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What is API in the SEO world?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It consists of a set of functions and procedures that allow access to features of an operating system. In simpler words, APIs are two applications communicating with each other. Even though it looks like a fancy and complicated concept, most people have used APIs.

Every time you have used an app on your phone, this app sends your request to the internet and then to a server. The server receives the input, processes it, and sends the answer back to your phone’s app. The app displays it in readable language for you. This is the generic definition in the computing field. Now, let’s take a look at the term in the SEO world.

An API is designed to help business owners see and analyze all the information about their website. It provides marketers, webmasters, and SEO specialists data from the interactions between a site and the users in a condensed way.

APIs are very popular today because of their fast access to the information and easy-to-use features. They provide real-time information. This information includes number of visitors, link building status, social media interaction, percentage of organic traffic, tracking the leads, etc. This data lets owners see the performance of their business and the results of their SEO strategies.

This tool is very convenient for those who want to see the data right in their browser without having to enter any SEO platform.

Most SEO platforms have their own API to ease the process of accessing data. It would be very difficult to point which one is the best. They all offer different interfaces and features that adapt to different clients, depending on their needs and objectives. However, APIs have proved to be the fastest way to access the information and make decisions over marketing strategies.