Water Damage Marketing

When marketing your water damage and restoration business, you have more options than ever before. Using multiple media channels and diverse strategies can help you connect with your target audience in many ways to help grow your business. Just using one or two marketing strategies is no longer enough to help your business pull ahead in today’s competitive market.


There are a few areas of focus that will really benefit your water damage and restoration business. By investing marketing dollars in creating a great website that is SEO-friendly while also embracing multiple advertising channels, including content marketing, pay-per-click ads, remarketing, local search marketing, and much more, new customers will find you easily, and your water damage business will be busier than ever before.


Creating and implementing an effective marketing plan on your own can be challenging, which is why you should choose to work with water damage marketing professionals like those at Over The Top SEO. We can help you achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively. Over The Top SEO has years of experience supporting businesses just like yours to expand in your local area.

Get A Great SEO Website

Not all websites are created equally, and since your website is often the first introduction potential customers have to your water damage and restoration business, you must ensure your website makes a great first impression for your business. Customers today want a full-service website that tells them all about your business educates them on what do in the event of a water emergency in their home and helps guide them through the damage repair process. You will need to build a website that focuses on the user experience (UX).


Customers today want to be able to book appointments online (or at least see availability), and they will look for helpful information about your services as well as tips for dealing with household issues. Your website should be built to maximize search engine results so that customers can easily find you online, too. Designing and maintaining an effective water damage website is what we at Over The Top SEO do best, and we are here to create your site today. Your website is key to attracting and motivating potential clients for the range of services you offer. Whether you already have a site that just needs to be updated or need a whole new site built, Over The Top SEO can assist you.

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We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve helped nearly 2,000 clients grow their businesses, online and offline. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Our team of web developers and coders will maximize your conversion rate for website visits

Which means more clients for your water damage business. We built our business on helping others maximize the keywords that will generate new water damage and restoration clients. We will assist you to generate more leads for your water damage business using our extensive knowledge of website visitor behavior and SEO.


Potential new customers can find you easily when your website maximizes search engine results. Over The Top SEO can help you achieve first-page visibility using a variety of water damage search terms, including local keywords and emergency keywords, and the very latest in SEO techniques. Our experts will maximize your website’s ability to produce organic search engine traffic and potential client leads. Contact Over The Top SEO today to learn more about what we can do for your website. But it’s not all about getting your website to rank higher in search engines for your website; you also need to show all the people who come across your website and are looking for your services, that you are the absolute best at what you do. How do you show people that you are the best in your areas at doing what you do without ever speaking to them or even interacting with them?


By having tons of local testimonials and reviews on your website, that’s how. Think of it like this. Would you rather find someone to fix your water damage from the yellow pages, or would you rather hire the company that helped your best friend who lives down the street and had the same problem? That is exactly why there needs to be testimonials from clients on your website. While it won’t help with SEO, it will help with conversions from people who are finding your website for the first time.

Use Content Marketing

Your web presence also tells potential clients a lot about your water damage and restoration company’s areas of expertise, and you can utilize effective content to educate potential customers as well as give them reasons they need to hire your company to help them with their water damage. Create an educational pamphlet that tells clients exactly what to do after a flood, natural disaster, or water leak. This will provide them with peace of mind and show you care about their belongings and their home.


On top of providing the local community with an informative pamphlet, take it a step further and do the same thing, but online. This can be anything from creating videos for YouTube about steps to take after water damage is found, to writing articles giving out tips and tricks for preventing any type of water damage from happening; the whole point here is to put out quality content that people are actually able to use. When it comes to having a successful business, no matter what the niche may be, there is one thing that never changes. People will only buy from you if they feel like they know, like and trust you. Ask yourself, will you buy anything from somebody that you don’t trust? No, you won’t.

That is why using content marketing is so important.

It gives you an opportunity to get the local community to know, like and trust you. As soon as this happens, you will not just be the ‘go-to’ when it comes to water damage, but you’ll also start to get more recommendations than you can handle. Once people know, like and trust you, they will start to refer you to their friends, family and neighbors as well. But again, as simple as it sounds, it is not always such an easy task.


While videos are easy to make, they then need to be SEO’d so that they can be found on search engines and YouTube. Articles explaining how to handle water damage are great, but if nobody ever sees it, it probably doesn’t matter. This is the exact reason that you need to find a knowledgeable, reliable company that can help you with all of your content marketing needs. Providing free resources to your community helps increase your brand reputation as well as ensure client’s confidence in your water damage and restoration professionals.


Our team at Over The Top SEO is here to help you create effective content, make sure it is SEO-friendly, and disseminate it through the right online channels to market your water damage services effectively. By selecting Over The Top SEO as your water damage marketing partner, you gain a full-service agency with years of experience in all the areas you will need to support your growing business. Contact Over The Top SEO today to learn more about how we can help your water damage and restoration business grow.

What It Will Take You To Rank Higher?
What SEO Opportunities You Are Missing?

See If Your Business
Qualifies To Work With OTT.

We have inspired and motivated business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the world for the past few years, and we’ve helped nearly 2,000 clients grow their businesses, online and offline. However, we realized that we couldn’t help everyone. and the truth is not everyone is our match made in heaven. Therefore, we only accept new clients after an extensive screening process that helps us determine whether we will be a good fit for each other.

Cultivate Your Online Reputation and Branding

When a potential customer hears about your water damage services, they are very likely to look for you online to learn more about you. That means reading reviews of your business from past customers and seeing what else they can learn about you from other online sources. Using your newsletters, social media platforms, and customer satisfaction surveys to encourage your past clients to review you online is a great way to not only increase your number of reviews but also (hopefully) increase your review ratings.


Encourage clients to rate your water damage and restoration business on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and other trusted review sources in your area. You can remind them to review you in person, via email, or through a postcard or other mailer. You can even provide them with detailed instructions for how to review you on various platforms to be sure they know how. Be sure you take the time to respond to all reviews, and if you occasionally have a negative review, be sure to reach out to correct the problem. Don’t try to engage the negative reviewer through the online platform but instead do it privately.


Do whatever is necessary to remedy the situation, then ask them to please review you again. Because so many people today trust online reviews, taking the time to know how you are being reviewed and to cultivate positive reviews is very important for successful marketing. The expert team at Over The Top SEO can assist you with reputation management, providing you with effective strategies and guidance on how to increase your public profile. Contact us today to learn more about our brand management and reputation services.

Cultivate Referrals from Multiple Sources

When running a water damage or restoration business, you will need always to be working on referrals. One great source of referrals is your satisfied clients. Asking your past customers to refer you to their friends and family is a proven marketing strategy. When you have successfully completed a job, leave a referral card your current client can give out, being sure to explain your request. Offer your current clients a referral incentive for sending new business your way. Giving cash rewards for referrals is a time-proven strategy, and there are other incentives that might work well depending on the situation.


If you have a client who is also in a service business, consider offering to trade referrals. Insurance agents, contractors, and construction suppliers are all in a position to refer customers to your business. Visit your referral leads every few weeks, making sure to give them something in writing that reminds them how you can assist their clients. Show them how you are valuable.


Think outside the box when it comes to who might be able to send you referrals. Work with household cleaners, commercial cleaners, carpet and flooring professionals, lawn care professionals, and others in your community who serve residential and commercial clients. Find some you know and trust, and when your clients ask for referrals for those needed services, you can speak with authority. They will then be more likely to reciprocate with referrals for you.

Another way to get an avalanche of referrals is to start an email list. In fact, if your business doesn’t have an email list, chances are your business is not doing well at all. And if it is doing well, it is about to do a whole lot better.


So an email list is a list of clients that you have helped in the past, clients that you are currently helping and potential clients who may need your service either now, or in the future. Why do you want to start an email list? It’s simple really. Let’s say that you only have a list of all your past client’s email addresses. Now let’s say that you are about to have a sale of some kind, let’s say 40% off (it can be anything). You send that out to your past clients. They don’t need any water damage repair, but they know somebody who does. Who do you think that they are going to refer? The person from a free online classified, or the person that helped them out, had amazing service and is now have a 40% discount on their services?


While every business needs an email list to generate leads and referrals, there is a certain way that it must be treated. For starters, you cannot only email randomly when you have a sale or special. That’s how you will lose potential customers. The right way to do it is to send emails out two or three times per week. Be sure to include quality content. That’s it. The whole idea behind an email list is to get your subscribers to know, like and trust you. This way, when they do eventually need your services, they are going to contact you first as they already feel that they know, like and trust you.


Another great way to get referrals from your past and current clients is to simply sent them a quick ‘thank you’ note. When is the last time somebody, especially a business, sent you a quick thanks for being so awesome note? The chances are that you have never received one.


So if you really want to stand out an get a ton of referrals, as well as be loved forever by all your past clients, send them a personalized thank you note after they do business with you. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Simply go down to the store and get some notecards with envelopes for a few dollars. Then have your assistant, or yourself, write a nice little message with the clients first name on it saying thanks for your service. You can even include a coupon that they can ‘gift’ to a friend if you want. The message doesn’t have to be anything complicated. In fact, here is a sample message that you can use:

‘Hey (client’s name),


I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for being such an awesome client!  We had such a great experience and are always looking for clients just like you.  In fact, here is a certificate for a complimentary water damage consultation to give to a friend, family or coworker, as we are always on the lookout for awesome clients just like you!  I’m glad that we got to work together!

Thanks for being awesome,

(business name)


Something like that is extremely simple, yet it will make your client feel so amazing, that they will have no other option than to recommend you to their friends, family and coworkers, as well as come back to you when they need your services again.  And not to get ninja with it, but by placing phrases such as ‘we are always on the lookout for awesome clients like you’, you are simply getting them thinking about people they can refer.  It’s a win-win.  And all you did was to send out a quick little hand-written ‘thank you’ not that took about 45 seconds to write.


Those are the top methods to start implementing so that you can start to get referrals from your past and current clients.  With referrals being the number one way to grow a business, it is super important that you go out of your way to maximize your current clients, as long as you do it the right way.






Online Classifieds Can Be Useful
While online classifieds are not as glamorous or flashy as other strategies, they are still an effective way to reach those looking for your services. Running free ads on Craigslist can bring in added revenue each month, and it only costs you the time needed to post the ads regularly. Even paying someone to do this for you would still be a smart investment. There may be other online classifieds in your area that your community trusts. Ask around and find out where people in your area go when they are looking for help. Or, use a skilled marketing agency to assist you finding the best online sources for free ads in your area.
Utilize Lead Generation Services

There are several companies that offer paid lead-generation services. Depending on your local market and your budget, this may be an effective marketing strategy for your water damage business. These lead-generation sites often dominate the first pages of search results, so if you are still building organic SEO results, lead generation can assist.


Lead generation allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while work comes to you, but you must weigh this against the price, which is steadily rising across the industry. Work with a professional marketing team to determine if lead generation is an effective tool to use and be sure you are tracking data to determine if these services are producing the results you are paying for.

Local Ads Bring in Local Business

There are several ways you can target local advertising to make the most of your ad dollars. The first is to be ready for your high season. Whether you operate in a floodplain, hurricane-prone area, tornado alley, or another part of the country, there are times in your community when your services are more needed than others. Be prepared for when the unthinkable happens.


Create promotional materials in advance to have ready to distribute when bad weather hits. Create educational materials that help people know what to do when a flood or inclement weather damages their home, and distribute these in areas hit hard. Facebook ad campaigns should be ready and waiting, and start posting these a few days in advance of predicted bad weather. If you know there are times when you are usually very busy, call out-of-town colleagues and put them on notice for sub-contracted work. Don’t wait until it’s busy to make a plan for satisfying the need.

Utilizing pay-per-click ads, like Google AdWords, can be an effective local marketing strategy.

By utilizing local keywords and geographic names, you can ensure potential customers in your area will find you ranked high in their search results. Create custom landing pages based on keywords to highlight specific services you may offer, including mold removal, flood damage, and disaster cleanup. You can even run mobile-only ads that feature the click-to-call option, which will help people get in touch with you quickly.


If someone is having a water emergency and Googles you on a mobile device, chances are high they are ready to make the phone call. Click-to-Call ads on Google, Facebook, and other media are effective tools to target in your local area. When someone visits your website but does not book a service, you want to be sure you entice them to follow through with their initial inquiry. Remarketing ads are a great way to accomplish this. Remarketing is available through many channels. Facebook remarketing ads are inexpensive and targeted ways to drive more traffic to your water damage and restoration business. Remarketing ads are a great way to offer incentives, such as discounts or special offers, to those who have previously found your business online or previously used your services.

Embrace Email and Social Media Marketing

One long-standing and effective strategy for generating new leads is email marketing. You can utilize automated email services to assist you in email campaigns, and this strategy is often an inexpensive way to find new clients. Using automated systems allows you to create targeted messages for various subgroups easily. This includes people at various points in the decision-making cycle, people looking for different types of services, and different referral providers. Email campaigns are also a good way to offer various promotions or discounts to different customers, customizing your motivational strategies to each person.


Emails have been shown to increase customer confidence in your water damage company’s expertise. Sending newsletters with helpful water-damage tips is often just the right motivation to show people you have their best interests at heart. Social media is a necessary marketing tool in today’s marketing landscape. Many channels, especially Facebook, offer a variety of advertising tactics to draw in customers to your business. Because they collect so much data on their users, you are better able to target ads to people who are most in need of water damage services in your area.

Water Damage Marketing
Selecting a marketing partner who has expertise in multiple marketing strategies means you are more likely to have a marketing plan that will accomplish your business goals. The professional team of experts at Over The Top SEO have the knowledge and skills you need to utilize all of these strategies and more to their maximum potential. Contact us today for a free website analysis and to learn more about how our marketing solutions can help grow your water damage and restoration business. Let us help you find those new customers and stand out in the water damage market today. Call us now.

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