Must-Visit Places To Do Some Shopping In Tucson

Shopping can be a vastly different experience depending on where you are.

Any shopaholic worth their salt will tell you that every city has their very own nooks and crannies as far as shopping locations go.

Some places are great to find unique and different kinds of stuff. Some are overpriced tourist traps. Some will offer you ample variety of things when you just don’t know what you are looking for, and others will only give you more of the same. However, there are always places you should definitively visit when you are shopping in town and those you should avoid like the plague …Unless you are looking to waste some time and money.

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Which leads me to my home, Tucson. A beautiful city, filled with its unique flavor, tone and amazing people (probably that’s why we have so many Tucson SEOclients here).

And although much is said about its beautiful vistas, historical locations, tourist attractions and restaurants in Tucson Downtown, it is slightly harder to find the inside scoop about where to engage in an enjoyable, cost-effective, shopping afternoon.


As a native from the land, and self-proclaimed shopaholic, I consider it my responsibility, nay, my duty, to give you a little rundown of a few great, interesting spots I want you to visit the next time you are in the city and looking to put a few bags in your hands.

So, here’s a list of a few must-visit places to do some shopping in Tucson, Arizona.

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Park Place Mall

Ok, let’s start this list with a pretty mainstream, sure-bet location: Park Place Mall.

Park Place is the perfect place to go if you want a comfortable and convenient place to visit and do some shopping in a familiar environment. Just like the mall’s motto says “Fashion. Food. Fun.” You can pretty much hit the tree F’s of shopping under one roof.

With over 100 stores of all kinds, great places to eat, and a 20th Century Fox movie theater, Park Place is the go-to spot to spend an afternoon with the family.

Lost Barrio

Right in the heart of Tucson’s downtown, at 200 Park Avenue, you’ll find the Lost Barrio, and it is one of the most unique shopping experiences you can have anywhere.

It is a shopping district where you can find anything from period replicas that look antique, artwork, traditional clothing and decorations, and anything in between. This is the right spot to go if you are looking for something different and brimming with folklore from other cultures; something you won’t find in your average mall.

Main Gate Square

If I had to describe Main Gate Square in one word, it would be “Packed” but definitively in the best sense. There’s simply so many shops, stores, places to eat, in a relatively small location, so you can make good time, see and do a lot, in a couple of hours.

It is located right in the middle of the University area, and that’s precisely one of the reasons why it earns a spot on this list! The place is always hustling with the University student crowd, which gives Main Gate Square a great vibe to do some shopping in Tucson.

La Encantada

You might see a theme emerging here, and that’s that in Tucson we love our outdoor shopping, and that’s a trend that even our high-end shopping spots have taken to heart. La Encantada is just such spot.

Tiffany & Co., Luis Vuitton, Ann Taylor, you can find these and many other classy and chic stores in a single place, right under cover of the sky and Tucson’s breeze. There are also great places to grab a bite or share a drink.

This is definitively the place to go when your wallet is getting a little heavy and you want to do some shopping in Tucson and take some fancy articles home.

These places are definitive must-visit places to engage in some great shopping experiences, but they are by no means the only ones, which is one of the greatest things about this city. If you need more inspiration, check out my list on Things to do in Tucson.

With all that said, just take a stroll around a couple of streets and some little corner store or restaurant is bound to catch your interest before long, so go exploring and enjoy the magical experience that is Tucson.

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