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How to market to ICO investors?

ICO investors want one of two things: to make more money or to make a difference in the world. If you have an idea that will change how people approach anything (whether it’s work, leisure time, or anything in between), ICO investors will take notice. Whether it’s the big fish or small fry, plenty of money is being poured into ICOs annually. If you want a chunk of that change, you’ll have to effectively market your ICO to everyone.

You want investors that are committed to the project and will stick around through thick and thin. Don’t just focus on the major players who have likely invested in several projects already. Instead, focus on those who are looking for something new. You can find them on social media platforms for the most part, but they’re all over the place. Investors are always going to take a shot if there are potential profits involved, so try to find the perfect entry price for your tokens as well.