Top 10 Web3 Marketing Companies [Top Picks For 2023]

Top 10 Web3 Marketing Companies [Top Picks For 2023]

Web3 is recently featured on the world wide web, involving the biggest concepts such as decentralization with token-based economics alone. Also, a market strategy that works for Web2 probably won’t work for Web3. So, if you are the owner of a business Web3 then, you might need the assistance of a professional web3 marketing company for the promotion of your product and services to reach your target audience. 

What Do You Know About the Web3 Marketing Agency? 

Web3 is referred to as the advanced generation of the internet that developed from the previous iteration by collaborating with new technology and concepts with a concentration on creating a powerful and stable infrastructure for us. 

List of Top Web3 Marketing Companies 

For your convenience, we have listed the Top 10 professional Web3 marketing firms along with their features.

1. Over The Top SEO (OTT): 

OTT - Web3 Marketing Agency

OTT is among the top Web3 marketing agencies that carry the expertise in effective brand positioning and texting to your Web3 products. Its primary services are Influencer marketing, Metaverse marketing, Video production, Full -stack blockchain development search engine optimization, Mobile app development, Organic social media platform, Product coverage in top crypto publications, and Paid social marketing. 

2. Crowdcreate 

Crowdcreate is one of the thriving blockchain and crypto marketing agencies that have expertise from the last 5 years. Its tremendous contribution has made it win the award of ‘Top Crypto Marketing Firm’ by Forbes. 

The prominent services that it offers are Investor marketing, Community building, Influencer/PR marketing, Investor marketing, Web3 Community management, Web3 Viral referral marketing, Social media marketing, and Token management. 

3. Blockwiz

Blockwiz marketing agency was introduced in 2019 to assist blockchain and crypto brands. Meanwhile, the agency has a team of over 70 crypto professionals, that involves writers, designers, and most importantly strategists. 

The leading services which they process are PR and sponsored articles, Pay per click marketing, Crypto content writing, Discord, and Telegram community management, Influencer marketing, Search engine optimization, and crypto video creation. 

4. Single Grain 

Single Grain is the top marketing agency that offers complete services from digital and web3 marketing. It boosts your earnings with personalized blockchain tactics of marketing. 

The main services they offer are Cryptocurrency and Blockchain marketing, Token distribution strategies, Digital strategy, NFT Marketing, Decentralised applications, Search engine optimization, Decentralised autonomous organization (DAO) Consulting, PR strategy and marketing, Content marketing, Community building, and management, and paid promotion. 

5. Lunar Strategy 

Lunar Strategy is counted among the leading marketing agencies that are professionals in Metaverse and Web3 along. This digital marketing agency has been Google partnered with a Web3 marketing agency that consists of a community of crypto lovers who are frequently updated with recent market trends around the crypto and blockchain world. 

6. Rehab Agency 

Rehab Agency is a group of web marketers who gathered at a place for an individual motive to help others. They are intended to assist crypto and blockchain businesses in order to raise their projects virtually. 

7. CryptoArmy 

CryptoArmy is another famous Web3 marketing firm that holds a breakless record of success in helping its clients to accomplish their goals in marketing. 

During Defi marketing, our experts understand well the modern Web3 marketing trends and can upgrade their services to meet the particular needs of every crypto customer. The Crypto Army has the capacity to meet any type of business goal no matter whether to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your website or generate leads. 

The prominent functions it offers are Crypto and NFT promotion strategy, Crypto community management, PR marketing, Content creation, Guerilla marketing, and Social media management


ICODA is one of the leading crypto marketing agencies that carries years of professionalism in maintaining Web3 brands. They have helped numerous types of blockchain and crypto-related businesses to involve paying customers. 

The agency is basically inclined toward the potential of the blockchain and crypto firm and so they are dedicated to helping their clients succeed in the space. 

The main services it provides are NFT promotion and consulting, YouTube and Twitter influencer promotion, top listings on best-ranking platforms, Telegram promotion, Blockchain PR marketing, Whitepaper development, and blockchain/ Cryptocurrency website creation. 

9. Kryptonite

Kryptonite is another recognized NFT marketing agency who are keen to assist brands such as Web3. The agency has experience in the blockchain and crypto world. 

The agency provides its services in social media advertising, content marketing, Display advertising, Guerilla marketing, influencer marketing, Website design, and storytelling. 

10. Coinbound 

Coinbound is yet another popular crypto marketing agency that is based in Manhattan. The agency runs on the goals of growing brands in blockchain and NFT. Already the agency has made several successful brands that are counted among the top range. 

The leading services it offers are Influencer and thought-leader marketing, Community and management over Twitter and Discord, Web3 Blog management, Content marketing, Search engine optimization, and Web3 PR services. 

The bottom line 

If you are looking to hire the best Web3 marketing agency then you are required to do proper research because that is the only way to get the best result. The firm will assure you to provide a competitive edge in your market industry. Therefore, you should always be proactive in viewing an agency because the investment you will make will stay for one year. 

OTT is named among the oldest firms that have constantly delivered SEO services to its clients. It is talented employees who are dedicated to working to meet the client’s expectations. The experts of the company are professionals in particular fields as they have knowledge of advanced technology to traditional methods to engage their clients. This OTT company has the best expertise with several top brands which throughout makes the company able to handle all the good and bad circumstances. 

These are reasons why OTT has to make its place and obtain the opportunity of working with massive brands across the world. Also, the agency has some attractive packages for the customers which they select as their customer’s needs and requirements. Each package holds a particular task which you can opt for as per your requirement.