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How much to market an ICO?

Marketing an ICO will not be cheap, and that’s something you can count on. If you’re serious about your ICO efforts, you’ll need a team of trained professionals to help market the project. If you cut corners when it comes to that, you can kiss any chance of success goodbye.

If you don’t have a reliable team of marketers that will work together seamlessly, it’ll be tough to stick out from the crowd. Plenty of projects are popping up daily, with most of them offering some sort of utility for their tokens. If you’re just planning on building a buzz and selling non-utility-based currencies, you’ll have to spend even more money. Does that mean you shouldn’t attempt an ICO? Not at all – just keep in mind that you’ll likely be paying thousands of dollars in marketing. No need to worry though, if done right, that money will come back soon several times over.