It’s obvious that gamers prefer the live-streaming service Twitch. Top Twitch streamers can support themselves entirely on the service, and several have amassed sizable fan bases. Favourite streamers can earn money in a number of ways, but one of the most well-liked ways is through channel subscriptions.


A Twitch streamer’s subscriptions have the benefit of being a consistent source of income. If the streamer is a Twitch Affiliate or Partner, a fan of the channel may choose to subscribe to it.


To express your support, you should primarily subscribe to a streamer’s channel. In essence, you’re promising to give them a recurring monthly donation. Following someone involves no exchange of money, unlike this. The tool below can also be used to look up a Twitch streamer’s subscriber count.

Twitch Sub Count
What Benefits Are Given to Subscribers?

While most individuals join a channel to support a favourite streamer, they also have access to several benefits. The most typical examples are:

  • Emotes – Each Twitch channel has its own set of emoticons, which subscribers can use in any channel’s chat room. Twitch Partners are able to design a lot more emotes than Twitch Affiliates, who can only design one.

  • Subscriber badges – A unique subscriber badge will show up next to a user’s name when they participate in a chatroom. Although there is a default subscriber badge, streamers have the option to modify them.

  • Special Alerts – Every time a subscriber renews, a special notification is sent to everyone watching the stream, revealing the subscriber’s username and the duration of their previous membership. Additionally, subscribers can give the streamer personalised remarks.

  • Exclusive Chat Room – Some streamers construct chat rooms just for their subscribers, which is especially helpful for large channels because comments might easily disappear from the screen due to the volume of viewers.

  • Exclusive Competitions – Some broadcasters host tournaments that are exclusively open to subscribers and give more expensive prizes than they do for their regular viewers.

  • Ad-free Viewing – Many networks offer ad-free watching to their customers as a perk.

Twitch Sub Count
Twitch Sub Count
Twitch Subscription Tiers

At first, Twitch offered subscriptions for $4.99 a month, keeping half and paying the streamers the other half. Though several of the more well-known broadcasters on this list retain 60 to 100% of their subscriber’s thanks to agreements Twitch has reached with them.


Twitch expanded its subscription system in the middle of 2017. Although the majority of subscribers continue to pay $4.99 each month, they can now choose to pay $9.99 (Level 2) or $24.99 instead (Level 3). On their channel page, streamers typically list the benefits of each membership tier.


People have the option of paying their subscriptions monthly, quarterly, or semiannually.


What Is the Number of Subscribers for Your Favourite Streamer?

Unlike Twitch, which makes subscriber counts public, YouTube does not. Simply looking at a channel’s channel page won’t reveal its subscriber count.


We do, however, provide a tool that enables you to learn how many subscribers your favourite streamers have. To find out how many subscribers a streamer has, simply type their username into the space below.

Twitch Sub Count
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Best Twitch Theme Providers

Which Twitch streamers have the most viewers? Recently, we looked at the Twitch streamers with the most subscribers. The precise subscriber numbers will change by the time you read this because these figures are continually changing.


We have ignored corporate and game business streaming accounts in favour of concentrating on specific streamers in this list.

Top 10 Twitch Streamers by Number of Subscribers

1. Ninja

Ninja is an American Twitch streamer and online personality. He is at the top of the leaderboards for both Twitch subscribers and viewers. Since 2009, Ninja has been a professional gamer, beginning with Halo 3 for several eSports teams. In 2011, he started streaming while playing H1Z1. In 2017, he joined Luminosity Gaming.

2. Tfue 

Turner Ellis Tenney (aka Tfue), an American broadcaster, has replaced Ninja and Shroud as Twitch’s most-watched streamers after they moved to Mixer. He is regarded as one of the finest players in the video game Fortnite and is most known for playing it. Numerous Fortnite competitions, like the SuperGames Charity Tournament, have been won by him. He joined the professional eSports team FaZe Clan in 2018, but it wasn’t until 2019 that he was embroiled in legal proceedings against them.

When Tfue was streaming on Twitch, there were some contentious moments. After he allegedly used a racial slur in 2018, Twitch suspended him for 30 days. Twitch later lifted the ban after concluding he hadn’t used the word in a racist manner.


3. Shroud 

Michael Grzesiek, better known as Shroud, is a Canadian streamer who was a competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) player in the past. He joined Cloud 9 in August 2014 and helped the team win the fourth season of the ESL Pro League in 2016, as well as placing second in ESL One Cologne 2017.


4. Myth 

In the gaming community, Ali Kabbani is better known as Myth. He is a professional Fortnite Battle Royale player and American Twitch streamer. He has 7.3 million Twitch followers and 4.6 million YouTube subscribers, making him well-known on both platforms. In 2016, he began streaming on Twitch, mostly Paragon, an online third-person multiplayer fighting arena. In the second half of 2017, he started streaming Fortnite Battle Royale, which increased the popularity of his streams. He experienced a big growth in popularity in 2018, going from having 200,000 followers in January to having 3.2 million by June.



In his gaming, Rubén Doblas Gundersen frequently goes by the aliases El Rubius, Rubius Z, and elrubiusOMG, but most people only recognize him as Rubius on Twitch. He is perhaps most known for being a YouTube personality who is Spanish and Norwegian and whose channel primarily features gameplay and vlogs. His YouTube channel currently has 38.8 million subscribers and more than 8.7 billion views.


6. Pokimane

Imane Anys, also known online by the pseudonym Pokimane, is the most well-known female streamer on this list. She is a well-known Moroccan Canadian streamer who, like many other prominent streamers, gained fame on Twitch and YouTube.


7. In The Tatman

TimTheTatman hosts the eleventh most-watched Twitch channel over the past year in addition to having the seventh-highest number of Twitch followers and the fourth-most Twitch subscriptions.


8. Summit1g

Jaryd Russell Lazar is summit1g real g’s name in the non-digital world. He is a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who now works as an American Twitch streamer. He previously competed for the A51 and Mythic professional eSports teams.


9. Auron Play 

Spanish-based On YouTube and Twitch, Ral lvarez Genes broadcasts as AuronPlay. AuronPlay frequently combines social critique, dark humour, and cringe comedy when commenting on videos with other people. In addition to his 25 million YouTube subscribers, he counts 12.8 million Twitch followers. Auron, a character from the Final Fantasy series, and Play, a random word that entered lvarez’s thoughts when choosing his nickname, are combined to form the name “AuronPlay.”


10. Dakotaz 

The Twitch handle of American streamer Brett Hoffman is dakotaz (not to be confused with the similarly named American death metal vocalist). He currently broadcasts other games including Among Us in addition to Fortnite: Battle Royale, which he plays. He has also used the alias “Dark” on occasion and occasionally shortens his own name to “DK.”