You can compute the estimated earnings in your Twitter account with the help of the Twitter Money Calculator tool if you are the influencer as per the engagement and number of followers.


The same shall be tough for the average Twitter user to attain the status of an influencer as compared to those who have more visual social media channels, like Instagram and YouTube. For the non-celebrity Twitter influencers, there would be a lesser marketplace to compete with the companies outside the platforms. The major cause behind the same would be that Twitter poses its own advertising program, promoted tweets, in which the advertisers could pay to make their tweets reach the audience which was limited to their company followers.


There are chances for sponsored tweets. Similar to all the forms of social media, towards your target, there is no better-targeted Twitter audience compared to the followers of the highly influential tweeter. Even sponsored tweets website support you with the matching procedure (but as penny hoarder discovered, you can perform sign away various of your rights, along with providing them the rights to update your profile and tweet as per yourself).


The additional option would be specialist influencer marketing platforms, like Hypr and Tapinfluence. They furnish the marketplace in which you encounter their influencer criteria they sum you within their databases and would be visible to the brands who see to sponsor their posts. 


Similar to the other social media channels, Twitter influencers would obtain more when they secure both a higher engagement rate along with more increased followers. It is known among brands to buy Twitter followers who do not have any interest in the tweets of the accounts. They would merely take interest in those people who are real followers and shall involve in your tweets in any type of meaning. 


There is a lower engagement rate on Twitter. The average twitter secures the engagement rate with 0.5 – 1.0%. The Twitter engagement would be specified as likes, Retweets, Replies, @mentions, Follows, Profile clicks, Permalink clicks, Tweet expansion clicks, and Link clicks. But the same should be known that for various people a tweet is shorter, in the platform it is 1 min and goes faded under various tweets. Hence people are allowed to watch a small number of tweets on their story page and have no chance to watch most of them.


Twitter Money Calculator or Estimator considers such factors. When there is less than a 3% engagement rate then you could anticipate obtaining a substantially smaller payment through these brands, when you secure a higher engagement rate despite having more followers. 


It is supposed, you are a normal micro-influencers who are involved, active, and admired in your field of interest. You shall obviously earn more as compared to the prediction of our calculator if you are Katy Perry or Justin Bieber, Over different micro-influence, celebrities pose an additional “wow factor”, still for many brands, it is uncertain whether these celebrities influence people to buy the products compared to a well-targeted micro-influencer.

Twitter Money Calculator
Thus What Measure Do You Require to Earn Money on Twitter?


For instance, you inserted Twitter statistics in our Twitter Money Calculator / Estimator and you are aggrieved concerning your potential earnings. What sort of measures you should consider to rectify your numbers and convert yourself to a Twitter influencer?




Twitter Money Calculator
Twitter Money Calculator
1. Specialization and Monopolize a Field

People would be interested in tweeting images of their breakfast or about their children’s achievements, though this does not make you an influencer. The influencer on Twitter already knows about their field and interest and also they have a keen knowledge about what kind of audience they need to target as well as consider the kind of tweets that shall draw the audience’s interest. 


Donald Trump has a rich experience in this. His tweets told their supporters about the things they want to learn and outraged his rivals. Since he was the President people are keen to know about their breakfast, and the same kind of interest shall soon come to an end, and his supporters then shall proceed to support other famous personalities. 


Likewise Twitter has identical features that the other social media channels secure. The brands would be exclusively been take an interest in sponsoring the people on Twitter who develop their authority in a specific interest which get matches with the buyers of the brand’s goods or services. The target market would be attracted to those influencers who shall serve their best. 

2. Followers Must be Built up Naturally

The followers on your social media handles and Twitter must represent the genuine ID of audiences instead of paid followers or bot accounts. There is a significant factor to only consider the genuine accounts as there are impressions on other communities of the audience that the account post is getting a considerable reaction from the followers instead of the large gap between the actual followers and reaction to the post in the form of like, retweet or quote.


The practice of buying audience and followers to make a larger base is absolutely wrong in the context of creating a lasting impression.

Twitter Money Calculator
Twitter Money Calculator
3. Giving More Than Your Audience Expect

Engaging content is a somewhat very crucial feature of an influencer and that is the same reason why followers are sticking to your account. The influencer can catch their audience’s attention just by tweeting a one-liner or a whole bunch of informational links, videos, and photos that have glued the audience. Good research in terms of its genuineness and importance is what a good content curator needs to bring a lot of followers or audiences to the table and it will surely give them the boost they need to make more of the content that the audience like and share.


Twitter is a place of diversified content and there is no doubt there are a lot of unusual content creators who offer amazing content to their audiences no matter the intensity. This is an area of good research so that one can also take a step in the same direction.

4. Know Your Audiences at a Broad Level

Creating a large pool audience is one task and making it a community is another. An audience is an individual person at first and if the influencer is a great person then it becomes a community on its own. They start their interaction in and out of the posts and the influencer is in the centre. 


This is a super great way to build a family larger than the life. Starting a Broadcasting live with your audience and engaging in conversations will take a lot ahead of the valuable goodwill of the account as well as of the influencer. The community will be much more fascinated with the account holder as they would feel prominent and closer to the person who is already an important person as of now. The community would further grow into a better place to have fun and get the networking done.

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5. Give Your Account a Business-like Perspective

There is always confusion as to how a social media account can be considered a business but this might be wrong in the context of the money it returns when everything goes right. The Twitter account if handled perfectly can garner thousands of followers every single day along with the money advantage over the top.


The account holder must be attentive in each tweet he sends out and carefully chooses his words for a better preposition towards the audience. The account holder should consider all the relevant factors of each tweet and the analytics for better growth of his account. Carefully selecting hashtags and the target audience will be better for future selection of sponsorship i.e. the choice authority of the brand and not the other way around.


What Method Does Twitter Consider to Make the Money?

The method of advertising on the site plays a major role in income of Twitter. Also, advertising has an 85% stake in its revenue. Opposite to youtube, Twitter excludes sharing the revenue that comes from advertising among its users. The Revenue of Twitter stood at $686 in Q2 2020 which a 19% lesser than the number it announced in the former year.  loss of $124 million has been notified by Twitter corresponding to a $7 million loss for Q1 2020.


What Shall be the Method that I Consider to Make My Tweet Viral?

Working hard would be an effective method to make your tweets go viral. You need to increase your involvement over the duration. When more people visit your Tweets there shall be higher chances of liking or retweeting your tweet by the audience. 


Does Twitter Pay for Viral Tweets?

No, Twitter does not pay anyone for their tweets irrespective of their dominance. It does not direct that one could not able to make the money on Twitter, the brands are obligated to find successful Twitter account holders and perform private deals with them.


Can I consider SEO Services to Make My business Tweets Viral?


Yes, you can consider SEO services to make your business tweets viral. By optimizing your tweets for relevant keywords, phrases, and hashtags you can increase the chances that they will be seen by more people. In addition to using the right keywords, it is also important to write engaging tweets.


This means writing tweets that are interesting, informative, and relevant to your target audience. Content writers from these SEO service providers can help you write engaging tweets by providing you with tips and templates

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