5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

5 Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategies for Business Growth

Globally, there are more than 2 billion WhatsApp users. Every single day, WhatsApp users exchange around 100 billion messages. It indicates that the majority of your current and potential clients are using the application. Therefore, in order to increase sales, it is imperative that businesses create a compelling presence on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is the ideal platform for you if you want to market and raise brand awareness or if you are wanting to expand your consumer base.

A few cutting-edge features of WhatsApp for Business include quick replies, auto-replies, list messages, broadcast lists, etc. The WhatsApp Business Management process is made easier by these capabilities.

WhatsApp marketing is a powerful approach to reaching a broad audience in a cost-effective manner. It can help businesses to engage with customers and prospects more quickly and easily than ever before.

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging applications and is used by millions of people around the world. It has become an essential part of everyday communication for many people. With its increasing popularity, businesses have started to take advantage of WhatsApp marketing strategies to reach a wide audience.

Major WhatsApp Marketing strategies

Here are five important strategies which marketers use in the WhatsApp Marketing campaign.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of creating and sharing content that attracts and engages an audience, with the aim of increasing brand awareness and generating leads. Content marketing can be used to promote products and services, as well as to provide useful information and entertaining content. Content can be in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, and more. 

2. Viral Campaigns

Viral campaigns are campaigns that encourage users to share content with their friends and followers in order to spread the message of a brand. They often use creative and engaging content such as videos, GIFs, and images to encourage sharing. These campaigns can be used to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

3. Automated Messaging

Automated messaging is the practice of sending automated messages to users on WhatsApp. These messages can be sent on a schedule, in response to certain triggers, or as part of a campaign. Automated messages can be used to send promotions, updates, reminders, and more.

4. Group Messaging

Group messaging is the practice of creating groups on WhatsApp and inviting users to join them. These groups can be used to share content, hold conversations, and promote products or services. Group messaging can be used to increase brand awareness and build relationships with customers.

5. Broadcast Messaging

Broadcast messaging is the practice of sending messages to a large number of users at once. These messages can be sent to promote products or services, announce updates, or provide useful information. Broadcast messaging can be used to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Advantages Of WhatsApp For Sales

There are numerous benefits to using WhatsApp for business purposes. Let’s check them out one by one.

Change In Consumers’ Online Behavior

The arrival of the pandemic has brought about a significant shift in how consumers interact with businesses online. The populace turned to online shopping and selling in excess. Customers now expect firms to respond quickly to their online inquiries.

As a result, as a firm, you must satisfy your clients. You need to be where your customers are already. According to statistics, WhatsApp is by far the most popular medium for sales because it is used by the majority of people worldwide. In order to increase sales, it is essential to establish a compelling brand presence on WhatsApp that draws in the most users.

Quick and Convenient

WhatsApp has risen to third place among the most popular social networking sites as of 2022, behind Facebook and YouTube. The use of WhatsApp is rapid, convenient, and simple, which explains this. In just a few clicks, it makes formal and casual contacts possible. Building strong, personal client relationships, the messages can be broadcast to a number of customers at once on WhatsApp.

Local and Global Reach

WhatsApp enables businesses to reach more customers than they would anticipate. To promote deals, discounts, the release of new products, etc., all you need are the WhatsApp contact numbers of your customers.

How Can WhatsApp Be Used To Increase Sales?

Let’s look at several tactics firms can use to increase sales by utilizing WhatsApp.

Create a business profile on WhatsApp.


You must first download the app and set up a business profile if you’ve never had a WhatsApp Business Account. Choose WhatsApp Business Application if you run a startup and need to handle fewer consumers and clients.

Choose WhatsApp Business API if you are a medium-sized or established business owner. Use a smart solution, such as OTT SEO, the leading SMM product in the market, to administer WhatsApp Business API effectively.

You can link Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp, among other social media platforms. Managing all of your company’s social media accounts may be done from a single dashboard, saving you the trouble of having to sign into many different programmes at once.

Utilize a unique business number

Although it might seem obvious, this is a crucial action. Using a personal WhatsApp number will have an effect on the company as well, and customers can lose faith in it. Additionally, it will ruin your personal life. Therefore, have a telephone number specifically for your business to avoid any mistake.

Add your company’s logo as a display image.

Make your WhatsApp Business Account more professional. In the display image, use your logo. It is advised against including your photo. Customers should be able to recognise you by your brand and the services and goods it offers. In addition to the logo, your slogan or punchline can help you promote yourself successfully to your current and potential customers.

Display Your Goods, Prices, and Description

In the hands of your clients, WhatsApp for Business is very similar to a store. Your company will develop as your clients do. Therefore, be careful to highlight your products in WhatsApp for Business’ Catalog feature. Around 500 items can be uploaded to your catalog.

Your internet store is prepared to be used after you provide a brief description of the products and add prices for each one. Businesses will greatly benefit from the Catalog function because it relieves them of the burden of repeatedly sending links to each product and discussing it separately.

The important feature is that you can combine related goods into one catalog. Just be mindful of the restrictions and the things that WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy forbids.

Continue to update your catalog

You shouldn’t let down either your current clients or the ones you’re intending to pursue. The new stock or promotions that you are already promoting on other social media platforms should be included in your catalog. Customers expect prompt resolutions to their difficulties, keep in mind.

You might lose a conversion if they had to wait for you to demonstrate what was new in the store. Maintain your WhatsApp Catalog’s updates. You can add goods and services to your catalog in the following manner.

Another option outside the Catalog is “WhatsApp Status.” Create a sense of scarcity, be genuine in your approach, add your products to your status, and boost sales.

Notify customers as soon as possible

You must continue to nudge your clients if you want to boost sales. Update them on new deals, specials, releases, etc. Use WhatsApp for Business’ clever tools and capabilities to accomplish this. Learn how to utilize WhatsApp for Business by reading this article.

Promote Services Using Captivating Deals

Another function that will be very beneficial to your company is broadcast messages. You may quickly send messages to all of your customers with this function. You can reach the greatest number of individuals easily. You can use the time and energy you save thanks to this functionality to focus on other crucial business duties.

Importance of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that can help businesses reach a wide range of audiences. It’s an effective and cost-efficient way to communicate with customers, build relationships, and promote products and services.

The beauty of WhatsApp marketing is that it allows businesses to communicate with customers in real time, which can be a great way to build relationships. A business can use WhatsApp to send out timely messages and updates to customers, as well as answer any questions they might have.

WhatsApp also has a wide reach. Since it’s a popular platform, businesses can easily reach customers all over the world. This allows businesses to target a global audience and expand their reach.

Importance of WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp marketing is also very cost-effective. Unlike other digital marketing platforms, WhatsApp does not charge businesses to send messages or use its platform. This makes it a great choice for businesses on a budget.

In addition, WhatsApp marketing is very versatile. Businesses can use it to send out promotional messages, offer discounts and special deals, announce upcoming events, and much more. This allows businesses to create a variety of different campaigns that can be tailored to fit their needs.

Overall, WhatsApp marketing is an effective and cost-efficient way for businesses to reach a wide range of customers. It’s a great way to build relationships, promote products and services, and reach a global audience.

Hire Professionals For Creating WhatsApp Marketing Strategies

Creating a successful WhatsApp marketing strategy requires professional expertise due to a variety of factors. 

First and foremost, professional marketers understand the importance of segmenting audiences, setting goals, and tracking performance. Professional marketers can help identify target audiences and create campaigns that are tailored to their needs. This helps ensure that the messages being sent through WhatsApp are relevant and engaging, which can help increase response rates. Professional marketers can also help track the performance of campaigns and optimize them for maximum return on investment.

Second, professional marketers understand the importance of compliance with WhatsApp terms of service. They can help businesses ensure that their campaigns adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, as well as WhatsApp’s own terms of service. This is critical for avoiding any legal trouble that could arise from running a campaign on WhatsApp.

Finally, professional marketers are well-versed in the best practices for running a WhatsApp campaign. They understand the importance of personalization, the benefits of using multimedia content, the value of leveraging automation, and other strategies for getting the most out of a WhatsApp marketing campaign. This knowledge can be invaluable in ensuring that the campaign is as successful as possible. 

In summary, professional marketers are essential for creating successful WhatsApp marketing strategies due to their expertise in segmentation, compliance, and best practices. This expertise can help businesses ensure that their campaigns are as effective as possible and deliver the desired results.

WhatsApp marketing can be an effective way to reach a broad audience and engage with customers and prospects. By using the strategies mentioned above, you can create a strong connection with customers and increase the success of your business.

Why Hire OTTSEO To Create WhatsApp Marketing Strategies?

OTTSEO is one of the leading marketing firms for creating WhatsApp marketing strategies for businesses due to its extensive experience and expertise in digital marketing. They have a team of experienced digital marketers who understand the nuances of WhatsApp and how to leverage it for business growth. 

Firstly, OTTSEO has a comprehensive understanding of the WhatsApp platform and the marketing tactics that work best for it. They understand how to create content that is engaging and relevant to your target audience and how to optimize the content for maximum reach. They also have the necessary tools and technology to track the effectiveness of the campaigns and make adjustments as needed. 

Secondly, OTTSEO understands the importance of personalization when it comes to WhatsApp marketing. They know how to create personalized messages and campaigns that speak to the needs and interests of the target audience. By focusing on personalization, they can ensure that the messages they send out are tailored and effective. 

Thirdly, OTTSEO has a wealth of experience in creating effective campaigns and strategies for businesses. They have helped numerous businesses to reach their goals through their campaigns, and they are well-versed in the various ways of maximizing the reach and impact of WhatsApp campaigns. They also know how to use analytics to track the success of the campaigns and make changes as needed.

Finally, OTTSEO is committed to providing excellent customer service to its clients. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns business owners may have and provide guidance on how to create an effective WhatsApp marketing strategy. They are also willing to customize their services to meet the specific needs of each business. 

Overall, OTTSEO is the best marketing firm for creating WhatsApp marketing strategies for businesses because of their extensive experience and expertise in digital marketing, their comprehensive understanding of the WhatsApp platform, their focus on personalization, and their commitment to excellent customer service.