What is Auto-generated Content? Why is it so harmful to SEO purposes?

What is Auto-generated Content? Why is it so harmful to SEO purposes?

Automatically generated content or auto-generated content is produced using software. This is done with little or no human involvement in the process. Most of the times, it makes no sense and is not useful at all.

A significant part of today’s online business success depends on SEO. SEO is based on giving a good user experience to website visitors. The level of optimization on a website is measured by its pages loading speed, user-friendly features, content relevance.

Content is at the top of the ranking factors pyramid. It has to be relevant, useful, and original for a site to rank high in the results.

Auto-generated content is not relevant, not useful, and definitely, not original. So, it can severely hurt your website ranking and even lead to banishment.

Google has some strict standards regarding their optimized content policy. Its web crawlers can identify what content provides real help to the users and which has been introduced to manipulate search ranking. Just in case you’re wondering what Google considers auto-generated content, here are some examples:

• Content that makes no sense at all
• Information that has been translated using software with no revision of human editors
• Content that has been copy-pasted from other sites
• Text which has been stitched together from different sources without using any reference
• Keyword-rich text with no relevant information

Why is auto-generated content so harmful to SEO purposes?

The sake of having an optimized site is to provide help to users. Humans are not interested in reading useless text. They want answers, tips, and solutions to their online query. Auto-generated content is just a shallow attempt to rank higher without taking users’ satisfaction into account. It is a strong reason to be banned by search engines.