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What does “Do-follow” means?

Do-follow is an attribute that hyperlinks can have in HTML code. As opposed to the “no-follow” tag, do-follow instructs search engines web crawlers to continue crawling/navigating through to the linked sites.

By default, all links are do-follow links unless they get designated as no-follow, which can happen manually by the person uploading the content or automatically by a website setting.

Do-follow links and SEO

Within the SEO community, it is common to state that do-follow links provide “link juice.

To most search engine algorithms, links function – among other things – as votes for quality. These algorithms make a note of sites that are continually being linked to, and factor that information when considering how highly a website should rank in SERPs.

No-follow links don’t provide this advantage and are mainly there just for the users’ benefit.

In HTML, a do-follow link would have this format:

<a href=”https://www.overthetopseo.com”>Amazing SEO services</a

While the same link as a no-follow variant would follow this format:

<a rel=”nofollow” href=” https://www.overthetopseo.com “>Amazing SEO services</a>