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How did Bancor get ICO with no marketing?

Nobody is 100% sure how Bancor managed to reach $153 million of Ethereum in just under 3 hours on June 12th, 2017. They only had their digital tokens up for sale for a total of three hours, and the fact that they raised over a hundred million dollars is a testament to the crypto community.

When people hear about something through word of mouth, they take it to heart. That’s why so many Discord groups are sharing tips, trading secrets, and comparing which projects to keep an eye out for. Bancor likely had a few massive whales waiting for the ICO to begin – either that or they just happened to release their tokens at the perfect time.

ICOs that are released at the beginning of a bull run are not only primed for success, but it’s nearly impossible to lose money as one of the first investors at that point.