How do you write an article for SEO friendly sites?

How do you write an article for SEO friendly sites?

Generating quality content is the bread and butter of any SEO strategy. To write articles that are SEO friendly, you need to apply at least a few of the most common SEO strategies. These include keyword research, topical relevance, proper formatting, and most important of all: provide value to your audience.

The internet is built mainly on content. We tend to put a lot of weight into the mechanical side of Search Engine Optimization, the side that only considers algorithms, SERPs, and metadata. However, you should never forget that, at the end of the day, you are producing content for human eyes with human needs and human minds.

There is a golden rule for writing SEO friendly and relevant articles (even beyond the technical advice that follows). Never forget who your audience is, and cater to provide what they seek.

Once you know the type of content you want to base your article on, there are plenty of steps and strategies you need to apply to have an SEO friendly piece of content.

The following list is by no means exhaustive or comprehensive. However, it will provide you with a more than solid starting ground. It can even improve the kind of content you put out (SEO-wise) almost overnight.

Tips to write SEO friendly Articles

Figure out the topic

This is a vital step that most people take for granted. If you want a piece of content to be relevant, it has to be topical and in direct relation to your potential viewers’ interests.

You don’t need to spend weeks, or even days figuring out the topic for a single article. But there are a few significant tentpole characteristics that can dramatically improve any piece of content you produce once you figure them out. Understand who the article is for, why they will find it relevant, and the practical value of reading it will leave them with. Do this, and you’ll be on the right track even before you write word one.

Do some Keyword Research

Doing KW research can help you on different fonts depending on the way you go about it. If you already know your topic, doing KW research will zero-in the best possible words you can use to support the content you want to produce. Let the research inform your word choices, and it will increase the overall effectiveness of the piece.

By the same token, if you have a rough idea of what you want your article to be about but don’t know how to tackle it, doing KW research around the topic might net you exciting and relevant ways to narrow down and help your creative process.

Use SEO Friendly Formatting

Formatting is crucial in any type of internet content, and you should be aware of the kind of formatting that fits the article you want to write. Talking about the format in a vacuum is difficult at best. Much of it depends on your goals and adapting those to your audience.

For example, don’t write overly long articles for rather simple topics. And don’t do a brief, fluff piece for things your audience wants to know in depth. Depict your ideas and information in a clear and readable manner. Use fonts and words that are simple and easy to understand.

Provide Value

Last but not least, is value. What’s the benefit your piece is bringing to those that engage with it? Value has everything to do with the lasting impression a viewer will take with them after they are done with your content. Provide good value (which can be information, entertainment, artistic, etc.), and they’ll want to come back for more.