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What is direct marketing in ICO?

Direct marketing is the art of interacting directly with your potential investors. This is a great way to grow the ICO and publicize the project. That said, you’ve got to be very careful when applying direct marketing. Emails, online adverts, promo letters, text messages, and interaction with individuals on social media are some of the most common forms of direct marketing.

The crypto community holds transparency and privacy above everything else. When you have to deal with an ICO project that is seemingly intrusive, odds are you won’t be investing any time soon. Be consistent, but never overbearing; if the person is interested in investing in your project, they’ll do it at some point.

Your job is to use direct marketing as a way to remind them of your ICO and alert them of any improvements that have been developed within the project. It’s a fine line to walk, but direct marketing without leaving a negative impact on people can be done.