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How to market an ICO on Telegram?

Telegram is a lot like Discord and can be used as a way to build your army of sorts. Whenever you can bring together a community of investors that are willing to put their all into a project, you’re bound to find success. Multi-million dollar projects are built on Discord annually, and it’s quite strange to consider that.

This chat application lets you communicate with like-minded individuals, much like Discord. You can join a server that includes only ICO investors and talk amongst yourselves, brewing the hype for ICO releases even further.

You’d be surprised as to how many millionaires are on Telegram and looking for their next investment opportunity. Some of the whales on crypto Twitter have their profile pictures set to obscure NFTs, and yet they are worth millions of dollars; it’s truly amazing. Don’t count out Telegram users when it comes to marketing your ICO, especially if you want it to be a successful release.