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How to successfully market an ICO?

Successfully marketing an ICO requires patience and experience, as well as an abundance of money. If you have millions of dollars and can afford anything marketing-wise, you’re ahead of the competition already. Whenever you can just outpace competitors by buying more adverts, you’re probably going to win. Social media is the go-to for most marketing needs, but it’s particularly useful for ICOs.

Influencers like Logan and Jake Paul have been dipping their toes into the crypto scene for a few years now. With the massive NFT run of 2022 in our rearview mirror, it could be time for these influencers to instead focus on the likes of ICOs.

Can you imagine how many investors would be waiting in line to purchase your tokens if a celebrity-endorsed the project? After all, it’s how got so many people to invest in their CRO token.