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What is B2C?

B2c is an abbreviation of “Business to Consumer,” which refers to the practice of commercializing consumer-oriented goods or services. In other words, when the ultimate target is a business’ products is a person.

Most companies selling directly to consumers fall into this category, which contrasts with B2C practices.

Traditionally, B2C refers to mall shopping, restaurants, pay-per-view services, and the like. Mostly using television to reach the intended audience.

Now, the rise of the internet has brought a new scope to the practice in the form of e-commerce, meaning selling goods and services over the internet.

Popular online B2C business models

Most online B2C business practices fall under one of these models:
• Direct sellers: The most common model. Here, people buy goods directly from online retailers, which can include manufacturers or just online versions of department stores.
• Online intermediaries: These are go-betweens who don’t own products or services, but bring buyers and sellers together.
• Advertising-based B2C: this model involves using free content to get traffic into a website, and generate revenue from advertisement.
• Community-based Services: Platforms like Facebook that build online communities and then help other businesses promote their goods directly to consumers.
• Fee-based: Direct to consumer sites like Hulu, which charge a fee from consumers to grant access to their content.