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What is a Dead-end page?

A Dead-end page is a webpage on your site with no outgoing links. They include no header or footer links, no main navigation sections, and no breadcrumbs, thus creating a dead end. Such pages give users no further navigation options other than backtracking to where they landed from, or manually inputting a new address.

Dead-end pages are synonymous to bad user experience. They truncate navigation through your content and increase the chances of a visitor leaving. However, with so many templates and accessible web development tools available today, genuinely dead-end pages are relatively uncommon.

Fixing a Dead-end page

While potentially very detrimental for UX, dead-end pages can be easily fixed:
• Add a main navigation menu that links back to your home or other parts of your site.
• Use a sidebar, header, or footer that enables them to go back to a previous page, or move forward to a new one.