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How to market an NFT collection?

Don’t follow in the footsteps of other NFT projects, as that’s likely going to leave people second-guessing the quality of your work. Many projects were trying to capitalize on the “Ape Rush” and release collections of ape-based characters (due to the success of Bored Apes). The best thing to do is create an NFT project from the heart or one that you’ve been developing for a while.

Slapping together a few crudely drawn pictures and calling it an NFT collection isn’t going to get you anywhere. It takes effective content marketing, strategizing, and community building to get where these major NFT projects are. 

Even just building a Discord server so that it’s full of potential investors is hard work, and you’ll likely need a full-time employee to monitor the chats once that happens. It’s a must when marketing any NFT campaign though!