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What Is a Quality Link?

A quality link, or high-quality link, is one that sources from a high-quality website. Backlinks are one of the pillars of an effective SEO strategy. They are essential to driving organic traffic and increasing your site’s authority. In addition, search engines consider them one of their top three ranking factors.

There are many SEO auditing tools that can help you analyze your backlinks’ performance. They let you decide whether earning a link from a specific site is worth your time and effort. Auditing tools determine if any given link is authoritative enough for it to try to pursue them linking back to your site. They evaluate the value of a link by establishing Domain Authority (DA) and other proprietary metrics. However, obtaining a high DA number doesn’t mean that a particular website is a good match for you -or even an overall high-quality link.

What Are Good Quality Websites?

You need to study several factors before deciding on which companies you want your backlinks shown. You want to find a site that drives a consistent amount of monthly traffic.

Websites that have expertly trained staff to review their content before publishing is a huge plus. You wouldn’t want backlinks on pages that have low-grade or irrelevant content. You also must make sure that the sites rank high for the keywords they target and they should be relevant to your own niche.

Overall, you want those sites that share the same values as you and are considered experts in your niche or related areas.

What Is My Role When Selecting Quality Links?

Now, having backlinks doesn’t solely depend on the authority of your competitors. What about your own authority? What about your content?

Your site needs to be correctly optimized and provide useful and relevant information, so other people are willing to mention you. If your content is not valuable, your chances of visibility among SERPs are slim. Nobody wants to link to mediocre pages.

There are two ways you can go about this:

  –  Write original content for other people to discover, or

  –  Reach out to sites that have already linked to content similar to yours and provide them with a better offer.

The latter is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and gives you the chance to promote new content.

For you to maintain or climb your way up the ranking ladder, you need to find creative ways to up your game. While obtaining quality backlinks can be somewhat challenging, they are necessary to gain authority and relevancy, two of the main ranking factors for search engines. A well-though-out link building strategy will make your site stand out among SERPs.