Top 7 Crypto PR Firms You Must Definitely Know

Top 7 Crypto PR Firms You Must Definitely Know

In no time the market of cryptocurrency has bloomed all around. The decentralized cryptocurrency market driven by blockchain had enormous success with the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. By 2023, the blockchain market is anticipated to be worth over $23 billion; by 2025, the price of one bitcoin is predicted to reach $250,000.

Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, and other crypto-native businesses benefit from the assistance of crypto public relations firms in securing natural media coverage in both Web3 and non-Web3 outlets. Crypto PR firms create media pitches, create communications plans, and work to organize the process of getting their customers’ stories reported in the media.

By working with a reputable crypto-focused PR firm, you may hasten the distribution of your story to a large number of media sites with an audience that will accelerate your rate of growth.

As a result, businesses working with the following topics need the assistance of PR agencies to get brand publicity in reputable crypto publications:

  • Blockchain
  • DeFi (decentralized finance)
  • Utility tokens
  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, Altcoin
  • NFTs

In this article, we’ll outline the top 7 crypto PR firms, explain how they vary from more traditional PR firms, and explain why it would be necessary to work with one.

1. OTT 

OTT, a leading cryptocurrency marketing company guarantees the best profits on your crypto items. In addition to providing profit-driven NFT marketing services for distinct crypto assets, OTT offers a tailored blockchain marketing strategy to raise brand recognition. Additionally, they provide a comprehensive promotion plan to produce outstanding ROI on all crypto advertising and PR efforts as a full-stack digital marketing agency.

To scale your brand from nothing to six figures and beyond, the highly skilled team of blockchain marketing specialists focuses on the buyer persona, makes use of storytelling, and employs the top crypto marketing channels, including SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, email marketing, social marketing, and community building.

The services it offers are – Crypto Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Telegram Marketing, Crypto Search Engine Optimization, Crypto Influencer Marketing, Crypto Press Releases, LinkedIn Marketing, Bounty Campaigns, Airdrops, Community Building, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. 

2. Coinbound

Leading cryptocurrency marketing firm Coinbound uses its expertise in crypto PR to assist crypto firms in gaining media attention. Having been in the business for some time, Coinbound has connections with reputable publishers like Coin Market Cap and Coinbound has experience in all facets of blockchain-specific public relations and communications, whether long-term coverage, one-time coverage, a press release, organic media, or a series of sponsored postings. 

Additionally, they have the most well-known Crypto Marketing Podcast in the sector, hosted by cryptocurrency expert Ty Daniel Smith who offers advice on cryptocurrency marketing, as well as a Crypto Newsletter that informs crypto enthusiasts about the main trends and strategies in cryptocurrency marketing.

The services it offers are – Crypto Twitter Management, Crypto Search Engine Optimization (SEO), NFT Marketing, Crypto Influencer Marketing, Crypto And Blockchain PR, and Crypto And Blockchain PPC.

3. Melrose PR

Melrose PR is a California-based public relations firm that assists cryptocurrency firms with online product promotion on top blockchain marketing platforms. The communications firm with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies was established in 2012 to assist cryptocurrency businesses in utilizing top crypto media partnerships to secure favourable PR coverage for their goods. 

The business places a lot of emphasis on interview preparation and media training. They aid in promoting your goods on prominent podcasts, YouTube programs, and other occasions.

The services it delivers are Public Relations, Crypto Content Development, Social Media Marketing, Crypto Interviews, Crypto Video Production, and Crypto Communications Strategy. 

4. Luna PR

Luna PR is a specialized blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing firm situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Over 500 clients make up Luna PR’s impressive client list. The business helps blockchain companies rebrand themselves or introduce new items to the market.

They offer services for small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance brand awareness for both B2C and B2B and take pleasure in coming up with original, captivating ways to communicate your brand’s narrative.

The core services are Crypto Press Releases, Crypto Articles, Crypto Reputation Management, Blockchain Consulting, Crypto Interviews, Crypto Publications, and Crypto Marketing. 

5. TOP

The well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing company TOP has offices all around the world, including Chicago, Dubai, London, Miami, and Los Angeles. 

TOP has top-tier PR specialists with experience in media relations, media relations training, and the creation of PR assets. They have award-winning thinkers, designers, content producers, digital storytellers, and developers on their team, as well as subject matter experts.

As a full-service blockchain marketing company, TOP has perfected the art of using blockchain initiatives to spark your brand’s growth. They have vast experience working with blockchain-related businesses and understand how to establish credibility through thought leadership and collaborations.

The crypto content team uses a four-step process to articulate value propositions and develop brand authenticity: content creation, PR publication, influencer partnerships, and community building.

The services it offers are – Blockchain PR, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, Brand Strategy, Micro-Influencer Marketing, and Video Production. 

6. ReBlonde

ReBlonde is a renowned Israeli crypto PR firm. A group of qualified public relations specialists from this PR firm have expertise in assisting crypto firms in spreading the word about their goods.

They provide a wide range of PR services and may assist your company in securing top cryptocurrency media coverage on prestigious websites like Mashable and the BBC.

Additionally, the business provides NFT marketing services to companies and creators that wish to develop in the NFT industry. ReBlonde covers a wide range of topics, including collectibles, digital art, games, music, movies, and sports.

The multiple services it delivers are – Crypto PR, Crowdfunding Campaigns, Messaging and Positioning, Social Media, Thought Leadership, NFT Marketing, Media Relations, Public Relations, and Speaking Opportunities. 

7. CryptoVirally 

Located in Romania, CryptoVirally is a full-service crypto marketing company that provides a range of PR services to the industry.

The company offers assured project coverage on Cointelegraph as well as other authoritative media in the sector, like CryptoPotato, CryptoDaily, ZyCrypto, CoincoDex, DeFi Times, etc. Additionally, they provide outstanding crypto community management on popular social media sites like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.

They provide a variety of service packages at different price points, and you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation to talk about your next Bitcoin marketing project.

The firm has expertise in these respective services Press Releases, Influencer Marketing, Viral Marketing Services, Content Marketing, Media Reach, Crypto Community Management, and Crypto AMA sessions.