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What are Static URLs?

For search engines, every little detail about your website matters. They take into consideration hundreds of factors when indexing and ranking your pages. Thus, your SEO strategies need to take into consideration all the factors that can be controlled from your end to ensure your site’s success. A little aspect of websites that people sometimes disregard is the URLs.

Mainly, there are two types of URLs: dynamic and static. The first one leads to dynamic pages that change according to a specific user. They can be personalized or updated on a regular basis. These changes don’t require any human input as they are conducted automatically through databases.

Static URLs, on the other hand, lead to webpages that always remain as they are. Thus, they are not customizable for users. Every person who enters the site will see the same information in all the pages they visit.

The specific type of URL you should use is a somewhat debatable topic among the SEO community. Although Google has stated that it has no issues with crawling dynamic URLs, it’s commonly known that they are not precisely friendly for users or search engines. Some experts argue that you should change all your URLs to static to avoid any problem down the road, some consider it unnecessary. However, when you weigh the pros and cons of having static vs. dynamic URL, the decision seems like a no brainer.

Here are some of the pros of using static URLs:

  –  Your click-through rate among SERPs and web pages can increase.

  –  Your target keywords will become more prominent and relevant.

  –  Static URLs are easier for people to copy, paste, link, or share both on and offline.

  –  They are easy to remember and are commonly used in branding and offline media.

  –  Users identify the subject of the page more accurately.

  –  Well-written URLs contain good anchor text that helps the page rank higher when using a naked link.

  –  These URLs are preferred by most search engines. They are able to handle them better, particularly if there are multiple parameters.

Static URLs can pose a problem if you make a mistake in the rewriting process. In this case, both users and search engines will struggle to find content on your site.