The Best Restaurants In Tucson Downtown Area

Hello, my fellow foodies! Hope you are having a delicious day.

As many of you know, I’m currently spending some time with the family in Tucson AZ, and also meeting with my Tucson SEO. And I just have to say that I’ve loved every second of my stay down here at the old pueblo.

There’s just something about this city.

That sense of vastness you get every time you look past the buildings on the horizon and into the mountain range that surrounds them. It’s just too easy to feel like part of something bigger.


Tucson is undoubtedly a mystical city, and you can see it in its people, breathe it in its air, and most definitively taste it in its food.

Whether by its proximity to so many different cultures and styles or just because of some other undefined quality of the region, the culinary scene in Tucson has certainly attained some sort of… unique enchant, which is something I definitively want you to experience the next time you are around these parts, especially the places I share on my “Things to do in Tucson” list.


To that end, I’ve put together a short list of a few special dining spots and restaurants in Tucson downtown area, to make sure you get a taste for the spirit of the city the next time you are around.

Wild Garlic Grill

I want to start this list with a bang, and there’s no better place to guarantee you’ll leave with a better impression than the Wild Garlic Grill.

Their food is delicious, their quantities generous, and their pricing is excellent. Their main thing is steaks, but their offerings in seafood, salads and custom hamburger recipes are not far behind. The main attraction here is their Chef and his preparations, who is always finding new ways and flavor combinations to bring novelty into your meal experience.


The Wild Garlic Grill has a rustic type of architecture, nicely complemented with an eclectic kind of art that ends up working marvelously. This is definitively the place to visit with a large crew of starving people.

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Le Rende-vous

I remember I first stumbled into Le Rende-vous while driving a group of friends down Fort Lowell road on our way to another restaurant. I’m obsessed with French culture and have a penchant for wordplay, so the name was enough to get me (and force my friends) through the door. Boy am I glad I did (and so are they BTW.)


As the name implies, they are a French cuisine restaurant, and their kitchen staff really knows what they are doing. The ambiance is simple and smooth, with lots of natural light if you go during the day. The service is one of the best I’ve had in the city, and the food is just an experience you need to have, especially if you love French food.


Next time you are driving around looking for restaurants in Tucson downtown area, drop by Le Rende-vous and treat yourself.

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Commoner & Co.

Now let’s switch gears a little bit.

If you are looking for a place that has excellent food, wonderful drinks and the perfect, chill out ambiance, Commoner & Co. is your place.


Their menu offerings are New American cuisine for the most part, and their variety is wide enough for everyone in your party to find something suiting their tastes and current mood. However, where Commoner shines is in their cocktail selection, which makes it the ideal place to go on an evening where you want to enjoy a few drinks after the meal.

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Agustin Kitchen

I can’t think of a better place to put the cap on this list than Agustin Kitchen; this place has everything.

You’ll fall in love with the place just by walking through the doors and being met by the charming minimalist décor and their food’s aromas. Agustin Kitchen suits any time of the day, and their variety of types of food (New American, French, etc.) is nicely complemented by their cocktail offerings.


It is right in the heart of Tucson, at 100 Avenida Del Convento, Agustin kitchen is definitively one of the restaurants in Tucson downtown you can’t miss.

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These are a few of the places I need you to consider visiting whenever you are down here at the old pueblo. For your visit, make sure to check where to do shopping in Tucson page. Rest assured, you won’t walk away from either of these sites feeling anything less than happy and a little guilty for the full belly. Enjoy.

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