What is AMP in the SEO world?

What is AMP in the SEO world?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It refers to a project developed by Google to improve the experience of end-users.

Have you ever entered a website and been forced to waste minutes of your life waiting for the page to load? It is super frustrating, right? In today’s world, speed is critical to keep customers happy. A slow response in a website can make you lose potential clients.

With that in mind, Google came up with a way to speeds up the response of the website, improving the user experience. AMP can make your website’s pages load faster for mobile users. This can help you keep your customers happy while standing out in Google’s result pages.

The format looks to create optimized versions of the original pages by removing any function that might be slowing them down. Some of the functionalities of the page might be limited for the sake of speed.

In more technical words, the code of the page is cleaned and modified according to Google’s Content Delivery Network to make sure the page will load faster on mobile devices.

AMP format has become popular since Google announced its new policy of mobile-first index. It will slightly boost your rankings, giving your website a better chance to appear in the first result pages.

Make sure to follow Google’s specifications to implement the format correctly. You will need to have alternative versions of your pages for the AMP format. It means that your original versions will coexist with your non-AMP pages. Google also recommends tracking your pages separately in Google Analytics; that way, you’ll be able to see the difference between both formats.