What are Commercial Investigation Queries?

What are Commercial Investigation Queries?

Internet searches are always done with a purpose in mind. It might be looking for general information, information about products or services, or searching for something to buy or sell, etc.  

The string of words that users enter into search engine search boxes to find such information is called a search query. A search query can have four primary intents: navigational, informational, transactional, and commercial investigation.

Informational queries are typed when users want to find information about something in particular. They would be typed in terms such as “Giraffe,” or “what to do during a long layover in New York.”

Navigational queries are used when the searcher wants to find a particular website. For example, they’d Google ‘Yelp or ‘TripAdvisor.’

Transactional queries are those that are typed for purchasing purposes.

Commercial investigation queries are those done by a searcher who wants to compare a product or a service and find out which one is best for them.

A commercial investigation query search can be done only for the purpose of research or with the intention to purchase. Some examples of commercial investigation queries include:

  –  Looking for providers of raw materials

  –  Searching for a distribution partner for a product you are launching

  –  Finding the best manufacturer of reusable bags in a specific area

  –  Researching the best travel insurance provider for an upcoming trip

These searches are not directly transactional and do not necessarily result in a purchase or any other commercial relationship. However, they are also not purely informational.

When you run a business, your competitors should play a significant role in your marketing decisions. These types of queries can provide valuable information when searching for potential clients/partners, options for future transactions, assessing your competitors, and choosing keywords to optimize your site for search engines.

As such, they play a key role when doing keyword research for any SEO Company. In fact, many experts claim that when choosing target keywords, it is more important to focus on searcher intent than on search volume.