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How to market my ICO?

Don’t put out a list of team members that includes their Discord server names or just a blank photo. People want to see real faces and know that there is genuine work going into the project. Whenever you have a list of wolf-based characters running an ICO, investors tend to bow their heads and ignore it.

Market your ICO as if you were marketing a brand. Promote professionally and never squabble with people who spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) online. As long as you hold your head high and show transparency with your ICO project, odds are the investors will flock in by the dozen.

You can also attempt to market your ICO by word-of-mouth if you’d like. Let your friends know about it and you can even introduce family members to the idea. If you think that your ICO is the next best thing, feel free to share your thoughts with the entire world!