What is a Homepage?

What is a Homepage?

The main page of a website where users can find information about the business, and that also links to other subpages, is called homepage. In the HTML source code, the homepage receives the name of ‘index.html.’ Sometimes, it can also be called ‘index.htm’ or ‘index.php.’

The homepage is where the site’s owner showcases its offer. It provides a detailed description of the business, and it also stores the links to other pages. Sections like ‘About Us,’ ‘Contact Us,’ or even ‘Blog,’ are some of the links usually included in a website’s homepage.

The design of your homepage must be fresh and clear. Some information that are usually shown on this page is:

• Your contact information

• A brief product description with relevant call-to-action

• Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Homepage SEO best practices

The homepage is the place for you to set up some keywords and lure search engines into ranking your website on the high side. Hence, your content marketing strategy needs to be top-notch.

After doing your keyword research and finding out which ones work best for you, you can start placing them on your website. However, putting all your keywords on your site’s main page is not a very good idea and won’t get you to rank any higher. They must be spread throughout the website, so when crawlers scan it, they can find valuable information on different pages.

Make sure that your homepage loads fast. Most users won’t stick to a website that takes too long to load. According to Google, a visitor is willing to wait no longer than 5 seconds to see a page’s content! Not optimizing your site’s speed can seriously affect your traffic and ranking.

Make sure that your homepage has crawlable content outside of images. This allows bots to scan your website and look for keywords, amongst other things. You should also use semantic markup and include high-quality content.