7 Ways to Increase Amazon Product Rankings and Raise Sales

7 Ways to Increase Amazon Product Rankings and Raise Sales

Having a high product ranking on Amazon is a great way to expand your sales. Improving your product positioning using Amazon SEO gets you in front of your customers and increases the chances of generating more revenue.

Amazon uses an algorithm to rank its products and this algorithm is known by the name A9. As a seller, you need to remain informed about the latest updates that continually happen in the A9 algorithm in order to keep your products ranking higher in Amazon search results.

Amazon is constantly evolving but below are some of the proven ways that can help you list your products on the first page of Amazon:

1- Identify a Set of Potential Keywords

Keyword Optimization for Amazon is very different from that for other search engines. In order to ensure that your products are listed for as many keyword combinations as possible, you need to furnish them with a lot of appropriate search terms.

To target, most of your customers, use high-volume keywords for your product as your sales rely on it.

You can also identify your keywords in Seller Central Keyword’s Tab.

You should keep in mind to avoid punctuation like commas or semicolons as it could limit the reach of your keywords.

Here are some of the best keyword research tools to generate relevant keywords for Amazon:

  • Sellics will help you at the earlier phases of your keyword research i.e. brainstorming. You need to simply enter a few keywords and let the tool suggest more for you.
  • Sonar is a free Amazon keyword research tool that enables you to discover all the valuable keywords you will need to rank your product. Simply enter your main target keyword and it will automatically deliver you a search volume estimation for the best keyword references.
  • LSI Graph is a free tool that automatically generates relevant keywords. 
  • Moz enables you to quickly research keywords and also shows keyword suggestions. You can do 2 free searches per day and if you want to use more you can pay for it.
  • Thesaurus is perhaps the most underused resource in keyword research for Amazon. You can use this tool when your products might have more than one name or have an alternate name in British English.

2- Consider Offering Discounts

Customers always look for an amazing deal, and they can often find one on Amazon. A sneaky way to enhance your product list for conversions is to offer your products and items at a discounted rate.

You can see the below example of a product offering a discount  :

Amazon Deals

Providing a discount on your products will help in increasing the visibility of your item and also help in gaining reviews.

Lightning deals, best deals, vouchers, an offer of buy one get one, etc are some of the great opportunities to offer a temporary discount on your product.

On Amazon, there is a search filter with discounts which shows that even offering a small discount may put you on the top of the search results.

3- Provide Satisfaction to Customers

Amazon always puts its customers first and takes every step to make them happy so that they keep coming back.  

Give Attention to Your Star Ratings

Receiving negative feedback from customers can affect your positioning on Amazon. The 1-star and 2-star ratings can pull your rating down considerably.

Reviews are not directly related to your product rankings. However, they impact your conversions which are a ranking factor.

Order Defect Rate

Your product quality and the service that you are providing are the relevant factors. Any fallout on these can compel the customer to make a claim against the order.

Issues related to shipment can initiate negative feedback from your customers. Enhance your order defect rate to rank your product high on Amazon.

Maintain Adequate Stock

Customers place great attention on the availability of stock.

The non-availability of their favorite items can put off customers while increasing the occurrences of providing refunds and accounting for cancellations. This can affect your ranking adversely.

Exit Rate

It’s very hard to control the exit rate. In determining the exit rate, customer behavior plays a very important role.

It increases when your customer sees your listing and exits Amazon without making any sales. Bringing down the exit rate can improve your ranking.

4- Improve Bounce Rate and Time on Page

How the customer interacts with the website can be measured easily by Amazon. They can track the time a customer spends on a page and also the bounce rate.

If a customer spends a lot of time on your listing page it means he is likely to be interested in your product. If he just skims through a list of brief features and no other content option is available he can immediately bounce from that page which shows Amazon that your product is not ranking well.  

You can follow the below tips to get rid of a high bounce rate:

  • Make your content more readable and keep checking on font style and make proper use of punctuation and capitalization.
  • Add video in order to increase the duration of your visitors.
  • You can make use of infographics as they will make your content more attractive and useful.
  • Use strong and attractive meta descriptions.
  • Make your content more authentic by sharing superior quality content.

5- Increase Your Conversion Rate

The average conversion rate on the main page of Amazon is around 13% implying that 13 out of each hundred visitors will make a purchase. A high product click-through rate helps to boost your rankings on Amazon.

To transform Amazon visitors into customers you must use conversion marketing. High placement on any page won’t accomplish anything if you can’t transform clicks into sales. User experience is an important part of the overall Amazon won’t rank you on their first page if you are not selling.

You should write product descriptions with the buyer in mind. In order to increase your conversion rate, provide more information and include more images of your product.

Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Clearly, outline what the product is at a glance. If after reading the product description customers still have questions in their minds then it means you are doing something wrong.
  • Incorporate high-quality images, charts, videos, and other media in your product descriptions.
  • State what makes the product extraordinary and if possible add third-party reviews also.
  • Use A/B testing to check different calls to action, different images, and descriptions to perceive what plays out the best.

6- Consider Using Sponsored Product Ads

Amazon’s advertising program helps you to increase your visibility quickly. You can easily beat your competitors with these paid advertisements.

It enables you to purchase space at the top of Amazon search results and category listings. Whenever somebody clicks your ad you need to pay.

To get started you simply have to select your keywords and products and afterward, you need to set bids for how much you want to spend. This will enhance the ranking of your sales which will improve your organic listings.

Below is an example of what sponsored product ad looks like:

Sponsored Product Ads

You can use these sponsored ads to:

  • To increase the discoverability of your product.
  • To highlight new offers
  • In order to display new selections
  • Increase the visibility of seasonal promotions

It is a powerful tool that will help in increasing your sales on Amazon.

7- Win the Buy Box

On Amazon’s Product detail box, there is a buy box where the purchase process is started by the customer when they add the products to the shopping basket.

Here are some of the factors that go towards winning the box:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Product availability
  • Multiple options for shipping
  • Delivery experience, how much time it will take to deliver
  • Your time and experience on the Amazon selling platform

There are repricing tools available in the market, for example, FeedVisor which automatically improves the price of your product by checking the levels at which your rivals are pricing their products.

Sellery is also one of the repricing tools that give you control over when and by how much your products will be repriced.

You simply need 3 things in order to win the buy box:

  • High seller rating
  • Fulfillment of all ranking components
  • The best cost

To drive sales and conversions on Amazon, it’s essential that you improve each part of your product listings. Start following the above tips to speed up and boost your Amazon ranking and increase your sales.