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How To Analyze Instagram Follower Growth

On Instagram, follower counts are more of a vanity metric than anything important, yet the majority of users still desire to grow their following. After all, an increase in followers indicates that people are interested in your content and are willing to tell their friends about it. Not all follower growth, though, is beneficial.


It is best to not have these users as followers because too many Instagram users run fictitious or pointless accounts. One of the key motives for tracking your Instagram follower development is to make sure that your account is functioning “properly” at all times.


We’ve put up this collection of Instagram growth techniques and useful advice to assist you to separate the good from the bad and, eventually, help you attract more actual, engaged followers. To ensure that you always know where you stand and how things are progressing, we’ve also included a free tool, called Instagram Follower Growth Checker, to assist you in tracking your Instagram follower development.

Instagram Follower Growth Checker
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Why Should You Avoid Fake Followers on Instagram?

The proliferation of fake followers on Instagram has been well documented. A quick search of the hashtag #fakefollowers reveals a host of users complaining about the practice.


There are a number of ways to buy fake followers. Both services can be found all over the internet, and are often very cheap. This makes them appealing to those looking to artificially inflate their follower count.


The problem with fake followers is that they are just that: fake. They are not real people who are interested in your content. They are often inactive, and will not engage with your posts in any way. This can make your account look spammy and ruin your chances of organic growth.


Fake followers can also be used to manipulate engagement metrics. If a high percentage of your followers are fake, it stands to reason that the engagement on your posts will be artificially inflated. This can make it appear as though your content is performing better than it actually is.


Overall, fake followers are not worth the risk. They can damage your reputation and hinder your ability to grow your account in a genuine way. If you’re looking to increase your follower count, focus on quality over quantity.

The Utility of Engaged Followers

Having followers merely for the sake of having followers is not very useful. Only followers who interact with your posts are what you want. You want them to at least glance at your posts. That’s a modest victory, but it’s a start. The ultimate objective, though, is to encourage others to leave comments on or share your images and videos, and ideally even to purchase your goods or services.


Naturally, not every post you make will be read by your followers. According to how well your post is received by your followers, the Instagram algorithm will only display your posts to a portion of them. And in 2022, Instagram’s algorithm was further refined to help choose which material to show to which users based on their top priorities.


In order to assist the platform rank the material “accurately,” the platform will consider indications such as how frequently a user interacts with your account and how recently those interactions have occurred. As a result, your material won’t appear in your followers’ feeds or Explore pages if they don’t interact with it and related topics. 


If you’re looking for an Instagram tool and a means to show your support, check out Promo Republic. They’re based in Ukraine. According to data provided by Promo Republic, one of the top Instagram scheduler apps, the recommended engagement rate for Instagram is:

  • Below 1% = low engagement rate

  • 1% – 3.5% = average / good engagement rate

  • 3.5% – 6% = high engagement rate

  • Above 6% = very high engagement rate


However, your engagement rates are significantly impacted by the size of your Instagram account. Even if you aim for excellent followers, your engagement rate is going to decrease the more followers you have.

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Track Instagram Follower Growth
5 Steps to Obtain Followers

It is much simpler to find the correct followers and manage your Instagram account with the aid of Instagram followers monitors, such as FollowMeter for Instagram and yours truly’s Instagram Follower Growth Tracker. You can only accomplish so much with these instruments, though.


In the end, you’ll want to choose the finest followers for your account—people who will genuinely be interested in the posts you choose to publish. If you want to have high engagement rates on Instagram, it’s crucial to connect with the correct people.


Operating your account normally is the finest strategy to get excellent followers that will aid you in achieving your objectives. This means that you must adhere to all the best practices for managing an Instagram account, just as influencers do.


1. Frequent Posting 

You need to be active on social media and provide compelling reasons for people to follow you. Instagram’s algorithm makes it unlikely that your followers will see all of your posts, but the more you post, the more posts Instagram will show them.


Naturally, this requires that you produce worthwhile posts rather than merely spamming your followers in an effort to manipulate the system.


2. Take a lot of pictures 

One of Instagram’s strongest selling points may also be its demise. Since Instagram is a visual platform, your posts must be of a high calibre and be eye-catching. As a result, you must accumulate a collection of images so that you have content to share even when you are unable to take fresh shots.


Every time you have the chance, take engaging and pertinent pictures. In addition, shoot more photos while you are at it. When you are short on new content in the future, you can use them for postings.


When you find yourself in a setting that lends itself to photography, seize the chance to take pictures that you can then share with your followers. Keep your phone or camera ready for any opportunity to take a photo (or Story idea).


You can always use a programme like Canva to make images that you can post with your followers if you have trouble taking unique photos. Additionally, you may alter a tonne of the pre-existing templates to match your branding.


3. Differentiate your Posts 

As they scroll through their Instagram feed, users desire to see variety. If you change the types of posts you create, you will get more real attention. Using other Instagram tools like Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and IGTV is part of this. 


Even though Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours, you may highlight your favourite ones by pinning them to the top of your account as Stories Highlights. Then, make sure to design unique covers for each Instagram Story Highlight to get the most out of them. Once more, a programme like Canva can be used for this task. It provides a sizable number of free cover templates that you can customize to match your taste. 


The most crucial element is that you don’t just post advertisements for your goods. If you own a business, your posts ought to embody the spirit of your company. A behind-the-scenes look at your company. Take advantage of the chance to develop your unique brand and showcase your personality on your personal account.


Simply put, offer a variety of photographs and videos, but make sure each one is of a high standard.


4. Use hashtags 

There are hashtags outside of Twitter. You may make it simpler for users who are interested in the subjects you post about to find your content by including a few pertinent hashtags in your posts. As an alternative, you can utilize branded or specialized hashtags to promote interest in your business.


According to the statistics gathered, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post, but it’s advisable to limit your use to roughly 20 for the optimum post-performance. The most well-liked Instagram hashtags are listed below for your use:

  • #smile

  • #nofilter

  • #love

  • #instagood

  • #photooftheday

  • #toofunny

  • #happy

  • #instadaily



5. Try to post at least 5 times for your Followers 


We’ve also created a free tool for you to use in order to do this. You may publish on Instagram at the ideal moment to increase engagement rates with the aid of our post times optimizer tool.


You can also make use of this cheat sheet. Despite the fact that there isn’t a certain period of time when you should upload all of your Instagram content (there are simply too many variables), here is what we’ve discovered after searching the internet.


The ideal day to post on Instagram is Thursday.


With respect to time, you have some options, which are – 

  • 11 a.m. on Wednesdays (Central Time US)

  • 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. on Thursdays (Central Time US)

  • 10 a.m. on Fridays (Central Time US)


This is only an average, of course. In the end, you’ll have to experiment to find the times that work best for your audience.

How to Use Instagram Follower Growth Tool?

The Instagram Follower tool will help you to find the right ones. And purchasing them is not the outcome, not now and nor in the future so far. Above all, why would you take a shortcut if there are numerous ways to upgrade your follower number on Instagram naturally? 


OTT is among the top companies that help other companies to enhance their followers through Instagram follower growth tools. By keeping all the above steps in mind, firms help the company in engaging with their respective clients.

Track Instagram Follower Growth