on success rates for your email campaigns.

Any time you can save in your content creation, organizing, and marketing efforts is invaluable. Begin with these 8 superb Chrome extensions.