Top Ten SEO Plugins for Your Browser

Top Ten SEO Plugins for Your Browser

Coming up with a Top Ten SEO Plugins list is a handful, we agree. Tools of the trade are critical to any person working within the SEO world. As the landscape of this trade has changed over the years, so has the need for a variety of different programs and plugins to monitor the many different facets of your work. It means that there are so many now, that the task of narrowing them down is close to overwhelming.

As the current SEO scene requires monitoring and analysis of so many different stats and aspects for ranking and website management it goes without saying that these will come in various formats and purposes. While it’s best not to flood yourself with too many programs instead of selecting the most powerful choices, the fact remains that in order to fully track all the items you need to be tracking you’ll have to combine several different plugins and programs.

Many SEOs use stand-alone programs to meet this need. A variety of paid and free open-source programs exist on the market and help keep an eye on your details for whatever campaign you have running at the time.

In this article, however, we’ll take a look at a slightly different type of SEO assistance: browser plugins.

While these sit within a browser as opposed to running as a separate program they still contain very powerful and useful tools to help you flesh out your tool kit.

Let’s take a look at the top ten as we see them.

The list

1. Yslow

This is a fantastic little tool that mirrors the purpose of the well-known Google Page Speed plugin. Yslow lets you quickly get an idea of the performance of different sections of whichever page you’re visiting. You’ll be able to measure the performance of a page on criteria such as its use of cookies, separate components, JavaScript, images, CSS, and more. It’s definitely a great way to identify, at a glance, what areas need work.

2. MultiLinks

This is a great tool for helping you keep on top of your time. Working as a browser plugin MultiLinks lets you highlight a section of the page you are on at the time and in a single stroke open all the links in that selection or copy the URLs over to your clipboard. That helps cut down on manual work while reviewing websites to see what is a good prospect or to get an idea of where a page links.

3. MozBar

It should come as no surprise that a plugin provided by Moz is making an entry on the list. MozBar has been a staple for SEOs for a long time and is especially useful for research purposes. Having information available such as an overlay for SERP details can help you find the data you need on those who are matched up against you. You can also use it for purposes such as taking a look at a page without JavaScript enabled or removing images to get an idea as to how a bot might see the site.

4. Boomerang for Gmail

This simple tool helps automate some of Gmail for you. It works by adding a few extra buttons to the Gmail interface. A great example of what you can do is request notification if you don’t get a response from an email receipt within a set number of days.

5. Jing

Jing is quite useful for videos. This handy tool lets you capture video content on a website page and then edit it. It’ll then offer the option to auto-upload this content to a server of your choice while creating a URL for you to access. This is a commonly performed task again when doing competitor analysis and as such, it can really help cut down on manual tasks which will help you make the most out of your SEO hours.

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6. Chrome UA Spoofer

This clever item fools websites. This tool allows you to access websites from various devices, or at least the appearance of different devices. This invaluable tool makes certain that the mobile version of your website is displaying content correctly and fully. As web trends use push ever towards mobile access, this is a fantastic way of making sure you aren’t losing users seeking a mobile experience.

It also has the option to view the site through different web browsers as well.

7. Nofollow

As it says on the tin, Nofollow is a useful plugin that auto-highlights all links on your current page that have nofollow indicated. It’s also useful for informing if a page has been blocked from search – this is done by working with the robot.txt file. It’s quite a flexible plugin with room to tailor it to your needs – a good example is that you can alter the highlighting to your own needs by changing the CSS style.

8. WooRank

WooRank is useful for reviewing a wide variety of different SEO statistics in one package. It pulls details from your website page automatically and presents them in a digestible manner that’s simple to understand at a glance.

You’re able to see details on things such as IP location and domain age as well as the mobile visualization. It’s particularly useful when combined with of the other plugins we’ve detailed in this article like Jing.

9. Page Load Time

Performance is a valuable metric in driving quality engagement and retention for your websites – nobody likes a slow-loading page. Page Load Time is the perfect plugin for seeing in a single place all the relevant metrics of a page such as a document object model timings and DNS or redirect statistics.

As you likely know, the factors of page load speed can be reduced by different plugins used by the users. DOM is a very critical statistic and it’s great to see it so clearly listed by Page Load Time.

10. Wappalyzer

Last on the list is a real monster tool for being ahead of the game on competitor analysis. Wappalyzer is fantastic for identifying a wide variety of metrics related to your competitors and how they run their sites. It lets you quickly identify a wide variety of information such as programming languages or scripting tools in use.


We hope you find the Top Ten SEO Plugins list useful. It’s easy to disregard browser plugins for SEO work or just limit yourself to big names like Moz. There are a lot of powerful tools out there that can help give you the edge – we hope this helps.