What is Anchor Text, and how can it improve my SEO strategy?

What is Anchor Text, and how can it improve my SEO strategy?

In the simplest words, anchor text is the clickable text that links to another page within the same site or another site online.

Anchor texts have been widely used as part of a strong SEO strategy. It creates the opportunity to have leads and increase the organic traffic to your website. However, they are also an easy way to be banned by Google for over linking pages.

There are several types of anchor text. These include branded anchors, naked link anchors, and generic anchors. You can also find LSI anchors. These kinds of anchors use variations of the main keyword.

Branded anchors use the name of the brand as anchor text.

Naked anchors use the URL directly within the text.

Generic anchors use common terms to link to a page, for example “click here”, “this website”, and “more info”.

Another type of anchor text has nothing to do with the text itself but with the image. As you know, images cannot be seen as text, but Google reads the Alt Text of any image as anchor text.

A good link building strategy includes different types of anchor text distributed wisely throughout the content. Remember that anchor texts must always be relevant, and most importantly, they should never link to spammy websites.